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Road To Launch: The Plan So Far

Discussion in 'Legends of Aria General Discussion' started by Legends of Aria Stratics, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Legends of Aria Stratics

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    Mar 11, 2016
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    Will you help us get Legends of Aria ready to launch on Steam Early Access?

    (If you saw the news on our website, you are already up to date: https://www.legendsofaria.com/the-road-to-launch-the-plan-so-far/ Be sure to check out that link if you want all the background goodness! In fact, if you have any questions after reading this newsletter, you might check out our recent Twitch stream. Our forums have great stuff as well, such as our most recent patch notes. And keep an eye on the website, we'll be posting regular Q&As!)

    We've got three big dates and big loyalty rewards planned to get us where we want to be:

    Friday, August 17

    7:00-11:00 PM EDT (midnight through 5 AM (August 18) UTC)

    “The 6XGM Event”

    We’ll make a copy of the server before this event begins. Everyone online at 7 PM EDT will have access to tools to spec out a 6XGM character. After the event, please tell us what combination you chose and how it felt. When the event ends, we’ll revert the server to where it was before the event began.

    Everyone who logs in for at least an hour during the event will receive a special hat with six points – a hat we will grant you after the servers are wiped.

    Furthermore, there will be a loyalty point reward equal to the number of players we have at the event’s peak. For example, if we max out at 817 people, then everyone who logs in between 7 PM and midnight during the event will get 817 loyalty points (even if a particular person was not on during the peak itself). So the more people you bring, the more points you can get.

    There may be a second stress test on August 25 – but let’s try to break the server first.

    Thursday, August 30

    2:00-7:00 PM EDT (7 PM through midnight UTC)

    “The Permadeath Mod Event”

    We promised some of our Kickstarter backers a Permadeath Mod ruleset they could download, and it's almost time to test those modifications. At 2 PM EDT on the 30th of August, we’ll open the Tonight Only Permadeath Server. We are still finalizing the rules, but basically, if you die in PVP, you stay dead. You have to start over. The ruleset has extremely accelerated skill gain so you can get back in the action.

    After the event ends, we need to know what you thought.

    We’ll repeat the loyalty point reward. You’ll score a haul equal to the number of players we have at the event’s peak.

    And yes, you can get rewards for both events.

    Tuesday, September 4

    "Servers Going Dark...Temporarily"

    On September 4, we’re going to go dark, and close general access (though rest assured, testing will continue – more on that in the future). We've got a ton of feedback to process and changes to implement, and we need tightly focused testing. We also need everyone rested and recharged, ready to tackle launch week.

    The Future

    We know we're going to launch on Steam Early Access in October, but we don't have the exact date, yet. As soon as we've been approved, and our shiny new trailer is in hand, we'll announce the launch date...and with it, the Head Start date for our founders and backers. For seven days prior to Steam Early Access, everyone who got us this far will get a head start on crafting, taming, building a reputation, and grabbing some choice real estate. (If you have not yet purchased a Founder's Pack, please consider doing so in order to secure that Head Start for yourself!)

    As always, thanks for your support so far -- you're why we're still here, and we know we couldn't have done it without you.


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