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ROFL Can you believe this!

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Claudia MacCloud, May 15, 2008.

  1. I recieved this in my email today:

    subscription to The Sims Online™ will expire in 7 days. To continue your game play uninterrupted, just click here to login to your account and activate your billing. In seconds you'll be back in the game.

    Don't leave your Sims, friends and neighbors behind!

    I thought it was free till Aug 1?
    Why do they want my money?
    Why should I pay for something that A- is suppose to be free, and B- cant play?

    Rest assure friends I wont leave ya behind like EA is leaving our Sims, friends and neighbors behind!!
  2. Raisin

    Raisin Guest


    It's the legacy automated email that goes out every 14 days to all free accounts.
  3. I canceled my accts immediatly when i heard EAL was closing the doors to our game... I had alot of money going out for the game and didnt want to waste it on them takin it if the game wasnt gonna be here and or the game didnt work properly.... and thank goodness because they've proved on both accts, they are still takin peoples money and the game works like crap... Besides I cant logg into any accts free or not.... So why pay for what i cant play ?
  4. Fire Dragon

    Fire Dragon Guest

    As noted in another thread, I too received this email on two of my accounts. After having my accounts refunded for the month of April, I wasn't impressed so I sent off an email.

    I have just received notice that all four of my accounts have now been 'credited' with 80 days of premium access.
  5. SimTripps

    SimTripps Guest

    It's just the automatic e-mail - ignore it. After the closing announcement, one of my accounts that I removed the billing for, whose payment was due, like, May 1st, was disabled and couldn't log into the game with it. Two days later I was able to, so someone had obviously enabled cancelled accounts...:lol: