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roflmao this strange noobie....

Discussion in 'UHall' started by sallie, Sep 14, 2002.

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  1. sallie

    sallie Guest

    I was tending my plants when i saw this verrrry slow walking char come to my house. Being the friendly sort that i am, I said hi..after 30 seconds he said hi back...I asked if i could be of assistance..
    he asked me where he can train and buy armor..so i proceeded to tell him that the npc shops do the training, and he could also by armor from the blacksmith..I then asked him if he was new to the game...he said ya...(which i already figured. no one in thier right mind would play on a system as slow as his). I then proceeded to tell him i had some armor and weapons that i could give him and took him upstairs to my locked room..I asked what his str was and he said 46..I'm thinking OMG...I dont have much for a person that only has 46 str...So I give him a full set of leather armor. And as I'm looking for a weapon for him he tells me "can you please hurry"
    well I find a viking sword of force, a battle axe, and a kat... he tells me he can't use the viking sword or battle axe, so I told him to save it and put it in his bank..."where is that" he asks...well, at this point im a little overwieght, so I said give me a sec and i'll show you. As I'm putting some of my stuff away he just sloooowly walks out...

    I don't know what the slowest machine is out there that UO runs on, but he must have it...and it wasn't just lag...i could move very well, so I knew just from experience that his machine is slow.. I never did get a TY or a goodbye...he just left... I ran to the bank and couldnt find him,,,checked all around and still no sign of him...
    that guy is gonna have a lot of robs to get rid of....LOL
  2. Hehe.. When I started playing, I didnt know about the bank either... I would take my extra goods that I had and put em in a box and hide the box behind a tree.. Never found the thief taking my box.. ><

    (yes I know... items decay.. blah)
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah yes, I remember after starting I walked to Moonglow bank and asked, "How do I use the bank?" Question solved.
  4. Raven Storm

    Raven Storm Guest

    I think it coulda been his conn as well. He's proly either using an ancient modem, lives where there's a lot of traffic, using a slow machine as you said, or a combo. His slowness in the game has obviously made him impatient. I almost feel sorry for him.
  5. Casima

    Casima Guest

    maybe he was playing from overseas, that always makes plenty of lag, especially if you have a junk isp
  6. Krow

    Krow Guest

    I feel his pain!!!

    up till about last year i was on a pent 1 (133) with a conn speed of 19000 modem, (yes playing old land style getting PK'd left and right, but I survived)
    well I wish the noob the best, and hope likes and stays with the game!!

    I solute you for assisting him out!!!!
  7. maligant

    maligant Guest

    back in the olden days, before me even decay wasn't done and gone in a day or less. I remember stories of when thieves were fun because houses didn't have to lockdown rule so items were just there and you had to lock the door. I think that would have been fun.
  8. ~Silencer

    ~Silencer Guest

    I remember the week I started, someone at the Britain bank told me about how they broke into a house and needed help looting it. Well, being the gullible n00b I was, I followed. There were three chests in the house, and the first one I opened... *BOOM*. Dead. heh. I think it was then that I learned not to trust anyone in UO. It was also then that I decided to make a Tinker. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  9. Yeah I my greatest newbie moment? Well when I first started the game, I thought it would be neat to start in Trinsic. When I entered the game the very first thing I saw, was someone in platemail, smack a character with a halberd. I was intrigued, so I walked and asked the armored character "What has happened here?". I received no reply after a several more attempts, he just kept taking one step at a time in random directions. I became angered and said it was quite rude to totally ignore someone who had only just started playing this game. Still he did not reply. So I tried to get him to respond to pain, finally he responded saying "Guards they are killing people here!!!". He killed me in one hit, and the next thing I knew everything was black and white onscreen. And can you guess this guy was? Pierre the guard... never did get revenge on him.

    (lol that is my greatest newbie moment, getting guardwhacked within seconds of being in the game lmao)
  10. That is pretty funny about the guard whacking.
    When my buddy (yes My buddy) started playing.. he didn't know about getting rezzed .. He made a new character everytime he died.. Finally I was like.. why aren't you playing Pac anymore.. he told me he couldn't make anymore chacacters there ... I laughed my arse off.. jumped in and Rezzed all of his Pac characters. I still chuckle when I think of him.
  11. My first newbie experience I remember well is when I decided to do a bit of animal taming. I was somewhere northeast of the maze (before Trammel was around). I found myself a lonely little goat, but it kept wandering off, so I managed to get it trapped inside a house, after a few minutes failed taming, Another player entered the house, my first instinc was to ask him to please close the door so that my goat wouldn't escape (error 1), he happily did so and also held it close with his horse, which he placed in front of the door. I said thank you, only to be greated with (**** is atticking you). I should have paid more attention to this RED characters name colour (Error 2) before asking him to close the door (error 3). As you can guess, the screen took only a few short seconds to turn from full glorious colour to 1970's black and white.

    I never did find out what happened to that poor little goat.
  12. I never did find out what happened to that poor little goat. .
  13. I never did find out what happened to that poor little goat. ..
  14. I never did find out what happened to that poor little goat. ...
  15. I never did find out what happened to that poor little goat. ....
  16. I never did find out what happened to that poor little goat. .....
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