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*Rolls Out the Pre-Event ABM*

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Connor_Graham, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. *orders up the usual coffee*

    *grabs some cough drops to go with it* [​IMG]

    So...today's the day. Event Day! Woo Hoo!

    So what's everyone been up to and how is everyone doing?

    What are ya'll doing to prepare for the Event?

    I spent a good part of yesterday getting my meleer, archer & stealth mage (who is hearing voices now... [​IMG]) ready to go, and went around and bought up the last of the Ophid stuff and blackrock that I was able to find on Pacific. I've been doing quite a bit of mining lately as well, and have managed to average at least 1 piece of blackrock per trip out, which isn't too bad.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, and has fun with the event! [​IMG]

    P.S. Someone really needs to take over posting the ABM. It hasn't been posted since I stopped doing it a few weeks ago, and I'd really hate to see this part of UO's history disappear. [​IMG]
  2. Larisa

    Larisa Publishing Manager, Stratics Leadership Team
    Editor Reporter Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Fallen Lords

    Sep 8, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Good McMorning Connor!!

    Well I am really glad you are hearing voices now! It will be interesting to see if that has any effect on the events that are about to unfold. My Maharia is pure evil now.....none of my other chars have even TOUCHED blackrock, save for my poor miner who digs the stuff up contantly.

    Should be interesting....if my memory of the stress test serves me right *winks*

    Good Luck all!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    drinks a cup of coffee while checking on status. did move some blackrock to my chest in house from bank boxes. still trying to figure which char I need to take.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Better Drink fast...seems things are changing at the construction
    sites in Moonglow....
    "Grabs coffee and donut and bolts"
  5. Sir Graham,

    It seems Siege Perilous has one problem after another.
    Now, this! Pubic demostration with people present!
    Who thought this up! The Regency! This makes me want
    for the Return of... Well, anyway that is not the main problem
    on SP.

    When ever this demostration occurs, most of the people will die
    because of the slaughter of pkers. I suppose the city guards will be
    absent as usual. Those cowards!

    As for that machine, I do not plan to bring blackrock. There is enough
    corruption on Siege P, as is. I never saw any good come from that
    black rock.

    I will mostly be looking out for someone named Sutek!
    I wonder which of my glasses will give me that best view while I be
    among the crowd?

  6. * drinks some coffee *

    Should we tell folk how to cast armageddon so they jump into the event... being blackrock infected?
    Will those that are already infected be located by the apparatus?
    Can the mad mage cure those that are infected? Do they want to be cured?
    Why do we need blackrock?
    Why do we need to choose loyalties? Factions related?

    Will our pets vanish?

    Reports say that only a few were able to get in the rift (test center)... is the event limited?
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well fortunately or unfortunately, [​IMG] I have maintained a log cabin size home just by the barracks on Moonglow on Chesapeake for ages. Held that space in two mini towers once originally. . tram side. That house has seen ophidians come right up to the porch, giant solen ants and then some. Normally I am at that spot often *invaded* and have utilised it for a shard resurrection center, despite whatever whenever, or for Springfestival house hosting events.

    NOW THIS, so last evening I was up quite late re inforcing the wee property as if under SIEGE I redesigned it like I would do up my Siege homes. [​IMG]

    I do hope that anything south of the barracks just does not vanish into the sea cuz there are homes there, and all over Moonglow, that said, we have had more than our fair share of hell on Moonglow, soooooooooooo preparedness is nearly instinctive for some of us...re enforcing our homes, cranking out potions, adding to our heaps of bandages, so we will be ready to assist ...the dearly departed if they be any, or to try to save what we can of a very lovely Verity isle housing Moonglow City.

    I do NOT plan to get nor turn in blackrock that stuff is VILE, only time I listen to that peculiar crone..when she say it is evil and ya see folks *hear voices* and contaminate innnocent bunnies mongbats and more to be blackrock infected welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Ima not touching that vile stuff. I don't care !!

    I had gotten some mining as well as countless deaths from mining due to blackrocke elememtals, till I now have a true phobia that I can no longer mine at all again, for every yes everytime unlike some everytime I hit the ore anywhere ...I was slain by them vile blackrock elementals. I want NO PART of blackrock it is EVIL ! What blackrock I did get unwanted, with mining I turned in to those black robed ones last go round ..not touching blackrock
    nor mining, anymore. [​IMG]

    I will res the dead if there be some on glow, or hand em some bandages, may even carry a sign...the end is nigh cast off ye blackrock or DIE !
  8. Sakkarah

    Sakkarah UO Legend
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Ok, I'm sure this has been asked and answered before (heck maybe even by me [​IMG]), and you will have to forgive my newbiness, but wth is the ABM? In Montreal, ABM (also referred to as ATM) is an Automated Banking Machine.

    PS: I'll take a capuccino and any donut that either has apple or custard filling [​IMG]
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    abm here on uhall is automatic breakfast machine
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Automatic Breakfast Machine [​IMG] A uo hall custom first begun years ago as an utterly only wonderful off topic place/thread allowable for us all to gather share thoughts even non uo related here, to *order up some* coffee, eggs, breakfasts, which was started here by a fine fellow that rl passed away some time ago, Mr. Sally.
  11. Sakkarah

    Sakkarah UO Legend
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    oooh ty ty [​IMG]

    I knew it was the "we can get away with OT stuff" thread of UHall. Just never understood what it stood for.
  12. Cygnas

    Cygnas Guest

    Started working at 7:00, and finishing second job around 9:30 tonight... and special weekend sale starts tonight... working tomorrow and Sunday too. Going to miss most of the fireworks.

    *large cappuccino @ 5:00 am, light on the sugar*
    *large coffee @ 7:15 am, black*
    *second large coffee @ 10:30 am, black, still nursing it*

    I ran around early this morning looking for changes. I've noted a few changes in Doom, and Lost Lands. There were quite a few places that I got stuck yesterday but seems to be fixed now. OH - if you get a chance, go visit the Gary Gygax memorial in Doom... I think it's AWESOME! click-click-click...

    No time to play today, trying to create and update a new website for my primary job. *now wth won't IE collapse tables in javascript?? I thought it was supposed to be w3c compliant! ARRGGHHH!!!!*

    Maybe early early tomorrow I can log into Moonglow to see if anything is happening, *
    check Stratics board first to be sure I don't recall into anything I can't get out of, *
    make sure there is nothing in my pack I can't afford to loose, un-insuring and re-insuring everything, *
    grabbing pieces of blackrock out of the bank, 25 small pieces and one extra large piece
    *marking runes as far south on Moonglow as I can get, and maybe below the Lyceaum (hmm.. how is that spelled?)
    *making more coffee...