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(Player News) Royal Considerations, the BSR, and Mouse Fiction

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by BajaElladan, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
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    Hail Friends,

    My Dear Cousin, Lady Aerowyn of the Society of Archers, was recently Promoted to the position of Official Recorder for the Best Shot in the Realm (BSR) by Toni Fierce, Guild Leader of M!S, Host of the BSR.

    In addition to the more timely announcement posted by Lil Debi on behalf of M!S and the BSR, the following report was mistakenly stolen and ended up on the body of the recently slain Spartus, hence its late arrival to me upon its recovery.

    Tho it cometh to me 2nd hand, or 3rd paw depending upon one's reckoning, owing to the veracity of its Messengers, I convey to thee all, the Following:

    As I raced along the wall toward a wayward wedge of cheese, lest Her Majesty's servants deprive me of my prize, Queen Dawn came hurriedly into the Chamber. "Bureaucrat's," she muttered. "What lunacy ever allowed this Crown to settle upon my brow?" The Queen strode to the balcony and looked out over the City toward the harbor.

    "Intrigue and deceit!!" "However did Lord British bear up under such matters?" The Queen slowly turned away from the balcony and flowed across the floor. She tugged, almost playfully, at the cord upon the wall, summoning one of her numerous Pages and Servants. Immmediately, her summons was answered, "Yes your Majesty?"

    "Summon the Captain of my Personal Guards, and send Word to my Stables to ready my Coach," She barked in a voice I found much more familiar and comforting. As the Queen began to dress, I returned my attention to more important matters, my sumptuous wedge of cheese!!

    I was just finishing my breakfast as the Queen finished dressing. In answer to the slight knock upon the door, the Queen said "Enter," and Captain Stiles did as he was bidden. "Good Morning, your Majesty," he said quietly and with a short bow. "Prepare for a short journey, Captain. I am attending the "Best Shot in the Realm" Tournament. From there we will visit the new Dueling Arena's. It is my Hope and Wish that one of our Warrior Guilds will emulate the BSR with a recurring Combat Tournament. We need such distractions, for they promote unity while also sharpening our People's skills, which will almost surely be needed, and soon, to once more Defend our Lands and shape our Destiny. As the Queen dropped Her favorite dagger into its sheath, with no more thought than one dropping their napkin when departing the table, I scurried across the floor and up the inside of Her Cloak, draped over the chair and just touching the floor. The pouch sewn on the inside often carried the Queen's treasures, and I count myself among them, I thought with a smile. A handmaid attached the cloak, and the Queen deftly slid her Sword into its scabbard. Her gait as She crossed the floor reflected both the military discipline and Royal ease, and her deft end-over-end toss of Her Crown before placing it firmly upon Her brow, reflected Her sense of Humor and enduring embrace of the Virtue of Humility.

    Exiting the Castle, flanked by the Guards led by Captain Stiles, the Queen entered Her Royal Coach. A thing of both ancient and modern beauty and marvel, the Coach was formed of wood said to be both very old and very magical, hewn from a Great Yew tree. Runes and Glypths decorated the Coach, within and without, along with Magical and Mystical Gems, believed to be Gems of Great Power. Four Steeds pulled the Coach; a Silver Steed, a Unicorn, a Dread Mare and a NiteMare, each with its own Magik enshouded in Mystery. The Chief Coachman also serves as Driver and is seated beside the most senior Court Mage. Captain Stiles rides his own Steed beside the Royal Door while the remaining Royal Guards surround the Coach during its journey.

    The journey by Coach, to the Fairegrounds of Skara Brae, could easily be completed in a matter of hours were the Queen in any hurry. Clearly the leisurely gait of the Steeds demonstrated no such haste. The journey was pleasant and without incident, with occassional stops to water the Steeds, and a longer pause for a picnic style meal for Queen, Guards, and yours truly (hehe).

    Captain Stiles cried out in a loud, confident voice, "Destination Ahead, Your Majesty!" The Royal Guards quickly dismounted in front of Farmer Bartholomew's house and began to deploy throughout the area surrounding the Skara Brae Fairegrounds. Trumpeteers sounded a flourish of notes announcing the arrival of the Queen. Queen Dawn exited the Coach gracefully and only I noticed her firm grasp upon Captain Stiles arm, but then I wasn't bowing half way down toward earth, was I?

    As the Queen walked around and past the Farmer's house I scurried from my pouch and down onto the ground. Smells of fruits and vegetables of every sort, mixed with several kinds of meats practically carried me across the grounds. Bits of several different varieties of cheese dotted the ground before me. I grabbed several morsels, fit for a Queen, and scurried into a perfectly placed mousehole just as a cat rounded the stage area. Her Majestey's Royal Chair was carried and placed between a large Banner and a small trio of trees opposite the Archery Buttes.

    Lady Toni Fierce and several of those from the Guild M!S, Hosting the Tournament, came quickly to greet Queen Dawn. It seemed like only yesterday Ahebban, having competed for years, had finally earned his first BSR Crown. Yet another month had passed and here we are this August 28th, 2010 as some reckon time, and a new Field of Archers gathers to compete, for gold (some say as much as a million pieces), for the specially crafted Champions Bow, for a seat in the year end Tournament of Champions, and this month for the smile and admiration of Her Majesty, Queen Dawn.

    The hour of eight and one half bells (8:30 PM - pacific time, 11:30 eastern, 10:30 central) approaches, the Archers have all been registered, and Lady Toni Fierce addresses the crowd with a reminder of procedure ...

    Return Here a few days hence for Official Results, and for more of this Sherry the Mouse exclusive, as told to Lady Aerowyn Faeryn, Official Recorder of the BSR!

    (OOC - out of character) Folks, this is both an announcement of Tonite's BSR, and a fictionalized story wholly extracted from my imagination. It is my great Hope you will enjoy both