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Royal Guard? Who needs 'em [RPish]

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Liquid_Ape, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Liquid_Ape

    Liquid_Ape Guest


    For many years, Lord British and all successive rulers of Britannia have treated the people of Sosaria with a policy of benign neglect. We have banded together into guilds and communities to provide mutual aid in time of need. We have governed our own affairs as if we were sovereign nations. Yet, we still pay tribute and declare fealty to the Crown; a Crown that is conspicuously absent in our times of greatest need.

    During troubled times, we have poured forth to defend our friends, our guildmates, our homes and our towns from threat of invasion. We have pulled together to right the wrongs of the land, to defend the weak and to uphold some semblance of justice. Yet, while all of this was going on, where was Lord British, or the Council, Or Dawn? Sure, they may pop in to declare victory after we have soaked the soil with our collective blood, but is that enough?

    Quite frankly, I have grown tired of this charade of indifference. I have grown tired of the parade of apathetic rulers who claim sovereignty over us.

    I, for one, declare myself free of any bonds of fealty that have tied me to Queen Dawn. I will not serve the Queen, thus I will not join the Royal Guard.

    Yet, I am not a coward. I wish to battle this new evil that seems to be testing us. I wish to wet my sword with the blood of those who threaten to destroy our cities, our homes and our brothers and sisters. What can I do?

    I would propose that some brave soul who also feels the same way towards the crown step forth and form his (or her) own Irregular Militia so that we may fight *against* evil without fighting *for* Dawn.

    I do not know where Winfield’s loyalties lie, whether he is Neutral or if he supports Dawn (I know PaxLair is a city of peace and neutrality). I also do not know where Delta Butch stands on the subject of neutrality. Since they are both vying for the spot of Deputy Commander of the Royal Guard, perhaps the one who does not win might evaluate where he stands on the issue of their loyalties. Or perhaps another, who has no love of the Queen will step forward…


    Instigator, Ocllo Liberation Front [OLF]


    Any chance of an EM “approved” irregular militia happening? Some of us don’t want to break character to join a group associated with Dawn yet we want to fight evil in a sanctioned manner (ie, we want the perks of being a real part of this scenario). Not to mention that Partisans, Irregulars, Militia have a long history of aiding in conflicts – like the French Resistance, Russian Partisans or Polish Underground during WWII. Or many of the militia units that fought in the Revolutionary War. Or even many of the support units that did no actual fighting but supplied regular units with food, uniforms, weapons, etc….

    Just a thought