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[RP] A YAMA Story - Isoroko's Ploy

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Yasou Wakayama, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Chapter One - The Dowry

    The tension was high in the meeting room … as the six men gathered sat waiting for the next placement by the Admiral. After several hours at the table the stakes had grown quite high … Shabba had moved his last pieces of gold out on this turn and had the most to lose but the others were not fairing much better. The Shogun was down to a small pile, Takeshi seemed to have reverted back to a juvenile as he cursed himself in anger over his poor play. Squid had started out strong but had been undone by some spectacular turns early on by Wakka … who had now in turn been repeatedly beaten and taken for large wagers by the Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto … clearly Pai Gow was a game that he was more skilled then the Wakayama Clansmen.

    Isoroku looked over at Wakka … he could see the nervousness as once again Wakka was the banker and would be forced to pay out large if he lost. The Admiral smiled as he made his play … he had the gee joon “the supreme pair” and in making this final play he would become the big winner … as he made the move there were slammed fists on the table, Takeshi stood up in a moment blind rage and a spate of curse words. Wakka just stood up silently and left the room.

    Squid and the Shogun still had gold with which to play but after a look between the two – Yasou spoke. “Well played Admiral – perhaps your years of piracy have helped hone your gambling skills.” Clearly the Shogun was angry as no one spoke of the Admiral’s questionable past in the lands they had abandoned.

    “Forget this game – you had promised a competition on the seas.” The Admiral demanded.

    Takeshi finally had his wits about him and resumed his position at the table. “Shogun, I know the regatta and the events that go with it are a priority, but we have to discuss something that will take precedence.”

    The Admiral scowled and cursed under his breath … these damn Wakayama’s had promised a regatta … where he clearly would be the favorite. Isoroku loved competition but more so then competing he loved winning – and if it appeared he might lose he would take measures to win … he slid a 6-6 “a Heaven” into his boot … he had been patient so far … he could wait a bit longer.

    “Please Takeshi – elaborate on this matter of extreme importance,” The Shogun requested.

    Takeshi cleared his throat and stood up. “It appears that we will need to discuss a dowry as a request has been made for the hand of our High Priestess in matrimony.”

    “Ho!” exclaimed Shabba. “Who could be the lucky suitor?”

    Squid laughed, “Who in their right mind would consider such a thing … haha!”

    Takeshi smirked as well … “This is quite a wealthy suitor … the dowry could be significant and could in fact help finance the entire regatta event if we wished to do so. “

    This got the attention of the Admiral, “Marry off the wench – she’s one hard headed opinionated loud mouth if you ask me – bring in the gold!”

    The Shogun glared at the Admiral – this man was a despicable soul, “The Priestess is a huge asset to our Clan you buffoon – clearly you need some instruction in some social graces and I shall not have you sail in representing our Clan in an regatta until you refine both your language and your attitude.”

    With this the Admiral spit on the floor, “You know where to find me YOUR GRACE.” And he stormed from the room.

    Squid spoke next, “So Takeshi who is it that has offered a dowry for the hand of Ibichi?”

    The curtain parted at the back of the room, and the woman that emerged had a puzzled look as she asked, “What the hell did you just say?”
  2. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    And so it begins.... woot! [​IMG]
  3. Ginsu-SP

    Ginsu-SP Guest

    Gotta love a cliffhanger!

    Nice job Yasou

  4. Returning this to view, for those whom may have missed the beginning