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(RP) (RP)Britannia deserves too fall to Bane

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by silmwarensurion, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    For many days; after the demise of HRH Dawn I have watched and waited for a rallying surge of the warriors of this land. I thought perhaps that a fire fueled by the virtues; Would ignite and consume bane and his army. But none came. I thought that the citizens saw Dawn as hope. The virtues are a great standard too rally under. I thought that the citizens knew that they were all falliable. i thought that they relied upon Dawn because they looked too her and saw hope. Hope that a being could follow the virtues. That it was possible too have no greed or no arrogance , no self aggrandizement. But i was foolish. The so called brave warriors of this land; Are nothing more than trumpeters of there own successes. Britannia did not deserve a great benefactor such as Dawn. I now see her murder; as if all the citizens of this land, plunged the dagger into her, themselves!
    I have traveled too ilshenar and fought the bane army alone. Striking down man after man; and , beast after beast. Until the meadowed grass fields and woods lost its beautiful green hues. None stood by my side. For their is no grand honor too be noticed here. No lowly citizens to praise so called heros.
    I hope the Bane army will smother this land. I hope that the Castle in britania is razed into dust; and blown by the winds, into the deep waters of the sea. To never be remembered. I hope the lowly citizens of this land will finally see that their heros are the unvirtuous and the liars. Bane, is more truthful in what he does and stands; than any so called servants of virtues.
    Therefore; all Ophidians, all meer, and all the unvirtuous citizens of this land; are now my enemies. I will strike them down with no mercy. No sympathy will be seen in my manners or actions.

    Bane! I call too you! I desire an audience with you. If you so desire, Seek me out so that i may pledge my allegience too you. I have no doubt that i could make a good effective captain in your army.
  2. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    Yes, Britannia absolutely does deserve to fall to the Bane. Maybe one of them would make a decent Queen.
  3. Ancient Sosarian

    Ancient Sosarian Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    In Defense of Britannia, Virtue, and the People

    Hail Sosarians,

    Even those of you so bereft of Virtue that you rush into the Arms of the very antithesis of Virtue ...virtuebane.

    Many have Rallied. Many embrace a Chosen Virtue. Many embrace several. And a few, wholly captivated by the Virtues, seek and embrace them All. Human, Elf, Gargoyle, Dwarf, Orc, Halfling, Bobbits, and others, all able to understand, seek and embrace the Virtues, yet each also carrying their own Burdens of their baser Natures.

    You claim, falsely, that the people, Heroes, have failed to rise up in anger, rushing for vengenace against those responsible for the death, the perfidious Murder, of their Fallen Queen. And yet, many, most in fact, have Rallied together in defense of the Towns of Virtue against the very forces you seek to join.

    Defenders! Heroes Indeed! Defenders of Virtue, Courageous Seekers of Justice, those who have Conquered Grief and Loss not by calls for vengeance, but by Shouts of Support and Reverence for VIRTUE!

    Some have even undertaken Holy Quests to deepen their understanding and Embrace of ...The Virtues! Soon I shall share a Tale of one such Quest with each of You.

    Defenders! Those who have Pledged ALL to Honor Queen Dawn, to Honor her Valor, Her Justice, Her Compassion, Her Spirituality, Her Honesty, Her sacrifice, Her Honor and Yes, Her Humilty! Defenders who Have and Continue to Beat down virtuebanes Army!!!

    Britannia, and All Her Friends and Allies, are even now Planning and Preparing for the Final Battle with virtuebane and all in league or Behind these abominations!

    You sad, misguided folks. To Thee I say Repent! Return to The Virtues! Return to those you once called Friend and Brother!

    Return ...or Perish!

    An SoS
  4. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Ah, poor Sosarian! So misguided are you; So blind too what has happened too your beloved Sosaria. How can you not see the obvious; It is right in front of you. Tell me Sosarian, how receptive was your audience at the Blue Boar when you gave this speech? Perhaps; I could assist in teaching you in the elementary levels of observancy! The eight virtues that you so proudly proclaim; Are dead.


    Ah surely you remember this day? I see no discussion of the virtues here Sosarian. Perhaps they merely, um forgot?

    Why do you think bane is here Sosarian? He is here because the virtues have become what they stand against.
    Compassion has become hate.
    Honesty has become lies.
    Honor has become shame.
    Humilty has become Pride.
    Justice has become oppression.
    Sacrifice has become greed.
    Spirituality has become abominations.
    Valor has become cowardice.

    It is not Bane who has made things this way Sosarian! It is you!
    You are the cancer that has spread across this land.
    If you did have the virtues you could see that one of your leaders has been corrupted and is a spy! I have no fear of telling you this Sosarian; Because, quite simply; there is no way for you too discover the interloper. Because the ways of the virtues; are unusable. So Sosarian there is no way for you too discern his corrupted influence on you and all that stand with you!
    Oh! How I enjoyed that instance when it was shown too me Sosarian!
    So Sosarian! You know what comes next dont you!
    Yes! And, here they are!

    Terms of Surrender:

    All leadership of Sosaria will immediately disarm themselves.
    All leadership of Sosaria will immediately surrender all towns too Bane.
    All leadership of Sosaria will immediately surrender themselves too any Bane agent; Or any soldier of the bane army, For immediate execution.

    These terms are final and no terms will be accepted(except full surrender) from the opposing side.
  5. Zanthes[EcZ]

    Zanthes[EcZ] Guest


    I think not! Fighting against the Bane has done nothing less than bringing elves, humans and gargoyles alike, together, to remove these invasions from the towns of Britannia. Time after time the invasions have been repulsed by the brave and loyal forces dedicated to keeping the remaining cities free.

    There is truth in that the Bane have managed to take 3 towns, and that is a sad truth indeed - BUT the Defenders have since won EVERY battle after the fall of Moonglow. Although 3 cities have fallen - the Bane have been defeated 5 times for every city that had fallen prior! There is determination, bravery and sacrifice within the ranks of those that defend the cities, and because of this they have won the day far more often then they have lost. Virtue Bane himself was driven from Yew the last time he has dared to appear!

    The Virtues ARE alive and well in Sosaria...
    The Compassion of the defenders and those that support them is shown in their will to free cities not their own, freeing the citizens therein.
    The Honor of those that fight is shown in how they take care of each other and share the spoils of their many victories!
    Justice is alive in the minds, spirits and hearts of all those that support the cause of driving Virtue Bane from our lands - his evil knows few bounds! From assassination to deception, to his evil ability to control the minds of those too weak to fight it off. Justice will be shown when he is defeated for his crimes against the lands and citizens of Sosaria!
    And you speak of Honesty turning into lies... what greater lie is there than to come in the guise of peace only to bring destruction and death? Virtue Bane brings this with him when he appears or sends his armies to capture towns.
    The Defenders are indeed humbled by the force and numbers of those invading the towns - but their Humilty has become their strength as they have used this knowledge to defeat those very forces.
    And Sacrifice? The Defenders and those that support them have sacrificed much! Most are not even citizens of Britannia having come from the independent towns and clans scatterred around Sosaria to keep this land free. They sacrifice their time, their equipment and their lives to drive Virtue Bane out! What greater sacrifice can there be but to give ones life and goods to save another for no gain...
    Then there is Spirituality... The spirit of those that are on the side of light, driving the Bane's army out of towns and lives is strong and vibrant. The fact that they are succeeding with a smaller force only brings light to this truth.

    Finally, Valor. With all they have done and will continue to do - to bravely fight a larger force, against odds that should be against them - and tasting victory time after time... their Valor is not in question.

    I, as a Queen of a land not under Britannian control, and ruler over some of those that do defend Britannia and its towns have no doubt about the Defenders and their keeping to the virtues - perhaps not as zealously as we all would like - but their spirits display all the Virtues when they are needed - and this is the underlying nature of their beings. The Virtues LIVE and thrive in Sosaria and with those Virtues we shall band together and defeat this invader and drive them from out of our lands.

    The Elf Clan Zanthes will support, and continue to fight and support the Defenders in their march to victory. We will never surrender, never waiver from attaining the goal of total victory and never abandon the Virtues that brought us together in this noble quest.

    In the hope that YOU see the truth before that very truth itself destroys you... join us, as their will be no capitulation in regards to Virtue Bane - unless its his.

    With Truth and Humility as my guide...

    Vanya sulie an namaarie...
    Elevere Zanthes
    Queen, Elf Clan Zanthes
  6. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I am enjoying the heck out of this. Please keep it up.
  7. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:

    Dear cousin of the Zanthes Clan,

    What is this fantasy you are rambling about? Do not worry dear cousin, I understand that you have been spending alot of time with humans, So I will forgive you for this insult, this time.

    But make no mistake WITCH!

    I am a Surion! Perhaps, you have forgotten; that House Surion is unmatched in martial battle skills?

    So cousin tell me the truth! Do you feel any shame, When you hide your ears under your hair? When you attend the meetings of men? Does it sting and burn when you hear their whispered bigotry? Do not deny this cousin! You know it too be true!
    It pains me greatly too know that you have been enjoying the indulgences they consume.
    It seems quite obvious that your spirit has been polluted; And, that your heart has been maligned.
    I am here cousin. I have not hid or concealed myself in any fashion. I enter freely; any city not yet liberated by Bane. So cousin perhaps if you could explain this too me; Considering that I dont have much experience in the ways of men. When I enter a city; I do not see the virtues anywhere. I am not approached by any honest honorable, men of valor. I see no agent of justice armed with a warrant of detainment. But what I do see are; guards slipping down dirty alleys, or ducking into shadowed doorways, in pathetic attempts too flee from my presence.

    I do not understand cousin? Am i mistaken in what honesty, honor, and valor; Consists of?
    Is this; the way man practices honesty, honor, and valor?

    Fare well cousin.

    OOC: To all who are reading this thread:
    I am not stating that the two characters(Zanthes and Silmwaren) are related in anyway. It is how Silmwaren chooses too communicate with other members of Elvish kind.
  8. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    Ahaha, look at you all bickering with each other! And all over these ridiculous Virtues of yours. What are Virtues? Subjective, incorporeal and insubstantial. Do you honestly think that you can build a solid kingdom on principle? Perhaps it is hypothetically possible, but Britain is peopled by men - weak-willed, easily tempted men - and it will take a great deal more than some indefinable and outdated "Virtues" to solidify your realm into the sort of well-run empire that is respected by its neighbours and not invaded every second day.

    A kingdom should be built on power. Dawn lacked power, she lacked fortitude, and although she had courage, she regrettably lacked sense; and so will whichever insipid little nobody is appointed in her place, unless changes are made and the new monarch builds his or her legacy upon something sturdier than the ever-shifting sand of the "Virtues".

    Your kingdom is a laughing stock. You, its representatives and alleged defenders, cannot even agree on the fundaments of the empirical religion.

    At least dig yourself an abyssal moat. It worked for Umbra; we have not been invaded for years, although, to be fair, our army is a great deal more competent than yours, and our rulers actually know what they are defending from and against, rather than this constant squabbling about "evil" and "good" and the bloody Virtues.

    Also, what have the Virtues ever corporeally done for you? Corporeally, mind you. Do not say that they've given you inner fortitude, or so help me. It seems that all that they do is passively exist and occasionally come under threat. If they were worth defending, they would have the power to defend themselves.
  9. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    Not a single rebuttal? Hah! I knew it. I knew it.

    *goes off to prance around the streets of Britain wearing nothing but a strategically placed Umbrian flag*
  10. A fair warning to you friend.... know that if you do that there is a nicely sharpened arrow waiting to shoot you in your rebuttal.
  11. Zanthes[EcZ]

    Zanthes[EcZ] Guest

    Mae govannen!

    Slim... you speak of many things, yet few seem grounded in facts other then ones you appear to have fabricated yourself! And there is no need or cause to forgive.
    We fight the Bane to keep the lands of Sosaria free of their infuence. This should be the calling and duty of all those who wish to live free lives amongst those they choose to live with.
    We fight alongside the humans and gargoyles in part because they are the ones being invaded at this time - and to partially repay a debt owed them when they came to OUR defense when the mercenaries invaded our island home in the seas not many months back. Honor demands this.

    The Elves of Clan Zanthes do not hide their ears or shun exposure: we proudly show our heritage when we find ourselves in the company of others. Do we consort with humans? Certainly. We must to survive. We live in their world, and as such need their gods and services as much as they benefit from ours. It would be foolish to do otherwise.
    We have clerics that heal and guide our forces, and theirs when in battle. Fighters that defend and fight alongside both humans and gargoyles when the need is there. And we join with the other rulers of the independent kingdoms and towns, as well as the court in Britain when proper counsel is needed.

    The virtues you suppose to seek are there. Are you looking for them with an open mind and spirit or with clouded judgement only seeing what you wish to see? A myopic view of any society can certainly focus on the negative if that is all you wish to prove...

    We too are there, in the open - not hiding, should you wish to find us. And even with your jaded sense of loyalty, honor and faith - we will assist you should you ask (OOC: in fact one of us did... just one day ago).

    To live in the light, one must expose himself to it: to exist in darkness one only has to deny the light and walk against the greater good. Its your choice, we have made ours.

    Until next we meet, whether in battle or at peace. Defend that which YOU hold dear, and defeat those that would take it from you. Defend the weak, and support those who share your goals. Chance may only come once, grasp it when it arrives before its too late.

    Tenn' ento lye omenta...

    Elevere Zanthes
    Queen, Elf Clan Zanthes
    (south seas, Fel)
  12. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    Police brutality!

    How can you call this an egalitarian and democratic realm if a homesick expatriate of a Britannian ally cannot even publically express love for his homeland without fearing for his life and/or dignity? Where is your Virtue of Compassion now, town guard?
  13. The integrity of my compassion is demonstrated by the fact that there is no poison on my arrow tips, how i have bore the weight of your unconscious body when bringing you to the healers oh so many times, that I have given you shoes and clothing when you had none, that I have tried to be your friend when you felt you had none, that I am, and shall always be your friend.

    But I shan't allow you to disgrace our city with such lewd and lascivious behavior. Your best hope is that it is I and not our recently returned Corporal Brackus that finds you. Who knows what HE will do to you!

    You say you love our city? I find no statement of such that proves this. You seek to humiliate and tear asunder that which is good! THat is not power! That is weakness!!
  14. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Le suilon,

    Man carel le?


    Cousin, your behavior is a cruel arrow shot into my heart. Why do you not see that man is poison. Look at what it has done too you! You spend time in their halls; celebrating like barbarians. They have infected you! Do you not remember the stories you were taught? How the greed of one man imprisoned this land of ours? And then another mans greed shattered the world; And how our ancients nearly perished into the darkest of all the shadows?
    But there you sit cousin, Behaving like them!

    You support there virtues; But cousin i am wise! There virtues are tools of destruction! It was there great virtues that wreaked havoc upon our world and left it desolate. Ah yes he came full of virtue!
    He came and nearly destroyed all things cousin!
    The virtues were created so that man could make war upon man! Denounce this foolishness Cousin!
    Do not cause me too have such pain in my heart. We have no place with these beasts!
    You know how weak all men are! You know that they will turn on you, when; there is no one to make war upon! They will seek you out; and make war upon you!
    They are as treacherous as a stalking panther in the night!

    GO cousin! Go back where you are needed! Man is like locust's. They devour and destroy all things in there path. Do they not lie, too themselves; too validate their behavior, as too not feel guilty about what they have done? Are these things not true? It has been written in our books cousin! Have you discarded these things?
    Do not pity them cousin! Do not think that you can guide them. Surely you see that you can guide them, But, on that trail; you will become as lost as they are. I would not be able too save you then Cousin.

    No diriel...
  15. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    (OOC: you're talking to Lindae here, not the dark elf. :p The dark elf would never insult Britannia! He loves Britannia.)

    What are you talking about? You have never done anything with my body, insensate or not, and if God be good, you never will. And what is this about you having given me clothes when I had none? I have never been naked in your presence. Why would I do that? Are you mad? You are trying to slander me! This is an outrage!

    And I want to know exactly when I said that I loved your city. I do not love your city. I loathe it. Britain is a wretched den of hypocrisy. You claim to be the city of Compassion, and yet your apathy toward your most desperately disadvantaged citizens is pitiful to behold. Your "guards" claim to withold the Virtue of Justice, and yet they are brutish, incompetent, and devoid of mercy. Your city, and your society, is rotten to the core - and so it will inevitably be until you decide to stop living your lives by these ridiculous "Virtues" that not one of you can even readily define.

    It is very easy to claim to be Virtuous, and if you claim for long enough, you may fool yourself into believing that it is so. It is much harder to actually live by that code. Hence, the weaselling; hence, the hypocrisy; hence, the endless circular arguments about semantics when what is needed is for the people of Britannia to agree unanimously upon a code of morals - if, so help you, a moral code is what you really deem necessary for the continued running of this ethically destitute realm - and for individuals to commit themselves to the following of the Virtues. All of them, all the time. Not just one or two; and not just when one wishes to feel especially pious, worthy, or - let us be honest here - self-righteous.

    I do not think that you are capable, of course. I personally would love to see the Bane desecrate your beloved city and reduce it to ashes. Perhaps it would teach you some Humility. Why should Britain escape the fate of Magincia when its crimes are so much greater?

    And finally, guard, you stay the hell away from my unconscious body or I am filing a complaint. What is the matter with you. Oy vey.

    (dark elf sez: <o_o> Lady Leithia is angry with me? Why is Lady Leithia angry with me?! SHE HATES ME SHE HATES ME *weeps*)
  16. Zanthes[EcZ]

    Zanthes[EcZ] Guest


    At this point in time, I feel I have stated our position as plainly and clearly as possible, and even though you do disagree, and will continue to walk in the darkness - we do wish you well.

    In the end, the efforts of those defending the cities will bear fruit and the battle will be won.

    I'narr en gothrim glinuva nuin I'anor... Detholalle, ascarer.

    Elevere Zanthes
    Queen, Elf Clan Zanthes
  17. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Ah; Yes, More words spoken like a human. You are not of my kind. May a 1000 wars be struck upon your Kingdom.