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[Catskills] [RP] Celebrating New Beginnings

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Pandora_CoD, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
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    Marius burst through the door of their bedroom, "Tada! How do I look?" He had donned a fine looking tux. His light ash blond hair glistened and his blue eyes peer right through her. "My lord, don't you look dashing!" Pandora said with glee. She loved the fact that her husband was in attendance this eve'. She was barely into her under slip and was toying around with her earrings. Diamond and gold; a present from her beloved. "My dear, we're going to be late to our own party if you do not scurry about." Marius said to Pandora as he grabbed the dress that Bianca picked out for her from the back of the closet door. As Pandora grabbed the dress from Marius' hand she said with a smirk, "What else is new?"
    Pandora got dressed and together, she and Marius came up from the catacombs of the Lair to meet Pleb there waiting for us, dressed uniquely with red accents. We had decided to meet at the Inn in Umbra with other friends. Our dear friends Rameses, Bianca and the very beautifully dressed Izznet met us at the Inn as we walked towards what would surely be an incredible evening.

    As we walked into the Necromantic Amphitheatre, Pandora came across a sight that both perplexed her and thrilled her. Laurana, one of the guards for the city of Olympus, was superbly clothed in a beautiful gown. Surely her mate, Eban had won some bet, for she certainly is not that "kind of girl". Callista looked ravishing, and next to her proudly stood our dear Mystic. He was surely very happy to have been her escort for the eve'.

    The night was filled with lots of dancing, which Marius and Pandora truly enjoyed. Many couples took to the dance floor with joy and glee. But one couple stood sharply dressed in uniform by the entrance to the venue... meticulously watching as many of Olympus' citizens were in attendance that evening. Laurana had taken a few moments to re-dress in her usual Guardian uniform, while Eban had taken up the watch. Upon her return, they seemed to have been keenly aware of the gentleman known as Va'lis, who had been sitting in a corner, almost completely unnoticed, except to Eban, Laurana and the rest of the masqueraded vampires in attendance that evening.

    Another group of people that distinctly caught Laurana's eye were the pirates in attendance. They had heard of the trouble they had previously caused at the Trade Center in Umbra. Pandora recognized one of them, goes by the name of Capt. Aneirin Grace, from the scuffle mentioned above but chose to let it go, as she often does. After all, she did not want to intentionally cause friction or angst for her guests. The Captain managed to keep his composure, though it seemed like he was keenly attentive to the guards in attendance as if in review of their equipment.

    One such person managed to capture Marius' curiosity. He was in the company of Abigail Cross, a fellow named Siegfried Valkyr. Pandora told Marius that they had previously visited the Brew. It was quite obvious that Mr. Valkyr was unnatural, though not vampire. Marius' immediate thought was shapeshifter, although the type eluded him. Perhaps he would be someone to be concerned about, but tonight it certainly seemed his eyes were all on Miss Cross.

    The night went on, and at one point we were visited by the Lord of Aegis, Aedon Durreah. He was in an inebriated state from prior celebrations of the evening. Towards the end of the evening, Bianca offered him a safe passage home for he definitely could not ride a horse. Unfortunately Bianca remember she did not have a prior marking for Aegis and had to ask Pandora to escort him. Pandora wrapped one arm around Aedon's waist to steady him and then helped him move through the gate she had opened for them both. The gate landed them right in front of the Knight's Rest Inn and Pandora escorted the Lord to his quarters next door to Aedon's slurred thanks. Pandora was sure he would have quite the hang over the following morning.

    When Pandora returned to the party, the night had ran its course. Marius was ready to make his way back to the Lair with the rest of the Children for a more private gathering. He took Pandora's hand and escorted her around the room to bid their adieu's. And most of the others were also leaving for the evening, afterall it was nearly three in the morning.

    In all, a marvelous affair with a perfect execution... could you expect any less for an event that the city of Umbra would host?

    (Closed RP Story; characters mentioned are Catskills players --- Original Post with Photo Album found HERE)