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Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Yasou Wakayama, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Day One - Espionage the preemptor to war

    Isoroku Yamamoto sat in the smoke filled room with one of the warriors of the Strong Arm Steady Gang. For hours the two had indulged in opiates and spoken of battlefield glory, Isoroku of course would always recall sea battles and the insane Robert Franko would recall battles where though vastly outnumbered he would fell his many enemies.

    This day they were celebrating in advance the bloodshed that was certain to come soon. “They will all perish,” sang Franko as he exhaled a huge grey cloud. “They will pay, pay, pay and I shall dance in their puddles, puddles, puddles of blood.”

    The former pirate smiled, he was blissfully impaired. For some reason the Shogun had asked him to head this campaign and he had decided to send scouts to two locations – soon he hoped to have their reports and then he would act on their surveillance, but until then he could indulge in the pipe. He smiled at the thought of decapitating an enemy and took another deep pull from the pipe.

    Kanaye and Akane had traveled east out of Umbra and through the deep mountain pass. Both were highly skilled ninja’s and they took to their task with singular purpose. ‘Gauge their numbers and try to figure out their plans and strengths and report back to Yamatown.” A simple task – no combat, no assassination... but a preemptor to war perhaps. Espionage was rarely practiced without a purpose – the two loyal ninja did not question their orders – though the source of the Shoguns decree perplexed them both … why Isoroku – the entire clan knew he was not stable – despite their questions they spoke not and proceeded on to where the group they had been sent to observe dwell.

    The moon was already on the downturn as the two ninja took positions near the inn … as they had been told there were many men and women inside. The wait was not long before two men stumbled out into the cold night air … both were near senseless from many hours of drink. Kanaye looked to Akane and signaled for her to move closer. Kanaye had not fought alongside his brethren in quite some time – he would stay on the perimeter and Akane would move in tight on this mission.

    Akane recognized the two … one had skills with a weapon the other had the ability to control large beasts and could stealth as easily as she … she sensed no creatures near so moved in close.

    She heard Omni speaking “ … some golem battle tonight uhhh may go but you know the fashion show will be more fun.”

    The tamer Mr. T responded, “I shall be drinking then as well – women of the realm in hot outfits will be a fine time.”

    Omni slapped him on the back and the two drunks took into a fit of laughing.

    After a few moments Omni spoke again, “I don’t think we have to worry about any problems in Iantown … you know there is as safe as here … but didn’t someone mention a rally sometime next eve?”

    With that Mr. T proceeded to hang his head to the side and vomit heartily.

    A woman stepped from the Inn and the two drunks appeared embarrassed. Akane recognized her as well; this woman was Kat who was rumored to be one of the leaders of this clan. “Clean yourselves up – get some rest – this is the last night of over indulgence. Tomorrow night we will meet after the events in Iantown and discuss the recent movements of some of our enemies. I expect both of you to be conscious contributors. Now off to bed.” With that she turned and went into the inn.

    “Yes mom …” Omni cracked. The two drunks broke up again … and already the two ninja’s were on the move they had the news they had been seeking.
    Squid was near the mayor’s residence in Iantown. For hours he had sat patiently hidden in the shadows. The death talking wizard of the Yamamoto Clan had told him to sit here and wait – to observe the movements of certain people and try to hear any whisperings of the enemies of the Wakayama Clan. Now after many hours he saw the door open to the mayors residence and he saw two men shake hands … the man walking down the stairs had a dryad bow … a weapon Squid himself coveted … he knew this man was one of the enemy … this man would be the one he would follow …
  2. Shad-SP

    Shad-SP Guest

    Kat strode into the room with confidence and leaned against the timbers of the room. “I have run the last of the warriors out of the tavern and have locked the kegs. Most should be able to hold a blade again by the sun’s falling and, hopefully, should be effective again by the sun’s rising.” A sigh escaped her lips and she focused her eyes on the flames.

    Shad stirred and raised his black eyes to the figure by the fire. “Young one, what does Shaylei have to say? Has he finished his scouting of the desert?”

    Without lifting her eyes, she spoke confidently. “It is as you expected. Shaylei found tracks in and around our town. They led to the east and were cleverly concealed, a master of the eastern arts has been in our midst.” She spit into the fire. “I fear what was learned.”

    “Nothing to fear, what is coming was destined to come. Are the supply houses secure and stocked?” Shad asked with a chilling calm. “Aye” Kat answered meeting his gaze “And all are aware of your suspicions.” Shad stood and spoke calmly, “Then we are ready and I look forward to meeting the horses of war with our steel.”

    As he walked to the door, Kat’s voice carried over the fires roar. “When?” Shad paused long enough to answer, “Not soon enough and not for near long enough. I relish the idea of absorbing their life force and drinking their blood. I am sure your pets will enjoy the taste of such arrogant flesh.” With a dry cackle the door opened and Shad walked into the darkness.

    Kat grinned and picked up her whip, she strode to the stable giggling and began whistling to her pets. The roar of a dragon filled the desert air and the warriors of the clan dreamt of glory for the Ancients.
  3. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire tossed aside the missive from his wife, recalling the last line only...

    I will return to you shortly. I just have a couple more things to take care of.

    Too long had she been gone. He bored of hunting on his own. And, to make matters worse, he was beginning to rely on the blood from vials. It had been many moons since he'd drank from one of the living and the anxiety was becoming unbearable.

    He called out with his mind to his recently Turned companion, but she was beyond reach.. possibly slumbering. Refusing to accept contentment, he strode to the display on the wall and pulled an emerald Kryss from wear it hung. Strapping it to his back, he called for his undead steed. The ancient Unicorn appeared almost instantly, kicking at the lush Umbra grass, anxiously. She wanted to ride into battle again.

    SpyderBite smiled at his mount, baring a single fang.

    "Soon, Skragharigg", he whispered in the beast's ear as he leaped upon her back, "Very soon".

    With a kick of sand, ignoring the neighboring Brigands that chased pitifully behind him, the Vampire rode off towards Stonehaven.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lucrio curses under his breath as he trudges the familiar path he travels often between Iantown and Stonehaven. "Pffft! Be a warrior they said. Seems I am still the messenger boy!"

    As onerous as the duty was, Lucrio realized the importance of the information he relayed between Shad and Kelmo. While Iantown does not participate in outright warfare, Kelmo kept close tabs on the goings on of the lands.

    Checking the diplomatic pouch he carried one more time, he rode through the dry desert prefered by his companions in Stonhaven. Noticing the heft of the pouch, Lucrio decided that something was definatly up. That and the odd feeling of being watched.

    Best start altering my routes, he thinks to himself. Just in case. Lucrio glances over his shoulder, "Maybe I should have thought of that yesterday."
  5. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    SpyderBite urged his ghostly mount as fast as he could towards the rider in the distance. Suddenly, the distance between him and his quarry shortened, much too quickly. The horseman he chased had spun on him and was charging! The Vampire reined in the undead Unicorn, almost causing the both of them to tumble over in the sand. A snake approached, and he diced it in half without looking down.

    As the cloaked rider approached, Spyder dismounted, emerald Kryss in hand.

    "Well met, Lucrio", he bowed deeply, but did not loosen his grip on the sword. "It has been far too long".

    The Vampire Hunter grinned from ear to ear at the Vampire, "Aye, much too long".

    "Seems we're at a checkmate, my nemesis", Spyder dropped into a stance for battle, eyeing the Hunter's bow carefully, "there are two ways to get to Stonehaven... together, or alone".

    The Hunter, Lucrio paused for a moment. Whether he was sizing up the Vampire or considering his words was unclear. Jumping in one fluent movement from his mount, he approached the Vampire... still smiling.

    "Much has happened since we last met", extending his hand he continued, "Come with me. I have friends who would enjoy seeing you again, SpyderBite".
  6. imported_Falon of Eldor

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 29, 2005
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    [A few days ago: Ari hobbled around Naamah's trying to find the right barrel. How much opium would Isoroku Yamamoto need tonight? She had heard whisperings that an important meeting between and him and Robert Franko would be taking place very soon. Ari didnt like Isoroku very much. Everytime they met, his eyes seemed to bore into her very soul making her feel embarrassed and ashamed. She didn't know why he bought those feelings out in her. She was a good person and always tried to help the guild out in any way she could. Ari wondered about all this while she was carefully measuring out the dark sticky substance from one of her sister's barrels. Thank goodness her sister, Naamah, had kept growing the poppies; not just for their curing properties but also for the opium that Isoroku seemed to need almost daily now. Ari sighed feeling so helpless. It seemed that all the problems of the world rested on Isoroku's head. At least she could help a little by providing the substance that he so needed to be able to rest and relax for a few hours each day. Putting the opium in a special container, she hurried off to deliver the package to the home of Isoroku Yamamoto.]

    Today: Naamah woke up finally relaxed and energized. All the hard work she had recently done on the new house was looking really good. Finally a new batch of plants would be started. She itched to get into the greenhouse and start getting her hands in the rich soil that she had harvested in the wooded area of Makoto to plant her seedlings in. What a beautiful day! Tonight she would be able to deliver a small batch of orange petals to Ibi's house and hopefully bump into some guild mates that she had not seen recently. Wasn't tonight supposed to be a special meeting or something she thought. Distracted by her thoughts, Naamah did not see the poisionous green snake that had found its way into her sleeping quarters
  7. Night two - Fueling the Fire

    The Shogun rode his mount through to the heart of Iantown. The Sheriff was locked in combat with a criminal and the Shogun lightheardedly threw a few healing blessings on the sheriff as it seemed she was getting the worse of the battle. Yasou sought the mayor and found him shortly thereafter and passed the pacel he was carrying to one of the few non-clansaman he considered a friend. Not many words were exchanged however as the Shogun had other things on his mind ... and from their interaction it was clear that the mayor shared similar concerns.

    As he left to depart he saw a fallen warrior, the daywalker Spyderbyte .. and as he felt merciful he gave the touch of life back to the shattered body. He then turned to leave and saw one of the "enemy", the warrior Lucrio. The Shogun did not want to engage in banter and chose to spit at the feet of this warrior. The citizens of Iantown that were asembled watched in anticipation but the Shogun did not follow with combat, nor did Lucrio. Yasou was instead thinking of what was happening far away in the now near abandoned Wakatown ... Lucrio and his kin would soon feel the anger, rage and wrath of the Waka Empire, the Shogun smiled at his plan. "I shall step over your corpse in the dirt." he said to Lucrio as he parted through a magical portal ... a fiery twinkle in his eyes. In his mind the one thought played over and over ... "pass the blame - fan the flames" ... surely by now his loyal confidant had initiated the plan.

    Old Wakatown
    Torchlight illuminated Iragael's face as he stood in the center of the Wakayama compound. It had been the stronghold and supply depot for the clan as long as he could remember. Memories flooded into his consciousness of sitting in his loft, overlooking Ibichi's mansion. He'd be torn and battered from battle or weak from resurrection....and he would gaze out his window...catching glimpses of the silhouette of Ibichi's voluptuous curves hidden behind the screen in her room. Of course, Shabba also lived in the mansion. Who knows what perversions were performed beyond the rumors of fishtanks and small animals. Iragael winced at the thought and drove those memories from his mind.

    The Shogun had good reason to put Wakatown to the torch and he would follow through with his orders. He quickened his resolve and put Wakatown to flame....
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lucrio's eyes never left Yasou's as the Warlord spit at his feet and muttered his dire threat. He watched as the barbaric leader strode through the magical gate. Lucrio noticed the the man moved a bit slower these days, he studied the mans armor, weapons and other accoutrement's of war.

    With the words still ringing in his ears, Luc imagined one more sound. That of a taught bow string being released. "Thwack!" He muttered.

    Lucrio turned to Spree. "Hey! Isn't there some sort of fine for spitting in the streets! Come along friends! This round at Kelmo's is on me! Nothing to see here."
    Not yet, Luc thinks to himself, but soon. Very soon.

    Dionysis leaned his back up against the trees. Blending into the shadows came easily for one such as him. Studying the maps he was compiling he noticed something odd. Tapping the far city of Zento, and then the frozen wastes north of Luna with his quill, he nodded.

    Dionysis circled the old Waka town on the map. There is something odd going on here. He decides it is time to report his findings to Shad and his council. Something odd indeed...
  9. imported_Falon of Eldor

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 29, 2005
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    Naamah stepped out of the bed and dashed to the bathroom eager to jump into a hot tub and start her day. Filling the big old bathtub that she had inherited from her grandmother used to be a chore. But not now. Now that the house repairs included hot and cold running water pipes on each floor, the bath filled quickly and she hopped in, shrieking a little as the hot water touched her skin. Laying back in the tub to wet her hair, an image of Wakatown flashed before her. Wakatown on Fire? Surely it was just the heat from the water that made her think of Wakatown and fire. The bath was too hot and Naamah's skin was fiery red from where the water had touched her. Too bad if it was too hot. There was too much to do and too little time to let the water cool down. She started washing her hair with the new hair soap she found in town at the provisioners. It was jasmine scented and the smell filled her mind of the beautiful Jasmine trees that were around Ibichi's house in Wakatown. Plunging back down into the water to rinse her hair, another vision of Wakatown flashed in her mind. This time there were no buildings, just burned remains of what used to be the most happy place of her life. The thoughts puzzled Naamah but she kept moving. Grabbing a sponge and some milk and honey soap, Naamah began washing. The water, although hot and a little scorching was so relaxing. It was hard to keep going at the pace she was, fighting the urge to relax for a minute and enjoy the warm sunshine coming in, and the hot water flowing around her, she began to wash.
  10. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Spyder studied the Vampire Hunter, Lucrio, from across the table, a small smile on his lips. He remembered the black imp, now in Otto's service and its words to him in the Void.

    "There is a way the Hunter can escape my same fate. He must end his life... or his hunt."

    Lucrio looked healthy and more importantly, happy. Frustrated, but happy none the less. Seems he'd figured out the solution to what plagued him all on his own. For so long had the two swapped roles as the Hunter and the Hunted. It was going to be quite an adjustment to accept the man as an ally. Even more challenging, would be for both of them to trust each other. At the moment however, none of this would be resolved in a single evening over beers. Only on the field of battle would they find what they sought in each other.. trust.

    The Vampire was slightly startled from his thoughts when Lucrio spoke to him.

    "So, how are you to be addressed these days?", he snickered, "SpyderBite, Elg'cahl", pausing with a smirk on his face he whispered, "perhaps Marius?".

    Spyder's mirth was impossible to conceal when he replied, "Sometimes I believe my wife speaks more openly with Kelmo than with her own husband". Taking a long draw on his ale, he sat back in the chair and asked, "So, I guess my little secret is out, eh?". Before Lucrio could respond, the Vampire waved his hand and interrupted, "No matter. Discovering one's best friend is also his own blood is hardly a secret I'm conerned with concealing".

    The Vampire's pitch black eyes, suddenly became serious. "However. I'm concerned with Maleeka's attachment to the Shogun".

    When he spoke those words, Shad approached the two and joined them at the table. "Say again, Vampire?".

    Spyder acknowledged with a nod, "Aye.. you heard correctly. She adores the Shogun. Most likely shares a bed as well with the war monger. I did not question my Sister's actions until she went to such extremes as throwing herself between he and I in the heat of battle in the Star Chamber one evening. Should war arise again, I fear she'll do similar foolish deeds".

    Shad only nodded and Lucrio considered the words quietly, but the concern on his face was apparent.

    Spyder added, "She has also become quite the accomplished Sorceress... a deadly one. I'm frightened what she might do if she were to one day choose a side".

    Both of the men nodded in understanding without a word.

    The warrior Omni burst into the tavern, drawing his sword as soon as he spotted the Vampire sitting at the table staring at him, fangs bared in surprise. Shad raised a hand, silently letting Omni know that all was well.

    Breathlessly, Omni said, "There are Vampires coming to Stonehaven! We must prepare for battle".

    SpyderBite turned to Lucrio grinning, "I knew there was a reason you wanted me here today".

    Lucrio only smiled and said, "Come. Let's give them a proper greeting, shall we 'nemesis'? ".

    All three men stood and drew their weapons. Preparing for the inevitable battle.

    **** One Week Later ****

    Spyder breathed heavily as he chased after the miscreants who'd attacked the defenseless spectators during the Golem Wars. There was a sense of comfort as he navigated amongst the homes of Iantown. Like instict, he remembered which rocks to avoid, and the quickest routes to cut off his quarry. Badly hurt, he desperately sought out the corpses of his victims that he'd retreated from earlier.. seeking to drain them before their blood had grown too cold. Relief washed over him as he found one, and quickly he spoke to the Spirits, sank his fangs into the recently deceased's neck and felt the lifeforce flow back into his body.

    He cursed his weapon and raced off on his undead mount to join Lucrio and the others in the chase. When he spotted them west of town, he noted that they had surrounded the criminal and a vicious fight was occurring. Determined to tip the balance in his commrade's favor, he laced his Kryss with a healthy dose of Dread Spider venom and urged his ancient Unicorn towards the frey. He poisoned and injured their quarry in one deft swing of his sword. The other's were able to take him down in short order in his incapacitated state.

    Calling to the Spirits, he listened to the dead man's words.. vile and vulgar and full of curses. The Vampire only chuckled as he listened to the man's soul rant about being relieved of his worldly posessions. Spyder tried to remember how many times he'd felt his body being stripped of its horned armor as his own soul sought out a Priest of Mondain. There were far too many occassions to count. He felt little pity for the dead man as he continued to spew the verbal filth at his captors.

    Returning to Iantown, he checked on some friends he'd had arranged to have brought over from foreign lands. Relieved to see that they were being cared to, he charged his mount off through the swarms of angry Pixies and Tree Herders to replenish his supply of reagents. He'd return soon to fight and defend he thought as he filled his pouches with Grave Dust and Nox Crystals from deep within the confines of the Tomb.

    Suddenly, he felt his soul being pulled from his body towards somewhere he wished never to visit again. The Void.


    ATT hub here went down at the end of this report and has been offline ever since.... [​IMG]
  11. Shad-SP

    Shad-SP Guest

    Red mists swirled at Shad’s feet as he walked on the desert’s sand. The sound of approaching hooves grew louder. His black eyes pierced the darkness and he saw the shrouded riders of Death and War approaching, blades drawn and shrieks of laughter escaping their blood soaked mouths. Shad drew his blade and continued to stare into the distance.

    “They come to you and you must stand your ground. Yield freedom to none, no man is another man’s lord or another’s servant. Strike fast and hard with your blade, have faith in the power of the Ancients and the path they have set before you. Have faith in your strength and those that we have gathered around you. Have faith and ready your blade, for they come and they come before the rising of the next sun.” The whispers of the Ancient’s surrounded Shad and rushed over his skin as a cold wind, chilling his soul and focusing his mind.

    The fury of the horseman approach as storm, rage and strength sounds in their thunder. Fear grips the very essence of Shad as the battle approaches. With a cry to match the power of the horseman, Shad declares “I yield to none!” He began to summon his powers and lunged towards the menacing forms and likely death. The horseman howled in delight at their underpowered and outmanned foe.

    As the blades were drawn back for the opening strikes, a great brightness and power enveloped the dark necromancer. The horseman’s fury was silenced when a resounding cry of “For the Ancients” swept over the battlefield. Shad was passed blurred figures in action and the horsemen were enveloped in flames, steel and fury. Omni’s blades of fire sang deaths song in the night’s sky, Lucrio’s arrows whistled true to their target and buried themselves into the dark beings, Blaze’s flames consumed the figures as Kat whispered commands into the mighty beast’s ears. Shad stumbled backwards and took in the scene, not just those three but all of his clan had come to his aid. The casters were sending streaks of lightning from their outstretched hands, the warriors grimaced as they swung sharpened blades, and the rangers controlled the great beasts of the land. They were all there, and all as one. Pouco, T, Princess Doom, Mad Wolf, Goldie, Masu Kenji, Vaype, Mesteoic, Satori, Tempest, Shaylei, Alaric, Kaisa, Colonol, Naynay….all his brothers and sisters. United and fighting for the Ancients and their own freedom.

    Kat shook Shad one more time, his black eyes opened and he gazed at his friend. “Shad, Dionysis is here and wishes to speak to you.” Shad took a moment to gather his bearings after the powerful vision and adjust to this reality. “Very well, thank you.” Shad rose and began moving to the stairs of the tavern. “Young one, sound the Horn of the Ancients. The false lords come and before the next rising sun blood will stain the sand. The storm and horsemen approach even now so do not wait for even a breath. For now, I will take an audience with Dionysis. Afterwards, we will meet with the War Chiefs.” Without looking back, he descended down the weathered wood.

    A loud horn sounded and its thunder rolled over the sands. All the clansmen looked to the source ; Kat was atop the tavern with her dragon and a dark hooded figure could be seen speaking with Dionysis.

    Omni bellowed, “Alright lads the call has been sounded. Prepare and ready yourself for battle!” All the warriors, mages and rangers hastily began the final staging for battle. Amidst the clanging of armor, songs of glory and the Ancients began to fill the desert air.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lucrio stormed into the Stonehaven barracks. He throws his arrows across the room, and winces in pain. The wounds from Akane's damaging arrows were still very tender.

    "Watch where you are throwing that stuff! You almost hit me!" Pouco yelled as he tended his own numerous battle scars.

    "Yeah" Omni muttered, "Just like he almost hit the Waka's with them."

    Luc shot Omni an angry look. He held his tongue as he knew Omni was right. "Sorry, fellows. I suppose I am not the hot shot I imagine that I am. It was like they were every where! As soon as one was on the ropes another would move up and take the point."

    Just then the barracks door flew open, and a scowling Kat stood there. "Boys," She said "We have to talk."
  13. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest

    As Kat walked through the sands of the Stonehaven desert, toward the meeting hall, she noticed the belongings's of some of the fallen Waka's. Reaching down to collect a worn saddle bag, she recalled the fierce battles that had just occured. It was clear to her that their forces had grown in numbers and strength. Upon reaching the front porch of the Tavern, she tossed the bags against the wall and walked into the stable where Shad was tending the animals.
    "Leave them be", She said, "I have summoned our clan and there is no time to waste." Shad gave her a look that questioned what was going on.
    "Settle down, young one and tell me what this is about?". He said.
    Before she could answer, their attention turned to Tempest and Shay'lei bustling into the storage area with more bags and various item's belonging to the Waka's. Madwolf approached riding a Waka war horse, leading two behind him as he entered the stable.
    "Have you finished collecting the belongings of the fallen Waka's?", Kat asked.
    "Aye, looks to be all of it. Blood spatter's most of it, but this is all of it, said Tempest.
    Almost angry at being left in the dark, Shad spoke again "What is going on here"?
    "We have found what look to be maps and other items that, no doubt, the Waka's will be returning for, once they realize they are missing", Kat began, "There could be more here to be discovered. Who knows what evil they are planning!"
    Morbius arrived at the tavern and was followed shortly, by Lucrio, Pouco and Omni
    Shad began dispatching lookouts to various posts across the darkened desert. "Shay'lei and Morbius, take your posts at the Prison and remain there until morning". "Tempest and Shay'lei, head to the Umbra passage. Use the skills bestowed upon you by the ancients and watch for those who may be approaching or lurking".
    Shad directed Masuo Kenji to Umbra, to watch and listen for information from the towns people.
    He dispatched Omni, Pouco, Madwolf and Lucrio to guard points around the Tavern. "Spare no one who dares to approach this tavern".

    It was to be a long night, as the leaders of the clan, began to search the abandoned belongings for more clues into the plans of the Wakayama Empire.
  14. Early Evening on the 4th night …

    Isoroku and The Franko (as the insane berserker liked to be called) were interrupted from their drug haze by Ariana the plant grower of the Wakayama Clan.

    “Your opiates my lords,” she stated as she bowed deeply.

    The Franko stood up and said with a straight face, “Maiden surely you are here for more then just a delivery … perhaps you are also here to service your Lords.” As he said this he wink and moved his hands to his belt.

    Ariana turned a deep crimson … as Isoroku and The Franko bellowed with laughter. As the girl scampered from the chamber the two men smiled … there would be plenty of time for celebrating after this nights battle.

    Shortly thereafter a party arrived in Yamatown, a smaller group then expected but a group bloodthirsty for revenge over the burning of Wakatown. Isoroku met the group in the courtyard near the battle arena. Aye it was a good group, well suited for battle and seasoned against this foe.

    Akane the ninja with her belt stuffed with deadly stars and on her back the evice for administering poison darts … clearly she would be an advantage this night. The Shoguns most loyal mage was here as well – Iragael the wingman … the Shogun never entered battle without him, another huge benefit for a close quarters conflict. Wing Wakayama the young bold mage was also here … Obake spoke highly of this young one and this would be Isoroku’s first chance to see the “wild one” in combat. To the side stood another two ninja archers – Squid and Makani – both had fought many battles for the Waka Clan… a vicious group …

    Isoroku raised his arms and chanted the words of the ancient vampires and embraced their form … his eyes rolled back into his head as he summoned a dark wisp to travel help him in the impending clash. After this dramatic display he addressed those gathered …

    “These scoundrels … these blood thirsty punks … have dishonored all of you. They have tried to challenge our might with a display of cowardice on their part … they have taken to arson rather then meeting us in a field of battle! This changes TONIGHT! This night we shall go to their home and splay the streets of Stonehaven with their blood!”

    The gathered all raised their weapons and yelled out praises for the Wakayama Empire and for Bishamon the war god, the great protector.

    Isoroku again spoke … “Tonight we shall ride with Amatsu Mikaboshi (the god of evil)”

    The crowd hushed.

    “The Franko and I have meditated for hours and his presence will be with us this night … this is a night for revenge, a night for no mercy … who better to guide us to this victory … and now we ride to glory!!”

    The group cheared and they set out toward Stonehaven.

    Late Evening on the 4th Night

    Once the group hit the fringes of the village they paused. Akane and Squid were sent to stealth ahead and scope the resistance. A fairly sizable force was gathered between 8-10 of the enemy. The plan was simple … draw them to the fringe and pounce with full fury …

    Squid and Akane appeared from out of the shadows and shot a volley of arrows striking a number of the enemy assembled. Squid watched his first arrow deflect off the warrior Omni and his second shot land true in the thigh of Masumatek and then he began his hasty retreat to the pincer point. Akanes first shot struck the shoulder of Masuo Kenji who then immediately disappeared though his bloodtrail was clear on the snow … her second shot brushed Lucrio’s neck leaving a small cut from the feathers on the skin … she also retreated.

    The enemy followed and a fierce battle began on the fringe … blood began to flow on both sides and the enemy Ice was the first to succumb to deaths embrace. Isoroku felt the string of several arrows and the point of Masou pitchfork but his spirit speak kept him alive as he circled looking for Satori. After thirty minutes of battle Makani was wounded and withdrew from the field leaving behind her sachel for the others to use any needed supplies, as she departed the field she left a parting shot of an arrow between Shay’lei’s shoulder blades that threw him forward on his mount. The Franko became violently ill during the battle, the mix of opiates and the scent of battle did not sit well … he struck down the samurai Masumatek and claimed the jewels from his neck as his own … their was a reward from Lord British’s minions for this bauble and he quickly set off.

    Isoroku was concerned the sides were even despite the fallen enemies as he had lost some warriors in this long fight … Squid was struck with an arrow from Lucrio and immediately knocked to the ground by Ru who appeared out of nowhere. As Omni set upon him to finish him – Isoroku summoned a revenant that forced the warrior off his fallen comrade. From out of thin air Chimera appeared and opened a moongate dragging Squid through the portal and off the field of battle … his supplies strewn about in their hasty retreat.

    Akane signaled for the remaining combatants to back up … and as they retreated to the rally point fresh combatants arrived as both Korndogg and Naamah joined the fight. After a quick huddle they rethought their strategy as it seemed the enemy was no longer willing to press the attack. Isoroku looked terrible his eyes were bloodshot and his pasty skin looked as white as a sheet after the long battle. “Follow my attack … do not relent … I feel they shall take to the caves from there they cannot escape.”

    And as the went back towards the village no enemy was sighted … but on approaching the caves a volley of arrows was shot from the entrance. Isoroku signaled and Naamah and Akane fired a volley of shot into the cave and the rest of the Waka party rushed in and the battle renewed in the caves. Isoroku was struck by several arrows and was knocked from his mount upon entering … his withers pushed the enemy back but he sank to his knees in exhaustion and pain in a growing puddle of his own blood. Iragael pulled him from the cave and administered healing with Wing as the rest continued fighting.

    Ru was struck by a barrage of arrows and then felled with an ebolt from Korndogg. Pouco was knocked unconscious with a deathstrike and a fireball to the face. Naamah found herself in trouble with Lucrio and Masou Kenji double teaming her but Korndogg saved her with magical heals as Akane sent an arrow through the neck of Masou.

    Isoroku then stumbled back into the cave and saw his three remaining warriors fighting four of the enemy … he summoned a revenant and set it on his quarry Satori … Lucrio hit Nammah with an arrow in her abdomen and Omni strick her with a crushing blow which knocked her dazed to the cave floor. Korndogg and Akane pressed the attack and dismounted Shay’lei … Isoruku now running into the cave muuters a spell and painspiked the enemy to the floor.

    Three on three now as Omni, Lucrio and Satori faced Korndogg, Akane, and Isoroku … Lucrio shot at Akane so the two of them locked into combat. Isoroku faced his nemesis and Korn and Omni began their dance of death. Akane smiled at Lucrio as she circled firing arrow after arrow. Lucrio realized he was not up to task against the ninja and fought valiantly till he slumped from his saddle from both pain and blood loss … Akane stood over him for a moment as he rasped and writhed on the cave floor. Rather then finish him she shot an arrow in the direction of Omni and scampered off after them. Isoroku and Satori traded spells … and were evenly matched … Isoroku mixing necro spells with magery spells while Satori boxed him and struck him with magery spells of his own. Both were weak from the battle when Omni came barreling by on his mount and slashed Isoroku to the ground with a thundering slash of his broadsword … Akane and Korndogg who were in pursuit of Omni each took passing shots at Satori .. Akanes arrow lodging in his throat as an energy bolt threw him in spasms to the floor.

    The two cornered Omni as the cave ended at a wall … he turned to face them his sword glistening with Isoroku’s blood.
    “The end comes now samurai.” Spat the WAKA ninja.
    “Burning our homes is not an honorable way to engage an enemy.” Stated Korndogg and then he paralyzed Omni with a spell.
    Both Waka’s saw the sense of confusion in their enemies face…but the rage was too much.
    Korndogg cast an explosion and then a flamestrike spell as Akane let lose an arrow into the Samurais chest … who in a flash of fire and pain fell to the ground.

    Akane turned to Korndogg … “Something is not quite right.”
    Korndogg nodded in agreement … “Let us be quick in our withdrawl, the enemy has tasted defeat today. Next time they may be better prepared. But still … someone needs to speak to Ibichi of this …”

    And with that they went to claim their fallen comrades.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Llyod walked up the familiar steps. Even though it was very late, he cast the spell that would keep him hidden. He waited and then waited some more. Caution was important. The man he was to meet could not be tied to the events or the war that was happening.

    Llyod slipped up to the office and waited. Out of no where the man he sought was there. "Good to see you, Llyod" The man in the shadows said. "How goes the War?"

    "Not so well" Llyod mutters. "They have the atvantage at every turn."

    The man in the shadows chuckles. "I understand there will be a battle soon. I expect that the results will be the same."

    Llyod glares at the old man. "What would you do? Their warriors are well trained, and follow orders well. We did not torch their village, yet we are blamed for it"

    The man in the shadows chuckles, "You need some leverage, I have some ideas about this. Come see me after the next battle. I will advise you then. To get to the leader, first you must take his heart."

    Llyod nods, "I will relay your advice." Llyod extends his hand. "Be well, my brother. I have other dutys to attend to."

    The man in the shadows smiles.
  16. Mad Wolf

    Mad Wolf Guest

    The night air was muggy. but the Dread Lady Mad wolf cared not. she watched the endless seas of sand as an eagle watches a lake for the slightest movement of its prey. her young brother Victor Krueger stood next to her with his polar bears, watching the sands of stonehaven. Lady Mad Wolf chuckled to her self. her brother reminded her so much of herself at an earlier age. so eager to kill anything, but hardly able to harm skeletons that infest the graveyards. but she had to admit his ablity to command the beasts and his skill with the bow have increased drasticly.

    "Come on why do we have to guard the bloody tavern we should be out hunting for em!" The overly zealous victor krueger complained to his sister

    "dont worry little brother, we shall do our job and guard our fair Stonehaven and it is most deffinently our jobs to protect our brothers and sisters!" she paused and licked her lips in an almost primitive way "but no worries all in good time little one. soon these sands shall be stained with the blood of our enemies and I shall bask in their souls tourment!" Lady Mad Wolf said with an eire calmness but finallity in her voice.


    victor stared at his sister who used to be so impatient, but now ever since the night before the last battle with the WAKA she haddent been the same. she had left early in the evening and came back in the morning with a calm about her.

    (one week ago)
    even now the scenes from that night haunted her. that night she had been visted by a ghost and he asked her to follow him. witch she did. she followed the ghost deep in to the dungeon known as wind and their she was face to face with the deamons.

    "here your training in the dark arts and mythical arts shall finish." the ghost said.

    the stench of the deamons was wretched and the fires of hell licked her face. then she stared into it. a pond lie in the middle of the room. and in the pond thousands of souls swirled about. they all were screaming out to her. with cries of their torment. and then a spirt arose. it was the spirt of a giant wolf. easily 6 feet long and 4 feet hgih. and was most definatly the largest of the beasts kind she had ever seen. it gave a mighty howl that seemed to peirce her very sould, and then came chargeing at her and then right into her. she felt the spirt enter her body and powers that would have been incomprable to her before were now at her disposal and a calm came over her as she knew she would soon play a new role.

    "this spirt will guide you, help you, in your travels but most of will help you defeat your enemies. but be warned some of the spirts primitive drives may over come you during battle and a bloodlust like no other will consume you. you are warned." with that the spirt dove into the pool and a moongate that lead to her house appeared and she stepped through.

    she looked to the rising sun "a new dawn approaches"
  17. Day 5 – The day after

    Isoroku was sore … already the scars of battle had begun to close over due to the mystical healings of the WAKA clansmen and through his own channeling of the spirits … his head ached from withdrawl. The battle had gone their way, taking the fight to the enemy on their own lands and running the snow red with the blood of the enemy.

    The old pirate propped himself up, he was in the Inn at Yamatown. A few of the prior day’s combatants were there as well. Makani was changing her bandages in one corner, and squid was licking his hindquarters that had been filled with arrows … the poor guy still couldn’t change out of dog form. He stood and walked outside, the community room was empty but spoils of the prior days conflict littered the room. Banners with the enemy crest, shields, some weaponry and personal effects … none of this interested the old pirate who had more then his share of treasure stored away … his thrills now came only from bloodletting.

    He stepped outside and shielded his eyes from the blaring sun. Yamatown being located in the artic tundra was always bright/ from snow and sun and Isoroku preferred the shadows … as his eyes adjusted he saw a large party of Wakayama Clansmen leaving, it appeared they were being led by Iragael. The battle scarred ex-pirate cursed aloud … had the Shogun already changed his mind over who would lead the war against the enemy? He looked toward the mountain pass and saw two female riders so he went to meet them.

    Anya and Naamah were sent to Yamatown by the deathtalker Obake. They quickly explained to Isoroku that they were there to assure that Makani and Squid were well enough to face the next conflict and that when Isoroku was well enough to travel he should meet the rest of the group in Mokotu where drills would be commenced under Iragaels command until he was ready to lead them again into conflict. Isoroku was relieved and immediately began gathering his battle gear for the trk to Mokotu.
  18. Afternoon on the 6th day

    It was time for tea so the teacher sat with the student to partake in a cup.

    “Your training is going well wung, but you have yet to test your mettle in combat.” Obake said to the young man as he poured himself a cup and added in herbs for their calming effect.

    “It is true that I may not have mastered any of the combat skills yet sensei but I feel that I can be capable in some role, perhaps I can support the combatants through healing and focus on my defense mastery.” The young student was overflowing with optimism.

    Obake stood with his tea in hand. Perhaps you are ready for something, though I don’t feel you could handle combat yet. I am sending my other student Sho to test his mettle against the enemy – he rides to Mokotu tonight and will partake in drills. I would have you join him if you think you are ready.”

    The young man sprang up and knocked over his tea in the process. “I am so ready sensei may I go with them and bring glory and honor to our kin?”

    The deathtalker sighed. “You are enthusiastic but you are still so rough around the edges. Skills, poise, maturity, grace … you still must work on each of these points. But I will allow this and to make sure you remain safe I will have some other young fighters train with you under Iragael and Isoroku. Learn from them and if they all feel you are ready – you will be given a role.”

    The young man was practically jumping up and down as the older man lead him from the house to the road. Wu and Wing were already saddled and Sho was putting the finishing touches on his horses pack. Wung grinned when he saw the two on horseback … those young Wakayaman Clansmen were his older brothers!

    Obake smiled as he led up the horse which was already packed with gear for wung. “Your brothers will protect you like only kin can. What you will learn from watching them is the trust they put in their fellow Clansmen. As I have trained you in the Yama tradition, so they too trained before you. Learn from them and respect the elders always for one day you will be that elder teaching and guiding a young man.”

    In his enthusiasm the young man squeezed Obake in a huge bear hug. “I shan’t fail you!!” He shouted. But Obake already knew this boys future, like Ibichi he could see things that had not yet come to pass … this young man would face challenges and fail his brothers more then once but in time he would grow to be an important man … but there would be many hardships before that would come to pass.

    As the four riders faded into the distance a young man stepped from the shadows. “What is your next quest for me sensei.”

    Obake turned to face the young man. “Tomorrow your father will be in the desert south west of here as he makes that trek weekly. Please tell him that I have foreseen a problem three nights from now with an older enemy. There shall be a gathering in Ilshinar of this ancient enemy and they must be defeated soundly in this conflict. Am I understood Daigaro?”

    “Yes sensei.” He nooded. “I will rest now and make camp near his destination and catch him after …”

    “Spare me any details of your fathers meeting just relay the message.” Obake commanded as he turned his back on the young man.
  19. Evening on the 7th day ...

    Akane had sat with Daigaro for most of the day for the most part because it was her duty. Protect the son. Her charge since the past war was just to protect the son. Very rarely was she given other tasks and usually her orders came directly from the chief advisor Iragael, but since the new conflict she had been told to obey the death talker.

    Her orders today were very odd. She could not understand why the Shogun had stopped trusting Ibichi to be the Clan's seer and had chosen the "shady" Obake in her place. Truth be told Obake so far had been dead on in all his propecies and Ibichi had not been the same since three seperate doweries had been offered for her and each time declined by her Clan. Akane needed no man - she was content with her weapons of death ... as their hilts served more then one purpose. Why Ibichi was so depressed was beyond the mind of this ninja. Her orders today were to spend time out of the shadows ... let Daigaro know he has been watched all this time ... and protected from the shadows. This she had done and now the two sat in silence on the edge of the desert in a small cluster of trees. Obake had told her that a time would come that her charge would stand up and perhaps get on his mount, she was to ask him at that time if he was comfortable alone and if he was she was to immedietly leave and go across the desert and scout out Iantown and return with a full report ... and so she waited.

    Hours passed ... night turned to dawn of the 8th day ...

    A light appeared slightly off in the distance; candlight illuminating a window. Daigaro stood and released the binds of his horse from the tree and adeptly mounted his horse. Before Akane could speak he gestured her away with a sweep of his hand and a "go, leave me." And the ninja disappeared.

    Daigaro spurred his mount toward the light ... and in short time his horse ambled up to the home. As he dismounted the door opened and a familiar figure stepped across the threshold.

    "What is it my son?" asked the Shogun of the Wakayama Empire.

    "I bring news father ... the seer has had a vision." the young man replied.

    The Shogun turned and looked at the woman behind him in the purple dress. She nodded her head with a look of concern.

    The Shogun gestured to his son, "Please come in and share this news." Daigaro crossed the threshold and looked at the woman before him who was now adding another tea setting to the table, he could understand why his father was smitten, a shame he would make her acquantance over news from the seer but if his father trusted her so would he ... and so he began to speak.
  20. Day 9 near Sacrifice in Ilshinar

    "He shall perish!" shouted Robert Franko as he pressed the attack.

    The whole group was in pursuit of the fleeing Vampires and their leader was bleeding from a mortal wound. Cyan, Hung-Lo, Blazin and Namaah eventually caught the elusive Wyrm and knocked him to the ground.

    "May you rot in hell vile beast!" Franko shouted as the group turned to face the mob of vampires who had watched their leader fall.

    Days earlier in Crafters Corner
    Daigaro had told his father all that Obake had told him. Not only were the TnT/TnA upstarts aiming to dispatch his Empire but the Vampires were trying to lay claim to the Lost Lands, Ilshinar, the Tokuno Islands, and the city of Luna. In addition to these lofty goals the vampires it seemed were also making threats upon the Shogun himself.

    "The dark lord has clearly lost his mind this time. I have oft thought him mad but to pull something like this will take a mommoth army. I do not feel the undead are up to this task unless Obake is right and non-vampires now walk with them ... but still they are not up to the task."

    Maleeka and Daigaro nodded in agreement. Surely Wyrm had gone mad in his blood lust.

    "Get word to the Clan that we are to engage and vanquish the undead as well as continue to meet the army from Stonehaven wherever they dare ride." the Shogun gave the stern command to his son. "No surrender - no prisoners - no mercy."

    He looked to Maleeka, "I shall ride this night to Mokotu, secure your home and be prepared to defend thyself, I shall return to you soon." Maleeka smiled wearily, she had heard that many many times.

    Ilshinar - Day 9

    "Drive a stake through her demonic heart!" Franko shouted as Nammah tackled Krystal and tried to bear the stake down upon her chest. Cyan lept from her mount and joined in as well as Isoroku rolled up on his mount.

    "Girl fight rawr!" said Hung Lo as he winked at Franko and Isoroku.

    Moments later the group struck down two more lesser vampires the shameful Krews and the inept Wilson.

    "Fill your bags mates!" Shouted Franko. "Let us go the pub for some beer before Aeowyn lures her pack of kirins over here."

    As the group was busy pulling the belongings off the fallen vampires Isoroku ambled his mount between Blazin and Hung-Lo's. "The Shogun feels an attack will hit us soon, celebrate this victory but exercise restraint ... I underestimated them last time. We meet in Mokotu." And with that he galloped off to the rest of the Clan who were ready for war.
  21. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire, SpyderBite watched the crafter stock each of her vendors carefully. Handing them each the wares she'd worked so hard preparing the night before. Only minutes before, the Shogun, Yasou had visited her; the blood of those he'd fed on raged through his veins at the site. But, he had managed to restrain himself. He longed to approach his sister and expose his secret to her. With a sigh, he turned to his wife who stood silently behind him.

    "Well", he said taking her hands, "There's no turning back now my love".

    Katharine looked up slowly, her eyes glowing like rubies in the sun, "Yes. You and I have chosen a path we can not venture from a second time, Marius".

    Spyder smiled sardonically at his Chosen, "Oh. No worries. I know my destiny now".

    The newly ordained Lady Vampire grinned, tiny fangs bared, "I believe this was OUR destiny, silly!".

    The Elder Vampire looked upon his wife, eyes just as blood red as her own now.

    "There are so many to be punished now. So many", he said, smiling. "Now, let's rejoin our brethren at the Nest, shall we? My sister will be fine. I have no doubts that our Maker will keep his word from a long time past to show her mercy".

    Checking each other's armor to make sure it was secure, the two Vampires decended the steps of the Tomb and called for their undead mounts. Two ghostly steeds approached and snorted in anticipation of battle.

    Spyder helped Katharine up in to her saddle purely out of courtesy, then turned to his undead Unicorn.

    "Skragharigg", he whispered in it's ear, "Didn't I promise you a battle?".
  22. Early evening – Day 11

    Isoroku and Iragael had run the troops through exercises for several days. On this day they had been conducting desert drills in the area above their Mokotu base and all were relaxing at the lake after a few rounds of skirmish practice. Isoroku and Hung-Lo had been working with the young fighters, Sho, Wu, Wing and wung; and they had shown promise and poise in the mock battles. Iragael worked with the vets fighters on advanced techniques – coordinated attacks, cross healing, ebb and flow of battle. The troops had done well.

    Makani and Akane laid out the goza mats and the entire group moved to the eastern oasis where there was a large clump of trees to shelter from blaring desert sun. Two sentries were sent out for defense Bo and Blazin who took their positions in stealth mode as the rest of those gathered enjoyed their dinner. Unfortunately the meal was not even through it’s first course when Bo ran up to the group …

    “Two figures crossing the desert pulling a vat of poison toward the main lake.” She shouted … and then here mental condition kicked in as her head ticked to the side and she screamed, “Bo knows that’s some bad shiznat!”

    The troops immediately sprang to action and they split into the groups with which they had been training all week. Isoroku and Hung-Lo immediately set north with Makani, Azazel and the young bucks … they would catch up with Akane and take a defensive position to the north.

    The vet group was extremely upset and as they lined up there were shouts of Waka pride, and oaths of the demise of the enemy.

    The group led by Isoroku ran directly into the enemy who were building a defensive position using the corpses of deathwatch beetles.
    The enemy had summoned demons and had stealth tamers which the party of brave Waka warriors surged directly into in their zeal to repel the enemy from their land. The smell of smoke, blood and sweat soon filled the air as the two groups clashed in a huge torrent of crashing steel, flying arrows, and bolts of lightning.
    The battle shifted west as the first of the enemy fell … Llyod was struck down by the combined archery of Makani and the wizardry of Wing and the battle pressed on.
    After a long fight but one of the enemy remained and the chase was led by Sho who pursued the enemy warrior along with the rest of Waka defenders …

    A well fought conflict but the water source had been protected … when would the next clash be and why was this enemy so dirty in their tactics first the torching of their village and no trying to poison their water supply.
    Miles away only one man knew for sure … and the Shogun was in a surly mood.
  23. Ton80

    Ton80 Guest

    Omni sat in the quiet tavern spinning his favorite blades on his palms. His thoughts were of battle and how he hadn’t seen any in two weeks. Kat had reported him to Shad for spitting on the tavern floor and starting trouble with the patrons. “I guess I need to curb my drinking a bit”, he said to himself.

    Shortly after Shad walked in. “Omni get yourself together. We’re going to battle”, he said. Omni’s attitude immediately shifted to pure joy. This is what he was born to do. This is why he is here. Omni gathered his armor and weapons and headed out to the stable where Omnipotent was waiting eagerly for him. “Tonight we ride into battle my friend. You shall taste the blood of our enemies as sure as my blades will bring them death”. The bird gave a short rasp of breath that sounded like a cough. Omni thought he better have the bird checked by the pet doctor in Zento the next time he was in town. It sounded as if he’s getting a cold.

    Omni mounted up grabbed the reins and headed back to the tavern. There he found a small but impressive group of battled hardened friends. There was excitement in the air and an endless flutter of talk about the impending battle. Strategies were being discussed by, KillerToon, Lucrio, DeathWyrm, and Mr. T. in the far corner. Masou Kenji was throwing ninja stars dripping with poison at a dartboard while dropping in and out of Stealth. The call was made and the group headed out of the tavern ready for battle.

    Upon their exit a red moongate materialized directly in front of the group. The first person through was KillerToon. All others followed without hesitation. They came out the other side in unfamiliar territory to find Toon speaking to a Mr. Hung-Lo of the WAKA nation. Omni overheard Toon saying that if the WAKA’s did not surrender immediately that a message would be sent to their leader along with their limp dead bodies. The words were barely out of his mouth when Hung-Lo started to speak words of power. The small party quickly jumped into action. They focused on Hung-Lo to keep him from casting his spells on Toon. A shimmer to the right caught Omni’s eye and before he knew what was happening Makani appeared with her heavy bow in hand. The first shot richoched off Omni’s armor. He immediately pulled the reigns of his mount in her direction. She was not going to get away this time. He made that mistake during their last battle. Makani was not going to be his down fall this time around.

    The battle raged for an hour, both sides having victories and defeats throughout. When the dust over the battlefield had settled it was time to gather the wounded and the dead. The order was given to send them back with a message.

    To you “mighty” shogun we send these dead and dying. It is you that has brought this fate upon these poor souls. How can you set your own people out to fight for a false cause? Be warned, we will not stand idly by while you attempt to change the people of this land to your way of thinking. We will not have it. Plans have been made to bring the “empire” to it’s knees. You shall find out soon enough.

    With that the carts were loaded and sent back in the direction of WAKA town. As they faded into the horizon Omni looked down in the fading light. What he saw brought a smile to his face. He reached down and picked up his trophy and held it high above his head. The Heavy Bow seemed enormous inside the small woman’s hand still wrapped around it.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The old man shuffled though papers. His intent gaze scanning each one for pertinent information. Llyod slouched in the corner, waiting for the old man's attention. Llyod cleared his throat, thinking it might remind the Mayor he was here.

    The man in the shadows raised a finger, acknowledging his presence. Llyod sighed, patience was always the old mans advice.

    "Llyod, you seem uncomfortable" , the old man whispered. "are you sure you are up to this? Extraordinary events call for extraordinary measures. I assure you, if you follow my instructions no harm will come to her."

    The old mans eyes narrows. "You may feel you have had some success, But until the truth comes out, it matters not. I am not certain as to what the agenda of the Shogun is. But until you clear your name, victories mean nothing."

    "Go find the Lady Maleeka, and convince her to come with you. Lie if you must. It gets easier with time, trust me. Secure her in a safe place, then tell the Shogun what you will. That, Llyod, will get his attention. Now go on, you know what to do, I have other business to attend."

    Llyod stares at the old man. So cold and callous he seems these days. Kidnapping is a diplomatic tool to folks such as him. Many thoughts tumble through Llyod's mind. He wonders if this is what it comes to. He wonders if he can do what is required.

    The old man in the shadows looks up. "Why are you still here? Go do what you must."

    Llyod stands awkwardly. "I will do as you say, old man. I am not happy with this, but i will do it. This had best work, and if any harm comes to her, I will never forgive you."

    Llyod turns and walks from the room . The old man watches him leave. A small smiles passes across his face. " The warriors are so easy," he says to himself. "Offer them action, and they leap at it. Go, Llyod, do your part. I hope you survive this"

    The old man shuffles the documents. The plans he set forward would change it all.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Maleeka has been captured!