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RP Guilds of AOL Legends

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Vegas[Cats], Aug 30, 2002.

  1. Vegas[Cats]

    Vegas[Cats] Guest

    Name some of the guilds right here from AOL and ICQ/IM contacts. I am always down for RPing cuz sometimes it is fun to do then to rock ppl 24/7 =P
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guild Abbrev:UND
    Guild Name: (changing)
    Guildmaster: Firan Zal'honan
    Guild Type: Evil
    AIM Name: Kaz Sadique X
  3. I like your format there Kaz so if ya dont mind I'm going to use it. If ya do then I'll change it later.

    Guild Abbrev: RPC
    Guild Name: Legends RolePLaying Community
    Guildmaster: Gambit
    Guild Type: Nuetral

    We are a RP guild that's goal is to unite EVERY Warring RP guild on the shard so we can all RP together with fullinteraction. Personally I believe that RP and PvP go hand and hand, though I have nothing against the RP'ers that do not war.You can stop by our Guild Fourm HERE
  4. balin

    balin Guest

    Guild Abbrev: nWo
    Guild Name: new world order
    Guildmaster: balin
    Guild Type: evil
    Other guilds ive ran: kot (knights of takhisis) kdt(knights of the dark templar) and the nfo (new ****ing order later changed to new found order of the templar later changed to sommtin else i think)
    Notes: my guilds allways rp guilds but not strick rp guilds meaning we dont run around talking like we quoting crap outa the bibil your as likly to hear dude sweet and ass clown from us as ya are hail but never a thou (sp as in thou shall covit thay nabors wife and her sister )
    we allso got a forum but damned if i know how to link it. web site curently barly has crap on it since this my newist guild i still working on it. anyother ?'s email me or pm me and if ya got my im screen name im me
  5. imported_tyr

    imported_tyr Guest

    *puts on thinking cap*

    FSB (Fellowship of the Shimmering Blade)
    Guild Master: Maxiumus Cortaz (Sorry for bad spelling)
    PvM, & RP

    KoD (Knights of the Day)
    Guild Master: Raistlin
    PvM, & RP

    TKD ( The New Kingdom Dynasty)
    Guild Master: Omnicrack, I mean Omnicron
    was RP, PvM, & Mainly Banksitters.
    Omni is it even still around?
  6. hehe thay can click on the link I put up to get to your fourm as well Balin. the link goes to the main index page there so they can see all the guild fourm's./php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  7. Post deleted by NoahSlashfang
  8. AlmracAvanti

    AlmracAvanti Guest

    Guild Abbrev: KLR
    Build name: Knights of the Lost Realm
    Guildmaster: Almrac Avanti
    Guild Type: RP, PvM
    Aim Name: Vinanti

    11 strong members. Wanting to RP and war with other PvM guilds, with rule set of No attack on site, Concent to fight, no looting except for gold.

    KLR has 2 guild houses, Large Tower (guild hall), small tower (mining). Only recruits person of a mature nature.
  9. Steelfang

    Steelfang Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Guild abbrev:GOV
    Guild name:Guardians of Valhalla
    Guild type:Lawful Good
  10. The guild I'm currently in is:

    Guild Abbrev: CoH
    Build name: Circle of Honour
    Guildmaster: Tatsumaru
    Guild Type: Mixed

    It's a mostly Elven guild, but we have Drow, the Undead, and many other races to help our cause. So far, I'm the only Orc in the guild. Har har! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  11. I just thought it would be a good idea to get out the names of the RP guilds so all the new RP’s coming to this shard wont have to search all over Brittannia to find that underground RP community that exists among all the PVP and standard PVM guilds. There are over 700 guilds on this shard and when you ask someone in the street about RP guilds they have a hard time naming off even 5 or 6. Where are the RP-PVP guilds? Any good player run RP war scenarios going on?
  12. skisko

    skisko Guest

    Guild Abbrev: *G*
    Guild name: The Gnomes
    Guildmaster: Gnome Noglidor
    Guild Type: Neutral

    This is one of the oldest RPing guilds on Legends, started the first day housing could be placed. It is also strict RPing guild (everything is in character) and it is quite a bit of fun.

    The Gnomes started out in the Hidden Valley long ago, long before Britannia was settled. They made their place in the world with the simple life of Mining and Smithing and selling the goods to Trisnic and those passers by that wanted quality Gnome goods. Alas the humans came to the Gnomes Vale and exploited the race. A human named Zodiac enslaved many of them never to be seen again. Another human named Thunderlips enslaved many more and had them travel high and low to create the Gnome Rune Library (right across the road from the brit gate). Some still serve these humans slaving away in the mountains near Trisnic endlessly mining ore. Few Gnomes survived this brutal exploitation and most of the ones that are still alive are submissive, prone to groveling but can be quite helpful when approched properly. Give one a gem and he will tell you much of just about anything you need to know.

    To create a Gnome you must use "Gnome" at the beginning of the name. Example, "Gnome Sorcon". Gnomes wear tell-tale tall straw hats and brightly colored cloths. Gnomes are not expected to use "skills" beyond meager crafting skills, and they are generally pathetic beings compared to human standards. Although weak and easily killed, Gnomes are quite intelligent and observant of Britannia and its inhabitants

    (In another words, only people who know how to role-play and know a lot about UO are admitted. Generally only people who have played 3+ years. The guild is generally for anecdotal role-playing and for helping new players. Gnomes are expected to always be in character. This guild obviously does not war. Icq or Aim me if folks are interested in joining, icq-19535064, aim-canecorpus1526.)
  13. Sorry man but I aint that well versed here YET. Beside's most of the one's I know of have already been mentioned except Max's guild but I dont know much about that. By the way, any PvP RP guild's please read our fourm and if you agree to our rule's please send us a invite to war./php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well I made it back to COlorado, and trying to get settled in pretty fast, once that is done, I will update my site. I already updated onto floppy, just got to put it in the server, and if ya like Email me through my site and send me your Guild info and I will try to add it in there

  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nope, TKD is gone. I have opted for a more L337 orginization of banks sitters. GoD. Look em up.

  16. Post deleted by Bella Noire
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Post deleted by Bella Noire
  18. but i dont totaly get into it. bella delet his post. he just made a personal attack /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  19. Is all of this really needed? I mean it's one thing to go around flaming people in a pvp thread if your a pvper but to go into a rp thread and flame is low IMO. I'm not sure what was said though so just please keep it clean a civil.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Im always civil =) cept when im grumpy from having had to work 10 hours a day for the past week
  21. WILLIE!!

    WILLIE!! Guest

    Guild Abbr. CB!
    Guild Name: Crazy Bastards!!
    Guildmaster: The Redeemer
    Guild Type: Drunk

    NAh just kiddin....some old guildmates will be joining the RP scene soon..but alas, our chars shall remain nameless until we start joining some good RP wars...We had a lot of fun with the Avernian wars as we were brought in as mercenaries. But it was a lot of fun even with ROE's. I beleive it was good pvp...and it was fun...im looking forward to doing it again.
  22. As someone who prodominantly plays UO for factions, I have to say , i have yet to meet a dedicated RP'er who was not polite and courteous. I hold all of you in a high regard, and if time permits will join to a RP guild, and help defend there principles.
  23. Morja Pemed

    Morja Pemed Guest

    Guild Abbrev:TT
    Guild Name: The Tribe
    Guildmaster: Stix-
    Guild Type: Neutral
    AIM Name: Morja Pemed Inc

    The guild is made up of savages!

    I'm not gm of this guild just a member. We are recruiting. If youd like to know more or interested pm me.
  24. Vegas[Cats]

    Vegas[Cats] Guest

    I need a guild on a new char i have made, He isnt even nearly done but i was just wondering if any RP guilds will take him in ?

    All he has is 80 magery and med and has been untouched for 3 months...
  25. Morja Pemed

    Morja Pemed Guest

    The Tribe is recruiting. It's a guild of savages. Well low members right now due to being new. Being make or fencer is requirement!
  26. Guild abrev,-V-
    Guild name,Vikings
    Guildmaster, Elric Bloodaxe
    Guild tipe,semi-RP, PvM,

    We are a non-waring guild, PvM only, however inguild sparing is fine aslong as the two players both consent.
    We welcome young players and players with bad connections also crafters.anyone who wants to be guilded but not forced to fight in guild wars the Vikings are the place for you. we aid all members {that ask} in training skills and anything else thay might need. most members are up for any guild events that are planed {like dungeon crawls}and any RP events that come along.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good ole Omnicron might be back at it soon. Roleplaying was fun, and I look forward to it again. Im seriously thinking about it. I know a few good people who would join me. Omnicron will pwn RP again.
  28. Hail to the Guild V - Vikens
    I am Prince Frost BlackRose from the BlackRose Family and i am seeken a Alliance with your Guild with my Guild Called BRK _ BlackRose Knights _
    We are apart of as i am a Founding Father of the Brite Alliance with Paladin Army and Lord Cyrus.
    Please contact me if so Intrests you as i shall await to hear back from you soon in Hopes of good news.
    Thank You.
    your Humble Friend.
    Prince Frost BlackRose.
  29. Omni im puttign tempest back in action i think what you say me and you start up a good old rp rvp guild buddy
  30. yo its about time for this... calling all former members of OOS Order of the Obsidion Storm you know who you people are... we got shut down 2 and a half years ago but we are all vets now and know no what the we are doing so lets group back up
    ABV: OOC
    Name: Order of the Obsidion Storm
    Guild Master: Tempest
    Aligance: chaotic evil
    all old members and anyone intereasted in joining soem old school rp pvp email [email protected] AIM: tempest6996
  31. I hopefully soon start a roleplaying guild of Gypsy...It getting lonely for my keep to just have me partying all night there without no Gypsy to Sing and Dance and to hunt in thee deepest dungeons. But as of now...I am not to sure yet due to I am busy playing in the New Shard Lake Austin...Hopefully I will start one next month...What do you guys think of a Gypsy Tribe Guild.

    If I start on next month the guild is Wandering Gypsy Tribe (wGt)....

    Well I already started it with only 5 members in it now...Well If you see a characther name: AkronausBlckthrn...and willing to join or talk to me...Just don't be a stranger and say: "Greetings Fellow Gypsy...Could You Sing A Song For Me."
  32. -Devlin-

    -Devlin- Guest

    Hail and well met!

    Been gone a long time, but I too was a Merc for Avernia. Went on to command their forces for a short time. What ever became of them?

  33. Canker

    Canker Guest


    What ever became of them?


    We sold our accounts and enjoyed the summer. I'm back and living in Moonglow under an assumed name. I think Nemo still has his tavern, which is the best decorated house in the land, bar none, but I havent spoken with him in months.
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aye the Harp is a nice place. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Hey Canker, I know me and you dont get along so well, but im curious on your stance of the new CoE?
  35. Canker

    Canker Guest

    Too much talk and not enough action. There are too few people involved in that affair willing or able to just take the lead.

    Not that I'm trying to blow my own horn, but way back when, Avernia was born because Dwight willed it. When he stepped aside, Avernia instigated three large scale, active RP conflicts because our community willed it. Back then, as now, people did alot of talking about how things should be and how things could be but nobody outside of Willowport or Avernia took steps to make anything happen on a large scale. Once the ball got rolling, the shard came together, but not until then. Nobody else wanted to give it that first push.

    And as much as we hated the factioners coming in and roxxoring everyone, I dont remember any other instance in my time here that the rp world and the pvp world came together on that grand a scale.
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Like I said, i learned alot from all that turmoil. And Im sorry about bringing in the Factioners. But at least they RPed while they were with me.

    At one time TKD consisted of 20 people, of which 13 were from factions, brought in to re-enforce my cause. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  37. DamnedLord

    DamnedLord Guest

    I am the former guildmaster of Circle of Honour (CoH), a sizeable roleplaying guild on this shard. I have shifted my goals of good rp to a more dark rp. I have created an evil rp guild called 'Cult of the Damned'. It will be made up of very disciplined and talented roleplayers. I written up a history of this guild, which is parallel with many other roleplaying guild histories. I made a small debut of it at the election of the elders (I was the one with the guards). If anyone is interested in this guild, I would be more than willing to meet with you in game. My screen name is tatsumaruo if you have any interest. Look for Daniel or Tatsumaru in the game. This is only an undead and orc guild, I would like to know of the other evil roleplaying guilds on this shard...perhaps we could have some interaction.
  38. There are those willing and able to take the lead but to many petty argument's about the election is stopping them. My first day as govener I sat back and wrote down quite a few idea's and thing's I'd love to be able to hold in trinsic or battles to be held as well as war's for trinsic but then as soon as I checked the boartd's here it seemed like almost every RP'er around was cutting the CoE down so all my plan's had to take a back burner until all the confusion is taken care of.
  39. My guild on legends is also an undead roleplaying guild, but you dont neccesarily have to be undead, just undead or an evil person, hence the name of the guild "The Evil and the Undead" or UND. My guild would be interested in meeting with yours DammedLord, just give me a time.
  40. DamnedLord

    DamnedLord Guest

    That would be a wise decision. I will be attending this upcoming...Elders meeting. Perhaps we can meet then. Instant message me at tatsumaruo as soon as possible.
  41. mikeforda

    mikeforda Guest

    when exactly is this meeting to discuss the elders thing goin on?
  42. marco Polo

    marco Polo Guest

    Guild Abbrev:mad:[email protected]
    Guild Name: Legends of Sosaria
    Guildmaster: Marco Polo
    Guild Type: Neutral
    AIM Name: Genoah18
    ICQ Number: 43695924

    The Legends of Sosaria was a guild created back in the very first days of the shard, during the days of Warlords. The original intent of the guild was for adventuring and exploring, but things seem to fall apart due to my prior stay in the military. It wasn't till a few months ago, when my time was up for leaving the military and the start of my college life, that I became seriously Roleplayingly active. As of now, my guild and myself act as a group of good natured citizens seeking to better the lives of those who live on Sosaria.
    We are now seeking to reestablish the Councils of Virtue/Chaos in order to bring together the lost communities. In doing so, we are not going against the Elders, but are trying to bring the people to an understanding of their intentions: as advisors and protectors of the city in which they represent.
  43. Cyril Kyrios

    Cyril Kyrios Guest

    Guild Abbrev:KOD
    Guild Name: Knight's of Day
    Guildmaster: Lady Raistlin
    Guild Type: good/virtuous
    AIM Name: raistkod (guildmistress)
    My E-mail: [email protected]
    ICQ Number: 160725032

    The Knights of Day are gladly reforming themselves. Mainly based to help upkeep the virtues and give guidance and aid to those new to our world. As a few know, we have sworn our allegiance to the city of Trinsic, and plan to do so throughout these new elections of elders

    Now heres my personal POV about all this
    1. a new election should take place to get rid of all the fuss over the last, or the current elders should be given a chance to test out their positions. Some I have heard on this forum seem to be OK in my book.
    2. Those truly seeking peace and unity should declare war only on those that oppose the COE, for their ideals were in good nature (trying to bring order to our cities in the absense of our true leader).
    3. Finally, now that all these guilds have risen up in protection of our cities, we should appoint guilds as "Lord Protector" to the different cities, and the elders as its governing unit. Of course, all are acting merely in response to the virtues and values given to us by Lord British
  44. Well from what I gather, the COE has voluntarily merged / submited to the COV update and all the citys, towns, caves and even grasslands are up for grabs, it looks like they can be claimed as a historic landmark of the old kingdom of Lord British but all of them are not necessarily being reserved for those loyal to Lord British or those that follow a path of Good or Virtue. I belive the Grand Mystic stated as in the last activation of the COV that all are not to rule the land as a single unit, someone can even claim a town or piece of land as an Independent State or Province. Although the new governments and states wont be viewed as part of a single unit, I belive Grand Mystic has stated there may be a form of United Nations meeting that all the new rulers could attend and discuss War, Politics, and Trade.
  45. I think i shuld rule the world! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  46. A Random

    A Random Guest

  47. Dont u agree? I will form the Grand ****a Army!
  48. A Random

    A Random Guest

    if i join it can i run it? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  49. Yup, u be my general of DOOM! *spooky!*