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[Catskills] [RP] In Preparation for the New Year

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Pandora_CoD, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
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    Bianca walked into Pandora's office and sat directly in front of her, letting the door close on its own.

    Pandora looked up, as she continued to write her letters. "You seem rather happy." Bianca grinned, she really was. Having the task of organizing this years' Grand Ball had helped her spirits and she keep busy with day to day tasks regarding its preparation. "I have finished the menu with the Umbra Chefs that are catering the event." Bianca said with a smile. "I take it that makes you happy." Pandora said as she kept writing her papers, now focusing her gaze back to them. "Indeed." Bianca stated.

    "What are you writing?" Bianca asked as she tried to peek at the parchment that lay before Pandora. "A letter to Azrael and Zendra of the city of Istas... regarding trade relations." Pandora answered open and honestly. "Is it safe to be seen trading with them?" Bianca inquired. "Why yes, I think so. But," Pandora stopped writing for just a second before continuing, "I guess we shall see." Bianca's expression did not suit confidence.

    "So did Jade fulfil her order for the furniture that would be required for the Grand Ball?" Pandora asked. "Of course she did, she never fails. One of our most dedicated merchants, much like Amroth and Ate." Bianca retorted. "Yes, our tradesmen are pretty reliable, that I can say."

    Just then as if on cue Amroth walked in the door, holding the door open with his back. "I am rather upset that thou art sending me off to Earth to "fill in" for Marius, thus missing the biggest shin-dig of the year!" He looked at Pandora dead in the eye as he blurted the words. "And hello to ye as well, dear friend." Bianca said. Smiling Amroth returned her greeting and sat in the chair next to her.

    Putting the now completed parchment letter to one side, Pandora dug into her drawer for her favorite wax seal and stick. She carefully burned the end of the wax stick against the candle that lit her desk, pressed it onto the parchment. She then pressed the Children's seal into the sticky wax. Her gaze turned to Amroth, "Speaking of, I received your request Amroth... in regards to Lady Izznet." Amroth shifted in his chair. "Is that so? And what are thy thoughts?" Pandora crossed her hands over the abundance of papers that always seem to plague her desk. Amroth's interest in her new friend ran deep, but she must approach this subject carefully. Her coven and the cohesiveness of it was her number one priority. Not to mention the argument her decision would surely ensue with her husband, Marius. She also cared deeply for Lady Izznet, did not want her feelings hurt. She looked up at Amroth.

    "Thou art allowed to share thy blood with her, but ye must not bed her nor make her your mate. She is not of our family, and Marius would not allow an outsider to be so... intertwined... with our coven and our affairs." She looked over to Bianca. "You know this, when it came to Lord Rameses." Bianca nodded and took a deep sigh, "But I rather love miss Izznet; oh can't we make her part of our coven?" She asked with a smile. Pandora smiled knowing that would be solely up to the lady, and she would not be so quick to leave her life as she knows it to serve her and Marius. Izznet is a strong willed woman, which is why she's so attractive.

    Amroth smiled at both of them and said, "If she takes my offering, she will know my true feelings. I am an honorable man, even in this form. The loss of Esmeralda is still very fresh to me, thus I tread lightly for all concerned." Amroth's eternal wife had been his mortal beloved as well, Esmeralda. She decided she needed to travel the realms and did not wish to join our coven here in Sosaria once again. So she left Amroth; told him to seek a new companion if he wished it, but that she no longer held a tie to him. Marius allowed this against my better judgement. My husband and I oft disagree when it comes to matters of the heart...

    "Well I supposed I will just have to see Izznet upon my return to Earth then, rather than see her in her lovely gown." Amroth hung his head. He was very disappointed to have to leave, but Marius wouldn't trust anyone else to oversee the development of the Theatres des Vampyrs in Paris. Earthly mortals have no clue of our existence but we have managed to make our eccentricities and oddities quite amusing in play. "I leave this eve'."

    He said as he stood up. Bianca stood up with him and wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, her face nuzzling into his rich deep red hair. "Be safe my friend." She said. "I will, and will ye do me a favor?" He asked Bianca. "Anything." Bianca smiled. "Make sure our lady looks half-way decent," Amroth said as he nodded towards Pandora, "wouldn't want her to wear something... expected." Amroth grinned as Pandora rolled her eyes. "You bet!" Bianca said with a broad smile. Amroth then turned on his heel and exited the office.

    Bianca turned to Pandora and said with excitement, "This Ball is going to be something!" Pandora couldn't help but smile at her. Bianca has needed a little push to get herself out of her pinning for Armand. Another matter of the heart the coven had been dealing with since they landed in Sosaria.
    The thought of Bianca dressing her was too much for Pandora, she scurried Bianca out of her office before she had any chance to speak on the matter.

    (Closed RP Story; characters mentioned are Catskills players --- Original Post Found HERE)