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[RP] =M=

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_Daan Mor, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. “There.” Daan Mor pointed to a slab of stone which had become visible in the Wintermoor snow. “It looks to be the same stone as the temple, and seems to go down quite a way.”
    Vanwarya had always been interested in archaeology, it was the original reason he had joined his brother on the icy plateau known as Wintermoor. He had been intrigued by the tales Py Lethius had recounted of ancient gods and temples buried far beneath the snow; perhaps there was more to be found, perhaps this would be it, the find he had been searching for. “Aye brother, it certainly looks promising, that’s for sure.”
    Daan shrugged, he had never shared his brother’s interests, but had always supported and indulged them, more out of curiosity than anything else. “I’ll be indoors, tell me if you find anything.”
    Gathering his tools, Vanwarya set about digging, Daan had been correct, the structure, a pillar it seemed, went far down into the ice.
    ‘Amazing what you can gather poking a sword around’ Vanwarya thought, smiling to himself. He needed help, but from where? The Knights wouldn’t put aside time for this sort of project, he knew that, and his brother was no where to be seen, most likely he had gone to fight, as was his usual wont.
    It was then the thought hit him, the older knights had spoken of the spirits of fallen knights and how they were embodied in the Wolves of Wintermoor. They would not be much help in that form, but perhaps they could be convinced to help him in another…

    Vanwarya smiled and nodded as he saw them work, gripping his Grimoire tightly to his chest. Abominations one and all, but the digging was proceeding with exceptional speed, and for that he thanked them, their lifeless canine skulls and lumbering polar bear paws were well suited to the work.
    Days past, the pack ice had meant slower going further down, but this was it, the patchwork monstrosities he had created had hit what appeared to be a stone floor. Peering down into the pit, his eye came to rest on a metallic surface, pushing its way through what remained of the ice. Jumping into the hole and waving the undead away, he started digging himself, clearing the ice and snow from his find.

    “So, do you have any idea what could be inside?” Daan asked, peering at the golden box, his hand twitching such was his curiosity.
    “I know what is in it.” Vanwarya replied “You think I would not have opened such a thing?”
    “Hmmm, very well, enlighten me then.”
    Vanwarya lifted the ornately filigreed lid of the box, inside lay a scroll, one etched on gold itself…
    “Looks valuable” Daan pointed out, rather redundantly.
    “It most likely is brother, but that is not what interests me. You see, the scroll is incomplete, ‘tis but a fragment of a greater work.” Vanwarya paused, “I have however managed to translate some of it.”
    Daan stared at his sibling “You never cease to amaze me”
    “It mentions something of a curse, a great curse, one placed before the time of the Avatar, before Mondain, before this world of Malas was connected to Sosaria. A malediction, if you will.”
    “I think I have found my true calling brother, and would ask for your help in this, we must find the rest of this text; a massive undertaking, I will admit, but a worthy one.” Vanwarya shifted uneasily in his seat, “Plus, I doubt the knights would be too pleased at my use of the white wolves… I must leave this place, will you join me?”

    Daan Mor stood and stared at the golden box in front of him, the rebuilding of the temple was almost complete, the scroll fragment as it’s centre piece. It had devoured their lives. He could feel the scroll, willing him to complete it, stronger everyday. The search had carried them away from the Knights of Wintermoor, to this, an ancient ruined temple in the Dry Highlands of Malas.
    The scroll had already taken Vanwarya, he was obsessed, setting up the scroll as a quasi-religious relic, his search was incessant. He had started delving deeper into the dark arts, shunning the company of others, summoning revenants and other undead to aid him in his work.

    “May Mithras protect us…” muttered Daan.
    The Cult of the Malediction had been born…
  2. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    [ooc] Well done.. Hasn't been a good RP read in a while.

    This is your guild originally from Europa, no? Anymore coming over to Siege if so?
  3. [ooc also] Drachenfels, and no, they're all gone (at least I can't find em [​IMG]), suppose that's what happens when you take a 4 year break from UO.
  4. Ginsu-SP

    Ginsu-SP Guest

    Good luck on your new endeavor Daan.

  5. Well writ, Daan!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more. (pun not intended)
  6. Shad-SP

    Shad-SP Guest

    [ooc] Very well done and an interesting read. Must say that it did provide a bit of enlightenment regarding our newest neighbor!

    *begins to wonder if he should add additional talisman to ward of evil spirits other than the nefarious vampires*
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    [ooc] Very well done and an interesting read. Must say that it did provide a bit of enlightenment regarding our newest neighbor!

    *begins to wonder if he should add additional talisman to ward of evil spirits other than the nefarious vampires*

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Now, Shad...never fear, you should all get along like one big happy icky necromancing family! [​IMG]

    Nice story Daan. Is it just you in this new venture at the moment or do you have existing citizens of Siege planning to join or who have already joined you?

  8. bah....same panzee....juz nub same clothz .mur blah blah blah.. meeb klomp'n juz da same.....
  9. <blockquote><hr>

    Nice story Daan. Is it just you in this new venture at the moment or do you have existing citizens of Siege planning to join or who have already joined you?

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Just me. [​IMG]
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "That one." The old knight gestured towards a small iron chest with his torch. The light danced with the shadows in the dark of the temple catacombs. The two Initiates had a look like they would rather be anywhere but in this place .. or under the eye of Lethius, for his mood was fell since his return.

    "Bring it here and you may take your leave." The pair laid the box upon the stone table, disappearing up the stair as fast as they could politely go.

    From beneath his tunic Lethius produced an intricate iron key. The box unlocked, and he raised the lid to reveal a collection of weathered scrolls. His eye fell upon one in particular - he realised his hand was hesitating. He growled and took hold of the black scrollcase.

    No Evil can come here... this is the Temple of Mithras...

    The black case bore a silver serpent emblem... he traced the pattern of it and whispered a word... the emblem melted like candlewax, running off the scroll-case like so much mercury.

    Gently, the old knight pulled out a fragment of a scroll, handling it as one would hold a venemous snake... The symbols upon the scroll were of no common language of men. The odd runes were linked to one another in a flowing, spidery script.

    ... known to some these runes are... some things are best forgotten... but some do not wish to be forgotten...

    He returned the scroll to its case... which he then slipped under his tunic belt. The box, heavy for two initiates was a hard burden for him alone, but he did not call for aid. With heavy steps, slowly he carried the iron box to its place and laid it down.

    I should destroy it... but I must learn some things first... ...one must know one's enemy...
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Miranda walked upon the deep white snows of Wintermoor pausing at the ruins of what once were the homes of her friend and his brother. The cold breezes of the winds in Wintermoor do well to freeze a falling tear drop o'er a loss of a guild mate, so that any teardrop in Wintermoor, just merely looks just like any other frost or an ice crystals under an eye, in the normally snowy frozen Wintermoor.

    Malediction, cursings bring down evil forces to slander, to tear apart a group or person, to wound a group or another person. Miranda pondered, had the man whom we all befriended so dearly, changed so much from whense we had first met him and embraced him and his brother into our family, or did we never know whom the they really were due to the evil that was ruling their hearts and minds deliberatly and carefully hidden from us all ?

    Had he and his brother become so preoccupied with materialistic worldly things and digging into ruins and ruinations, that they became obsessed if not possessed and owned or maybe always were owned by pure evil, with nary even a fragment of what they each once were, nor what they each once said that they professed to be to us, that they once stood for ? There seemed to be no answers for the riddles and contradictions that seemed universes apart, with out any likeness or similarities at all of what was and what is.

    Miranda sought the assistance of Mithras, to sort her many thoughts.

    As she walked onward back towards her own home, an ice snake changed into a chameleon before her very eyes.

    OOC Nice write up .. &amp; good luck.
  13. Dawn/Kaisa

    Dawn/Kaisa Guest

    Kaisa tapped her fingers on her desk..as she went over what Miranda had told her in her head. "Hmm an ancient temple...a strange scrolll found in Wintermoor...." She mulled over these thoughts.. "what could it mean? what was it about this scroll..that made Daan;s Brother want to immediately get out of Wintermoor and bring Daan with him? What was this malediction? Miranda had told her that they had moved to the Umbra dungeon to an ancient temple..that somehow Van had discovered using this dark scroll. Drumming her fingers once more quietly Kaisa made up her mind..she was going to have to see this temple and this scroll for herself.

    The hot desert breeze danced lightly around her.stinging sand occasionally assualting her eyes. Shielding her eyes with a hand against both the sand..and the blinding sun Kaisa went on in the direction Miranda had showed her. Eventually at the very corner of the part of the desert she was in she found it.

    It was clear it had been rebuilt..you could easilly tell the difference between new sandstone..and old crumbling sandstone. She circled it from a distance at first and could find nothing out of the oridinary, though..she had a strange feeling of uneasiness come over her. Going closer this feeling increased..her horse snorted it;s eyes rolling back into it;s head..she got within a few yards and suddenly her horse stopped refusing to take another step. Whispering soft words in it;s ears she tried to get it to move forward but it would not budge, and she could not blame it. The feeling of uneasiness from before had grown..so that now..it seemed like she was almost swimming in it. But she had come this far and wasn;t turning back until she investigated further. Dismounting from her horse she told it to stay. Only it;s intense loyalty to itls master kept it from bolting.

    Walking up to the doors she pushed them gentlely to her surprise they swung in with little effort in her part. Walking in she immediately felt a feeling of dread..and at the same time a strange compelling curiousity come over her. Walking into a huge open room she studied her surroundings. The inside reminded her of a worship hall in many churches. Looking up ahead she saw what she had come to see. on a small podium rested a a golden scroll. Moving forward despite the fact that her gut was twisted in knots and her gut told her to GET OUT! she went up to this object. Bending down she looked on it. Strange runes covered the surface that she could not read...a feeling of revulsion and at the same time need came over her. She reached out suddenly compelled to touch it..to pick it up..to take it...."NO!" forcefully she wrenched herself away, and walked out..not stopping until she was at her horse outside.

    Outside she felt a little more comfortable but not much. She did not mount her horse but instead took it;s reins and lead it towards the large house next to the temple..she had been told this was Daan;s new home. As she approached it she got a new feeling one mixed. ONe of both good and evil...as if they were both in that house struggling against one another. She didnlt have much time to ponder this though. Out of the corner of her eyes she caught sight of dust rising up slowing into the air..and her sharp ears brought the sound of voices. Mounting quickly and using whatever cover the desert provide she quietly slipped out of the area hopefully unseen.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The rider's mouth hung open. Gazing at the letter of summons, she mouthed the name. The old knight answered the unspoken question, "Aye, thats the one I want, tis no mistake."

    "Very well, sir. If he can be found, then I will find him." The messenger slipped the letter into her satchel.

    "It is an urgent matter. Seek high and low until you find him, and bring him here - willingly or otherwise."

    The messenger snapped a salute and leapt into the saddle in one smooth practiced movement. Lethius watched her shrink into the distance until she faded from view into the snowy flurries that shrouded the Pass of Corvus.

    ...what will the Death Knight's price be?...
  15. [​IMG]

    Where had they come from? Was it true the ancient spell of Armageddon could be cast from this? So many questions swirled around his head as the elven priest gazed upon the five small rocks which had appeared around the podium where the scroll stood, entombed within it's golden coffer.

    Turning away, Daan Mor walked out of the temple, what could all this mean? Had his efforts been blessed by the Gods? He might never know, but he did know that the search must continue.

    By any means necessary, the rest of the scroll would be recovered.
  16. Dawn/Kaisa

    Dawn/Kaisa Guest

    Kaisa shot up in her bed...as she heard pounding on the front door of her yew home. Quickly getting dressing and grabbing her poisoned soaked knife just in case she as quietly as possible went downstairs. With her knife posed to strike and the words of a powerful spell on her lips she flung open her front door.

    A woman dressed in blue dyed woolen robes and cloak with the symbol of the silver serpent on the brooch that held her cloak around her greeted her with startled eyes. Kaisa straightened up out of her fighting stance sheathing her knife.

    "My apologies for scaring you like that, but we live in dangerous lands and dangerous times and one must always be ready for battle" Kaisa smiled holding her hand out to the woman inviting her inside.
    "But what brings you hear at this hour? It is the middle of the night!"

    "Lady my apologies but my need is urgent or I would not have come" The messanger followed Kaisa into her home and began explaining swiftly..about how Lord Py had told her to seek out the Death Knight and seek his help in the matter of this strange new cult. "I have searched all over for him but have not been able to locate him!" "I spoke to many and a few suggested that you might be able to help me, is this true lady, can you find who I seek?"

    Kaisa thought for a bit then answered "I believe I might be able to help follow me"
  17. “Welcome brother” Vanwarya said, turning from his parchment strewn desk, “I have deciphered more of the scroll fragments we have found”
    Daan Mor’s eyes widened as he looked upon the stacks of papers and scribblings, his brother had not left this place in days, such was the fervour with which he pursued his work.
    Holding a tattered scrap in his ink stained fingers he continued; “It is said that to invoke the power which this ancient curse holds, we must first unleash and control a truly nightmarish vision of this world, of what it could become should the Malediction gain it’s full dominion over Sosaria” Vanwarya paused, glancing at his half elven brother “Tell me, what do you know of the Shadow Lords?”
    “They were cast into the Abyss, were they not?” Daan asked “But many years past a sect sprung up within the ranks of Minax calling for their return?”
    Vanwarya nodded, “I think this may be the great evil which needs to be tamed in order for our brotherhood to progress along its allotted path. The scroll foretells it…”
    “I do not think we should take a venture like this lightly brother; what horror could be unleashed should we succeed in summoning them, yet fail in reigning them in?”
    “You are right, Lord Ascendant, but we must not speak of failure, we must succeed, always.” Vanwarya turned his gaze back to the Elf “Once the scroll is recovered, nothing will stop us, but until then, we must learn all we can of these dark powers in exile, join their ranks, glean the knowledge of the summoning rituals from their followers”
    “If this what the scroll foretells of our future, then it shall be done.” Daan Mor turned to leave, then spun back “You shall stay here though, form a Covenant with the acolytes, have them provide support for the task ahead”
    Vanwarya nodded once more “We ask only to serve” he smiled.
  18. gah lat panzeess!!!!

    su how mani ov lat are der?
  19. Feyre

    Feyre Guest


    [ooc] Well done.. Hasn't been a good RP read in a while.

    This is your guild originally from Europa, no? Anymore coming over to Siege if so?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    What character are you getting out of [​IMG]
  20. !!!!!
    I am aware of the Temple Of Mithas at 90o 43'N, 65o 48'E Malas, and
    Monastery Of MYTH at 85o 53'N, 44o 38'E Malas.

    You seem to indicate a new Temple placement here, but at a dry highland.
    Are you saying that ice is dry? Where is this relative to these other sites I mentioned?
  21. The Temple of the Malediction, Malas 5o 53' N, 73o 11' E.
  22. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest

    In other words, he lives in Stonehaven. [​IMG]
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest


    In other words, he lives in Stonehaven. [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The Holy Barrel War is still going on, I take it.

    Btw, came across a lone barrel filled with water near the gate in Luna the other night. Made me think of the barrel dispute, and I had to laugh.


    P.S. Just because a lady comes into Luna with a rune beetle in tow, does NOT mean she is looking for trouble. It is also possible that the lady tends to forget she owns a rune beetle (except when he is in the way of her placing something in the house), and was merely hoping to resolve a deco emergency at one of the shops around Luna. [​IMG]
  24. The northern side of the Dry Highlands is now controlled by the Cult, the Treacherous ones still control the south and west, as they have always done.
  25. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest

    Ha.. You control nothing beside that which goes on inside your walls. [​IMG]
  26. When the Temple was founded upon the dry highlands, there were no houses even close to it. Now We have populated the northern side, and you have invaded it.
  27. I understand the use of the sextant...
    I was just concerned that I may have not counted this temple yet.
    I will have to step softly in the blood stained sands.
  28. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest

    You may live in your dream world if you wish, sir, but since the beginning, Stonehaven has encompassed the entire Dry Highlands area. There is no need to invade that which as always been ours. You, as anyone else, are free to live there as you wish.
  29. Until you abandoned half of it, perhaps.
  30. Shad-SP

    Shad-SP Guest

    What blasphemy is this? I take time to devote to meditation and this is the drivel thrust before my eyes?

    Be aware that the Ancients have no tolerance or patience for false gods and idols. This temple that you speak of is nothing more than a pile of rocks to be razed, stained in the blood of it's disciples, and buried in the sands for all of eternity.

    Do not think for a moment that my silence means that I am without awareness or conciousness. I still see and know....occasionally whispering from the shadows. So listen and learn, it is but a matter of time until we besiege your structures and prove the fallacy of your misguided faith...
  31. *smiles*

    Your ancients are obviously not the same as those who penned the Scroll of the Malediction, for if this was so you would know the import of our work at the Temple and would surely not stand in our way.

    It is you and your scurrying minions who are the false believers, you have taken the wisdom and power of the Ancients and misunderstood their teachings to a level where it takes great faith and conviction to see why such imbecility is permitted upon Sosaria.
  32. Ton80

    Ton80 Guest

    Say it isn't so!

    You have built on our burial grounds? You have desicrated our sacred place of mourning!

    How absolutely arrogant of you to assume that empty space is your for the taking. That area you claim abandoned is where our parents and our grandparents are buried! We demand you remove your foul building, or "temple" as you call it, from our mourning place.

    We await your answer.
  33. You speak falsely.

    At the time when Vanwarya discovered the Temple ruins buried in the sands, we checked the surrounding area thoroughly, for other ancient buildings. We found no evidence of any such burials, so either they have decayed so quickly as to be dust at this point, which is not likely give the climate of the area, or you are lying.

    I have always been wary of your guild, mostly because of the word 'Treachery' in your name, but to lie about the resting places of your ancestors is surely a new low even for a band of cutpurses and brigands such as yourselves?
  34. Ton80

    Ton80 Guest

    Lying you say?

    Well then, we shall see who is lying when the ghost of our ancestors are knocking on your front door! I wait for that day with a happy heart. For I know that day will have you running from the desert with a little girls scream coming from your throats.....