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[RP News] Breaking News. Town Guard Adam Myrdraal Missing. Presumed Dead.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Town Guard Adam Myrdraal Missing. Presumed Dead.


    It has come to our attention that Town Guard Adam Myrdraal - Ward of House Hast Mich of Yew - is missing and presumed dead.

    It appears that he and other recruits associated with the Guard [TGOB] were killed or captured in a raid on the docks last evening. There is evidence of a struggle there. Blood. Broken Crates. Weapons.

    Information leading to the arrest of his assailants - or to the safe return of Guardsman Adam - is requested.

    Below are the last logs found at the West Britain Garrison.

    Corporal Brackus stopped in today. It was very strange, he seemed not himself at all. But orders are orders. Pursuint to the new orders I have received, I will be meeting the other recruits chosen for this exercise down at the docks.

    I can't say I understand, but again, orders are orders. If only I could figure out what it is about the Corporal that's bothering me. I know one thing, he never looked so suspicious of everything before. Flabbergasted is more the word.
    - Adam Myrdraal, Year of Lord British June 30th 2011.


    I was about to leave when I figured it out. I found this letter detailing a plan to replace the Corporal in his absence and order all of us to our deaths. I have to warn the others at the dock, before they fall for whatever plot this is.

    May the Virtues keep me. I have no one to tell about this.
    - Adam.
  2. Yalp

    Yalp Guest

    If this is true, it will not bode with the Empress of Zento and her treaty with Brittania!
  3. FenrirsFangs

    FenrirsFangs Guest

    It is true, Adam has been murdered. Lord Duke Hast Mich has put on a brave face during the kingdoms current events but is heartbroken at the loss of his nephew. The perpetrator was caught and is a raving mad man. It is unclear if this goes any farther than this individual and his cohorts who were caught in the process of beating a Gypsy in Ilshenar. Being outside of the kingdoms jurisdiction, it is also unclear who exactly it was that , ... , handled the matter. The leader was returned alive by an anonymous hooded figure, the rest seemed to have all tripped and fallen upon their own swords.

    Recruit Adam's, remains, have been sanctified and laid to rest in a private ceremony on the estate grounds in Yew. All well wishers are welcome to pay there respects, his grave is 15 paces from the right rear corner of the house, to all miners please try not to mistake it for a mining location, again.

    Britanian Protectorate Company, Fenrirs Fangs, Seargent Gabriel
  4. FenrirsFangs

    FenrirsFangs Guest

    Due to a high occurence of miners mistaking the grave for a mining spot Adam was reinterred in a newly constructed mausoleum in the Mich family plot on the estates grounds. Shortly thereafter The restless spirit of Guard recruit Adam was seen wandering the grounds, rumors have it that Several necromancers were seen in the plot and shortly afterwards Lord Duke Hast Mich was seen carrying an unconscious old man into the estate house. No one could be reached to comment as only Lord Duke Hast Mich was identified and he has sequestered himself in his home with a dozen unknown paladins. A rumor has come out of the home via the kitchen service entrance that young Adam has returned to the living but at a severe cost to his health. This of course means that the mausoleum won't be needed quite so soon if this proves to be true.

    Other rumors have surfaced that a threat of an invasion from the void has been delivered but no details are available other than that these dire warnings came through a medium who claimed to have spoken with a spirit before fleeing at the sight of a giant white dragon and a party of rather rough looking people coming into the cemetery. The medium wishes to remain anonymous, as they delivered this information via note wrapped around a rock and knocked seargant Gabrial completley unconscious.

    BPOY company, Fenrirs Fangs, private 5th glass Goober