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[RP NEWS] Ceno and Asimov believed to be dead!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Ceno of MT, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
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    The story below is pure player fiction and has nothing to do with the EM's or the EM's story line.

    Ceno and Asimov believed to be dead!
    Reported by: Shae of [S*RE] [TB]

    Just last night while wandering around on Moonglow island searching for any clues about the mysterious fires that happened months ago, I stumbled onto a fight between Lord Asimov and the missing Lord Ceno. This humble thief...I mean, reporter...did not get a very clear view of the battle for it was one that gave off great magical power the likes I have never felt before. Swords clashing with staff, staff clashing with swords and the ringing of these weapons when met each other must have been most intense indeed.

    At the end of the battle there was a great explosion which mostly went up into the air sent shock waves of magical energy even to where I was standing and when all the smoke cleared neither men were in sight. Upon examining the scene I found a black wizard's hat which I believe to be Ceno's since all members of the Mage Tower were once given such a hat. Upon further inspection I also uncovered a very badly burned book which the title and author of the book was unreadable.

    With my elven eyes I did not witness anyone fleeing from the scene nor were there any signs of anyone recalling away so we must presume that Lord Asimov and Lord Ceno are dead.

    Lord Ceno was once the rank of Captain in the Order Guards during the fight of the Undead Army which was led by Lady Minax and Jou'nar. It has been told that Ceno once braved an assassination attempt on Jou'nar while he resided in the sacked city of Trinsic and while crossed blades with the dark lord, was captured and tortured for many days and was finally released when Lord Dupre led an invasion to take back the city by Lord British's command.

    Not much is known about Lord Asimov, He called himself the Lord of Shadows and often spoke of the Hall of Shadow's. It has been said he was a dreadful man who became Legendary in the arts of Necromancy and Magery. I have also heard Asimov had very unique gifts within the Necromancy world and has been witnessed doing unmentionable spells believed to be impossible. His last words before the explosion that I was able to hear was him shouting out "I am death!" Was he saying this because he was a Master in Necromancy? Or did the young Necromancer really find a way to master death? If all the things I have heard about this man are true, I can only hope that if he truly is a master of death, that he never left behind any clues.
  2. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
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    The Battle
    This story again is written by me, and is not part of the EM's story line.

    There was a slight breeze coming from the near by shore which
    gave off the smell of the sea. The night's sky lit up by thousands of
    stars as he stood there looking up at them. His gaze wandered to the
    crescent moon which dimly lit the now vacant tower standing before
    him. He could feel the magic essence of the tower pouring out of the
    ancient stone walls, completely engulfing him. He let out a small
    growling noise as a smirk appeared upon his face, revealing his
    slightly sharpened teeth.

    “He is here...I can feel it...”

    As he walked closer to the door his shadow colored cloak billowed
    from the seas breeze. Each step a caution, searching for some sort of
    trap. He paused before the runes at the foot of the steps and knelt
    down. He placed a dark gloved hand upon one of the runes and could
    feel small traces of magic emanating from it. He rose up and continued
    up the stone steps and waved his hand in front of him towards to the
    door causing them to open so he may continue inside.

    Once inside his gaze wandered the scene, dust covering all of the
    furniture. The throne style chairs with rips on the cushions and chips
    on the wood finishing. Odd and old crystals now covered in dust but
    underneath you could faintly see them glowing.

    “I know you are here, mage...There is no use hiding from me, Even
    within these walls I can feel your pressence.” He stood there, waiting
    for a reply but it didn't come. He could feel the invisible eyes upon
    him, staring at him in wonder as to why he would be here and what he
    could possibly want.

    “If you do not come out, I can always get answers from somewhere
    else...From a chef maybe?” He grinned as he spoke the last few words
    and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

    “What do you want, Asimov?” And there he appeared, revealing
    himself sitting upon one of the throne chairs. Dressed in his
    traditional black robes and black wizard's hat sat Ceno.

    Asimov grinned. “What do I want? You know what I want.”

    Ceno glared at him in response. “How did you know I was here?”

    “You must not understand the art of magery as well as you claim,
    mage. How does one mage feel the presences of another mage?”

    “There is only one way you could know where I was from a great
    distance, and that's impossible.” Ceno said.

    “Is it? Is it so hard to believe that we once shared the same
    master? Let me show you proof...” Asimov extended his hand with his
    palm up and focused. A slow green mist emerged from his palm swirling
    in circles before taking the shape of a man's head. “Once he taught me
    all he knew, I killed him and took his soul to the Hall of Shadow's.
    All of his knowledge belongs to me now so I know a great deal about
    you, mage. You wouldn't believe my excitement when I learned we had
    the same teacher in the art of magery.

    Ceno clutched his staff tighter and rose from his seat. The staff
    flashed a crimson red. “I don't have the information you want Asimov.
    I may have the title Lord of The Way but the story was only told to me
    and then I re-told it to everyone else so we could all give thanks to
    them. I have no idea where in Dawn he is buried. Now leave me be.”

    Asimov shrugged and headed out the door, just before the door
    closed behind him he spoke loud enough for Ceno to hear. “Oh well, I
    guess I will pay a chef a visit...I am feeling quite hungry all the

    Just as the doors closed behind they were forcefully opened
    again. Asimov counted on this and listened to Ceno's footsteps for the
    right timing. And when he heard what he was waiting for he quickly
    drew his twin blades and spun around into a crouch and parried Ceno's

    “Leave my friend's out of this necromancer!” Ceno shouted, still
    pressing his staff down onto Asimov's blades.

    Asimov smiled and flexed his muscles to push up onto the staff
    then quickly sheathed one blade so he could cast a spell, sending Ceno
    crashing back into the walls of the Tower and just as fast Asimov had
    already withdrew the blade again and at the ready. He studied Ceno's
    every move as he slowly rose. Blood trickling down his cheek.

    “Pathetic, I expected such from the old one, but from you? Where
    is the all powerful Ceno who trained at the Mage Tower? You're as weak as this ugly gargoyles who believe they understand the arts of magic!”

    Ceno wiped the blood from his face with the sleeve of his robe
    and planted his staff into the ground which flashed crimson again.
    Asimov charged at Ceno, twirling his twin blades and struck but Ceno
    dodged the attack and parried with his staff and unclenched his fist
    and swung, clenching his fist right before impact and struck Asimov on
    his jaw. Ceno cast a spell of his own causing Asimov's hands to fly up
    leaving his chest unguarded then cast another spell as he punched his
    chest sending Asimov flying backwards and hitting the fence a few feet

    “I'll show you the all powerful Ceno...” Ceno said as he started
    chanting off a complex set of spells. Asimov saw this and started
    casting his own spells to counter with. Ceno shot his off first and
    then Asimov. The spells clashed together in between them, linking them
    together. Neither of the two releasing the power to the spell, but
    increasing it. Sending as much power into it as they each could.

    “If you wont give me what I want, then I'll take it the same way
    I took our master's knowledge!” Asimov shouted as he fed more and more
    power to his spell.

    “Asimov stop this! If we don't break this link soon we'll both
    die!” Ceno shouted.

    “Death is nothing to me! I AM DEATH!” Asimov forced more energy
    into the link which caused Ceno to slide back on the balls of his feet
    just a few inches before he countered it.

    “I WON'T LET YOU HURT MY FRIENDS!” Ceno shouted as he forced as
    much energy into the link as he could and charged toward Asimov,
    making the link shorter and harder for Asimov to counter the energy he
    just sent. He ran as fast as he could and was now only a few feet
    away. When he felt Asimov counter he mustered up the last remaining
    strength he had and pushed again causing the ends of the links to
    touch which caused an enormous explosion.

    Smoke and small fires covered the area where Asimov and Ceno
    faught. The only thing that remained on the field was a black wizard's
  3. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Just so everyone is aware...this is a somewhat mini player run "event" im letting others decide the fate of what will happen to my character(s). There are small clues in the news story and 'maybe' one or two in "The Battle"
    I also have left clues in game as well, and more will pop up if you know where to look....id recommend searching places you already have before in case you see something new. The reasoning for this is Asimov is a very private person and has used spells to hide things, but since he is not alive the magic he bound the items are slipping away and will reveal themselves later.

    I would like to say that if you do follow the clues, id be sure that your char is of evil nature. You don't have to RP, but please respect the RP aspect of it. More on this will come into light as I do have plans.
    One person has a very big advantage of solving it, they just dont know it =)
    What I'm looking for out of this is to see people unite, you just dont see many "evil" characters now a days.

    I wont say what will happen if the mystery is solved or not. But I will post the outcome.
    The end day for this will be on the 12th of Feb.

    and one last thing...since Asimov and Ceno are considered dead, I have turned off their guild tags so i will be completely Out Of Character if you see me on either character.