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[RP News] Kingdom of Dawn Announces Book Contest Winners

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Kingdom of Dawn 15th Anniversary Player-Written Book Contest Winners!

    The Kingdom of Dawn would like to thank the judges, who shall remain anonymous, and the contestants who entered the contest. A total of six (6) books entries were received on the theme of Perseverance. Only five (5) were judged as Freedom! by Fern Goodfellow was a tad too suggestive to be considered for the contest and the author just does not understand the meaning of PG-13. (If you have meet Fern Goodfellow, you will totally understand this.) All of the books will be on display in the Kingdom of Dawn Malas Outpost located just west of Umbra. It is the second building west of umbra on the north side of the road.

    The winners are:

    1st place – To do what one must by An Vas Zu
    2nd place – Dawn Story Contest by Maggy and Peter (IC)
    3rd place - I persevered by Oro d’lci
    4th place - Nubby an da Mongie by Nubby Eewriggles (Nubby and the Mongbat)
    5th place - Taming Drakes by James

    The prizes are:

    1st – 1,000,000 gold pieces
    2nd – 500,000 gold pieces
    3rd - 250,000 gold pieces

    The Royal Council
    Kingdom of Dawn
  2. Amber Witch

    Amber Witch Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Gilfane

    Sep 18, 2008
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    Congratulations to all who submitted entries. Any possibility that the stories could be posted here for all to read?
  3. Fig_The_Ancient

    Fig_The_Ancient Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2011
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    Gratzies Folks...Aye..post the stories for the rest of us to read..PLZ?? LOL
  4. WildStar

    WildStar UO Baja News Reporter
    Reporter Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor BRPA

    May 12, 2008
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    The books are sealed and set to anybody in-game. Directions to the Dawn Malas Outpost available in the original post.

    As for posting them here, the authors would have to do that. That is assuming they wrote the story in a word processing application and then copied and pasted into an in-game book. (Yes, you can do that and it is legal.) Otherwise the stories would have to copied and then the text posted here.

  5. J. E. Tamer

    J. E. Tamer Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 9, 2013
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    To do what one must
    An Vas Zu
    (Translated from the Gargish)
    Persevering is to do what one must to be a useful and loving member of society, so that society and Gargoyle civilization and culture may survive in the harsh world.
    The world hath been changing. The void Creepeth upon the land of Ter Mur and threateneth the ancestral Holy City and the ancient tombs. The shrine of Control hath been lost, irretrievably. The shrine of Passion was damaged allowing the Haunt of Minax to wither the lands of Sosaria. The shrine of Diligence was destroyed but in a way that allowed Exodus to escape to Ilshenar, where it coldly plotteth of converting all of Ilshenar to its form of Order.
    Many of the Gargish have moved to Britannia. The way of life of the Human is seductive, and so many have turned their backs on the culture of their heritage.
    There is not enough food nor living space in Ter Mur to permit keeping of wingless. The wingless, who were the farmers and miners and laborers. We weep for our lost children, but we face forward and persevere.
    This is the world into which gargoyles are hatched today.
    A winged gargoyle of today must be an administrator, a goodscrafter, and also perform the labors that were formerly for the wingless.
    I have learned to plow, rake, plant, cultivate, and harvest under the tutelage of Farmer Krill.
    I have learned to catch fish.
    I can mine ore, and use axes to gather wood.
    I can throw a boomerang, should the need arise.
    The magics of our race are mine to command.
    I can make tools and weapons of iron, stone, and wood.
    I am not ashamed of doing the work of the wingless. The work must be done, and there is no shame in doing it. Not any more. All work that preserveth the heritage of our kind is good. I love my kind and my culture.
    My juvenile name meaneth "Everybody wake up." It is my hope that when I am allowed to adopt an adult name, it shall be the same. Anvaszu. Everybody wake up. Please.
    I persevere. My race persevereth. Let it always be so. May Control, Passion, and Diligence guide thy path to success, reader.
  6. J. E. Tamer

    J. E. Tamer Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 9, 2013
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    I persevered but did not win
    by Oro d'Ici
    for the Dawn Book Contest 15th Anniversary
    I made a list of all the creatures, and attempted to kill all of them. I failed.
    I made a list of all the quests and attempted to do all of them. I failed.
    I tried making cures for the sick gargoyles. I made about 200 of the cures. That took a long time! I did not win the grand prize.
    I fought grave robbers in central Ilshenar to get the heirlooms to turn in for the Meer statuettes. I did not get enough.
    I tried to get nexus deeds in the Exodus dungeon. I eventually got two of them, and mounted them on my roof. No minions of Exodus ever appeared around my house.
    I tried to catch a bull fish in the Labyrinth. Rend and Pyre and the reptalons wanted to sit right next to me and help. Their idea of "helping" is not the same as mine. I did not catch any fish.
    I tried sifting sand in the desert near Ver Lor Reg. I sifted a lot of sand, but did not get enough antiquity fragments for one ancient heirloom.
    I went fishing, but the big one got away.
    I killed a crazed mage in Dungeon Shame with a soulseeker. Try it some time. Bring bandages. The rewards were not worth the efforts.
    I practiced imbuing and became legendary. That's a lot of persevering. Then I wore a Darkwood suit of armor, which isn't imbued at all.
    I collected the named armor pieces (e.g. Myrmidon, Assassin, Greymist) from two guilds and several individuals that had been saving these for years. I spent a lot of time killing off Swoop and Miasma. I went with the Doom Train a lot too. I did not get enough pieces to make even ONE full suit of any of the named armor sets! The rare pieces aren't merely rare. They're nonexistent.
    Years of trying and hundreds of Lady Melisande expeditions, and I have NEVER gotten the crimson cincture.
    I tried to melee fight the Slasher of Veils. Try it some time. Can't be done.
  7. J. E. Tamer

    J. E. Tamer Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 9, 2013
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    By James of United Tamers of Britannia, for the 15th anniversary Kingdom of Dawn book competition
    Taming Drakes for the Moonglow Zoo Taming Hour

    Thou'rt skilled in animal taming and animal lore, as much as thou canst be. Thou'rt highly skilled in magery and meditation. The magery skill is used in casting gate travel and invisibility. Thou must be able to cast both of these spells without failing ever. Thou needest regenerate mana swiftly, for thou castest invisibility at least three times in rapid succession. Thou'rt strong and intelligent.
    I am legendary in taming, elder in animal lore, and elder in magery. I fail to tame sometimes. On a scale from ten to 150, my strength is 100, my dexterity is 100, and mine intelligence is 60. I am compromised by the need to do things other than tame drakes. An' all I did was tame drakes, I'd be stronger and smarter, and slower; I'd be more skilled in animal lore and meditation too.

    Thine equipment:
    100% lower reagent cost. As much mana regeneration and lower mana cost as thou canst find armor pieces for. Resistances on armor are of secondary concern to these. If thou wieldest a weapon, it should be "spell channeling." Wield a weapon or spellbook that hath mana regeneration.
    Do not use a weapon that thou knowest how to use, nor usest thou a shield that hath "reflect physical damage" property. With either of these, thou'lt hit the drake and thus annoy it, ending a taming attempt.
    Runebooks of distinctive colors with default locations for the Moonglow zoo, for outside the Fire Island daemon temple enclosure, and for inside the temple enclosure. Thou shouldst have more than one rune for the Moonglow zoo. Thou'lt also need a rune to Ter Mur where lowland boura are found.
    Thou'lt need an ethereal steed, or nightmare, or the ability to fly.
    Mine own equipment includeth lucky Conjurer's Garb, Tangle, Shadow Cloak of Rejuvenation, Pendant of the Magi, Boomstick, Totem of the Void, and the Bleue jewelry set. The rest of mine armor suit hath self repair, meditatability, lower reagent cost, lower mana cost, mana regeneration. Although this armor doth be very low in resistances, I can survive three hits from a drake, and few drakes get even one hit in.

    The daemon temple on Fire Island, under Trammel. 'tis much easier to walk past obstructing creatures under Trammel. Two drakes appear regularly in a very small area, which maketh this place superior to the spot in Destard that some use.

    Setting up:
    Go to Ter Mur and tame a couple of lowland bouras. Gate them to the west of the temple enclosure (outside the wall), the bulging area near to where the lava pit is close to the wall. Cast invisibility upon thyself, and release the bouras at or very near to
    170o 41' S, 132o 37' W.
    Look around this area of Fire Island, find three or four other beasts, tame them, and release them at this location. Thy former pets will line up along the wall across from a line of dragons, drakes and daemons. Thou'lt need at least one released pet per opposing dragon / drake / daemon.
    Why lowland bouras? Occasionally a daemon or a giant serpent will roam on that side of the wall. A lowland boura is a match for either of these.
    Why not unicorns or ki-rins? These can be dragged around the corner, where they can better see the drake they are opposing. They will cast spells upon the drakes, making it impossible to tame.
    Optional: Luring away the daemons. Sometimes there will be daemons on the ground, or daemons on the roof of the temple that are close to the taming area. These can be lured away either out into the jungle or to the other side of the daemon temple. The dragon and/or greater dragon can similarly be lured away or herded away. Note: Thou'lt need at least one evil creature on the inside to hold thy line of former pets on the outside.

    The taming cycle:
    1. Recall into the temple enclosure near the taming area.
    2. Ride or fly to the nearest drake.
    3. Initiate taming.
    4. Move a pace or two away.
    5. Cast invisibility upon thyself.
    6. Thou'lt be revealed when thou speakest thy mesmerizing words of taming.
    7. Cast invisibility upon thyself again, repeatedly, as needed.
    8. Eventually thou tamest the drake.
    9. Issue command "all follow me"
    10. Cast gate travel to Moonglow Zoo.
    11. Transfer the drake to the blue collections box.
    12. Go to step 1.
    * The drake targeteth thee. Then thou dost stay two steps ahead of the drake while taming, and hope that it doth not firebreath thee to death.
    * The drake is flying. Attempt to tame as usual but be aware that the drake will usually hit thee once.
    * If thou'rt flying or using an ethereal steed, thou canst remain there with thy first tamed drake, and wait for another to appear. The new drake will attack thine already tamed drake, and thou canst initiate taming upon it, and bring back two drakes to the zoo.
    * So why mention using a nightmare steed at all? Nightmares can be useful for killing the occasional daemon.

    24,000 - 29,000 zoo collection points per hour.

    Another tamer?
    Occasionally there will be other tamers working the same area. This is of greater risk, since there will be two untethered drakes in the area at all times instead of just one.
    * Keep thine invisibility spell at the ready.
    * Be patient
    * Don't "lose thy cool" if another tamer initiateth taming on the drake that thou wert interested in. There is another drake, so head for that one and tame it instead.
    * Thou'rt there to tame drakes, not fret about what someone else is doing. Keepest thou a level head and keep thy wits about thee.
    * If thou suspectest the other tamer is having a problem, be prepared to cast invisibility or healing upon the other tamer. 'tis less intensive of mana to do so than to cast resurrection.

    * Do know where the nearest wandering healer is.

    * Don't peacemake. If thou art peacemaking, then thou'rt not taming drakes. If thou art peacemaking and another tamer is in the area, the other tamer WILL tame the drake that thou didst have thine eye upon. Also note: a peacemade drake will NOT follow thee through thy gate, thus being a further waste of time.
    * Don't area peacemake. The creatures at the wall will lose connection to each other, and one of the evil creatures will inevitably target thee. Thou'rt crunchy when toasted by greater dragon firebreath.
    * Don't become angry or fret or pout. Time wasted doing those things is time not spent taming drakes.
    * Don't get involved in a conversation. Time spent doing that is time not spent taming drakes.
    * Don't panic when thou failest to tame. Ride or fly off a couple of paces, cast invisibility upon thyself, heal thyself if necessary, then re-approach and initiate taming again.
    * Don't panic when thou art hit by the drake. Thou canst survive several such, and the drake will be tamed before it killeth thee... probably.

    * An evil creature loseth interest in thy line of released pets. Recallest thou outside the enlosure, and get more pets to release on the other side of the wall. Or, go tame unicorns and ki-rins for a couple of cycles instead.
    * Someone else is interfering with thy taming (usually by accidentally dragging daemons into the area). Go tame unicorns and ki-rins instead.
    * Thou hast become angry and fretting and pouting. Tame polar bears instead. 'twill cool thee off.

    * Because thou canst.
    * To keep up interest in the Taming Hour tradition.
    * If thou'rt not legendary in taming, 'tis a good way to gain skill.
    * To maintain the Silver Steed in the zoo.
    * Thou gainest in "zoo points" which may be used to purchase some interesting and decorative curios, clothing, and titles.

    This is relevant to the theme of "persevering." If thou hast not tried taming drakes for a full hour, thou shouldst do so. 'tis then that thou'lt understand how this is relevant to persevering.

    Kat MacBroeden, Proserpina, M!S
    Lil Debi, HRH Elizabeth
    The Mage Tower tamers
    Bogart, Lysle Rigger
    Ta'lin Birdsong
    Sister Frances
    The United Tamers of Britannia