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[RP NEWS] Report from the True Britannians to Queen Dawn, Page 2

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Crystal Canyon, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. As submitted by Lord Denin:

    In formulating a comprehensive economic and strategic defense plan for Felucca, the Commanders of the Britannian forces have designated Cities into four categories: Strategic, Specialized Trade, Free Trade and Allied Protectorate.

    Strategic Cities: Cities that have this designation are of the utmost military importance to the protection and security of Felucca. These cities are heavily guarded and have a strong military presence. Taxes and the cost of goods are highest in these cities because of the great cost required to fortify the towns from invasion and maintain large standing militias. Trade permits to merchants wishing to sell additional goods over the standard allotment are granted only in emergencies because of the draw from the town’s treasury.

    Cities of Strategic Status:
    Britain: The City of Compassion is both the Capital of Britannia and Headquarters of the True Britannian Armies.


    (True Britannian Forces defending Castle Britannia in times of War) ​

    The defense and protection of Britain is a prime directive of the military forces. All available funds are sent directly to the capital to ensure its security. Funds are dispersed to other cities only when Britain is secure and has adequate finances in its treasury for its defense. Tithe rates for the True Britannian Forces are set directly in accordance with the financial stability of the capital.

    When defending Britain, guards are placed at all the city’s major access points
    to defend against invading armies and provide citizens safe and secure town to live and conduct business. If the city falls under siege, citizens take shelter in Castle Britannia and the guards are pulled back in defense. Many of the soldiers are familiar with the old war adage that states, “As goes Britain, so go the True Britannians”.

    Trinsic: The City of Honor is home to the Paladins of Britann and the gateway to the island of Magincia. In times of war, Trinsic is the only city that stands in the way of armies invading from the south as well as the Magincia ruins. An enemy army that controls Trinsic can completely cutoff the southern stretches of Britannia from the rest of the Kingdom. Trinsic’s strategic geographic location was evidenced when the Lady Minax, chose the City as her first point of attack in her attempted conquest of Felucca. If not for Lord Dupre and his initial Feluccan army that would later become known as the True Britannians, the City of Honor might still be in the hands of the Dark Temptress.


    (True Britannian Forces defending Castle Britannia in times of War)​

    When defending Trinsic, military units are place at all major Access points leading into the city. Guards are stationed both on the ground and on Trinsic’s great sandstone walls. The gate to Magincia is of particular concern as invading forces can by pass the protective walls and attack the city from within. Thus the security of the Magincia gate is of the highest priority and in times of war, citizens will find a full regiment stationed at the gate.

    (To be Continued)