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[RP News] The Bloodied Journal of Pasaul Darkpin. Hunters Search for Murderer.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    The Bloodied Journal of Pasaul Darkpin
    Author Unknown

    The Britannian Press received the following three nights ago.

    It would appear a group of thieves and fortune seekers - paid to hunt the enigmatic A - have met their demise. Below are the contents of the journal sent to us.

    Dear Sir,

    I bring you this news from one of my scouts whom I have sent to Magincia with reports of new attacks.

    He brought back this slightly charred and blood covered journal. I would give it to you before the guards so that the people might know the truth before it is rewritten...

    This is the journal of Pasaul Darkpin.

    I shall write this to keep record of my story that with hope may make me famous someday so that bards will entertain kings with my stories.

    Who would have ever thought gypsy's could be robbed in broad daylight?
    Myself, Rosemon, and Tallin were on our way to Yew, when we came across their camp, They must
    have had one helluva night because we were not only able to sneak into their wagons and tents, we
    made off with our pockets a little heavier all the while they slumbered the day away. One of
    these days I really must take part in one of those parties just to see for myself.

    Day 4.
    We made the city of yew nothing more than a rest stop, It seems the elves were too busy with
    their various trades for us to ply ours. The trip was not a complete loss however, we began to
    hear rumors that the city of pride was no longer happy with their status and were planning to
    form their own government... (it looks like this overcast day may begin to brighten after all)

    Day 9.
    We traveled in what bards must call "a blink of an eye" for our travels to a port were filled
    with days of simple travel. We avoided the main roads and kept to wooded areas as best as we
    could. Tallin wished to avoid major towns and moongates in case any guards might recognize us.

    Day 13.
    If we did not have bad luck lately we would have none at all. We were unable to reach magincia
    due to a blockade, so our ship was forced to turn back. Not to be discouraged however we
    "borrowed" a rowboat and decided to try and slip by the blockade at night. Our boat however was
    more worn than we had noticed and only a few yards from the ship did we find ourselves quickly
    sinking into the black and possibly monster filled waters around the isle of pride. We were
    forced to abandon not only our boat, but most of our items in which we use to ply our trade.

    Day 27.
    I must really try hard to rewrite in detail the days my journal is now missing because of the
    fight Rosemon and I had the other day. He was furious that I kept updating my journal whenever I
    found the time and more so that I managed to keep it instead of trying to save our gear before it
    sank into the black waters the night we were forced to swim the remainder of the way to the
    magincian shore.

    Day 28.

    We have spent the last week in magincia trying to understand just how we might make a good profit
    from the recent events, We found a tavern called the "Sea Witch" that seemed like a good place to
    hear profitable information. We befriended a bard named Quint who seemed an overly friendly
    fellow at first however he bought us several rounds of a very good vintage wine and told us more
    than a few stories of what was going on as of late.
    The one that peaked our interest was of a bounty on a man known only as "A". Apparently from
    what we can make of it, the "A" character was bending his revenge over some wench on the whole
    isle of magincia and one of the locals wanted him stopped. The had even gone on to offer one
    million gold coins to the ones who could not only stop him but bring proof.

    Day 30.

    Quint and myself have decided to talk to Rosemon and Tallin to form a group with the skills to
    hunt down this bounty that could set us all up for life. I explained our various skills to Quint
    and Tallin gave us more information on the people that we could have ever found on our own. He
    went on to explain that our target is reputed to be a mage of some power and if possible we
    should try to find one of our own, The others however were not too thrilled with the idea of
    having to part with more of their reward money should we pull this off and I agree with them.

    Day 32.

    Quint has allowed us to stay at his home since what funds we had have now run their course, He
    has a small little hovel, one that i would not have thought a bard would stay in. The house was
    dry and warm so i cannot complain too much. We have kept food and drink in our bellies and when
    we get this bounty we will be set for life, Maybe buy a house in Brit and write the story of my
    life and adventures.

    Day 36.
    We have set ourselves to work by asking about town to try and find the person responsible for
    this bounty, we want to make sure it is more than just rumor as well to know whom we may be
    working for. I feel that we might be either exposing ourselves to a possible foe or that the
    bounty may be nothing more than another wild bard tale used to lure adventures into the wild
    where bandits or monsters will be set upon them, then a stroke of luck.... It seems the rumor is
    true after all. Rosemon and Tallin found the generous man outside the marketplace. He seemed
    dressed in finery of a noble however he did not carry himself as such. Tallin left Rosemon with
    the man and came to find Quint and myself so that we might all meet and discuss the terms of this
    job. The man never did give his name, and we did not press the issue, However he did give us an
    advance of 2000 gold to re-equip ourselves and prepare for a good hunt. We left him then and
    began our preparations by finding a tinker who could fashion a few items used to bypass a lock or
    two and a local mage who could provide us with a few scrolls to protect ourselves in the event
    our target was a spellcaster of some sort. After we procure our items tomorrow eve we will begin
    our hunt. However since we still have quite a bit of gold left we four have decided to have a
    night of fun and merriment because there is no telling when we might be near a town again to enjoy the finer things.

    *This page is marred by the tell tell signs of various ink smudges as well as candle wax and smells faintly of strong liquor.*

    Oh gods!!! How i am able to hold this quill and still write with any semblance to words is beyond even me. (I must though or else a book of our exploits may never get written) As the night wore on, we four found ourselves in the Sea Witch with bottles of various vintages in each hand and the company of women every time our gold landed on the table. Quint and Tallin were attempting to sing for the enjoyment of the tavern and i must say that with drinks in him, Quint's ability to sing falters greatly. It must have been four bells past midnight before we
    were able to stagger back to the cottage we have been staying in. Tallin fell in the woodpile next to the cook pot and he now snores soundly, Rosemon is slumped over the table across from me with one of Quint's lutes clutched in his hand as if it were his own, Quint is sound asleep across the room on the couch and from the noises i heard from him earlier i do not wish to see him when he wakes. I however must pen the happenings down so we can all look back someday and see how foolish we were in our youth...

    oh gods... who would be knocking at this hour? perhaps it is some of the ladies from earlier and if so i will be adding a bit more flavor to this book, well i will leave off here so that i might answer the door and enjoy the rest of the night....