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[RP News] When True Night Falls: Massacre in Britain. The Full Report.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Girl Scout Charity Fundraiser overrun by Crazed Townsfolk
    Author Unknown

    What should have been a peaceful evening in Britain for Baja’s most beloved group of young Girl Scouts, turned out to be a nightmare beyond all foreseeable comprehension. Baja’s Girl Scout Troop #1 spent the better part of Friday baking cookies for their Charity Fundraiser intended to help aid the victims and hostages recently freed from the clutches of Virtuebane’s massive army. The girls, having been taught to “Help others in times of great need”, setup multiple tables and cookie booths outside the First Bank of Britain on Friday evening and began soliciting passer-bys for donations and cookie sales. With word having spread quickly throughout the realm of the Charity Fundraiser, citizens throughout the far reaches of the lands funneled into Britain in droves while the little girls offered up their sales pitches. Girl Scouts Tina, Marqi, and Andi began hawking cookies with gusto and enthusiasm, drawing in potential customers while Girl Scouts Edith, Neta, and Leona handled the business transactions , exchanging delicious pans of cookies for gold and accepting donations of clothing or supplies for the rescued hostages.

    All seemed peaceful and cheery, until a growing noise could be heard coming from the South and a large disheveled group of madmen and madwomen suddenly appeared shambling along the cobblestone road heading North towards the First Bank of Britain, the Girl Scouts, and the numerous people gathering there. A sudden uneasiness settled about those gathered at the bank as they cautiously eyed the group of oncoming townsfolk that hinted of a sense of dementia or lunacy about them and a feral expression cast upon their faces.


    Town guard recruit, Trystan Dunn, walked outside of the guard tower to investigate and was nearly overrun by the mob-like mindset of these deranged townsfolk before he even completed his order, “You there! Stop n---“. The Girl Scouts began screaming, overcome with fear and uncertainty, unsure what was happening when suddenly ranking guardswoman Liethia swept into action shouting orders with sharp intensity, “Guardsman Hawkeye, guardsman Adam, take up a defensive stance in front of the Scouts and the citizens, now! Hurry!”


    It was almost too late as the horde of deranged townsfolk seemed undeterred at the impressive display of armed Guards settling into their favorite Wedge Formation defensive tactic. The crazed townsfolk were moaning, groaning, hissing, wailing, shrieking, and their approach made the knees of several Girl Scouts chatter and quake. Most were frozen with fear and horror at the spectacle. For a brief moment, it seemed like the impending nightmare could be averted as the crazed and deranged newcomers seemed as if they wouldn’t attack, but that brief moment of respite soon faded into darkness as one of the feral newcomers tried to take a bite out of Duke Hast Mich’s arm. The Duke pulled back his arm swiftly and immediately konked the maddened offender over his head with a thunderous right punch. The crazed person dropped to the ground, dazed only momentarily before getting back on his feet and launching himself at Duke Hast Mich once again, wailing in fury and with teeth gnashing.


    Chaos ensued and all hope of maintaining order was soon lost. The deafening sounds of battle filled the night air as several Girl Scouts began sobbing and crying out for their mothers in vain. Some attempted to fight the off the attacks of the crazed townspeople but were quickly overwhelmed. Tables lined row after row with freshly baked cookies were sent flying as combatants collided into them, causing Girl Scout Edith to cry out, “Noooo, not the cookies! We worked so hard to bake them!”. Citizens Vancor and Skallagrim lept into the fray as well, wrestling with anyone who threatened or approached the little girls. Initially it seemed a planned attack, but upon closer scrutiny, several citizens reported that not all of the deranged townsfolk were attacking. Several of them seemed in a complete daze at times, staring off into nothingness as if not even aware of their immediate surroundings, while another crazed madwoman was witnessed doing nothing but repeatedly banging her forehead against the metal door of the bank as if trying to break it down by sheer blunt force.

    After considerable time, with the combined forces of the Town Guards and assisting citizens, the amassed crazed townsfolk were driven back, scared off, and in some unfortunate cases, killed. As things were starting to return to normal, Girl Scout Andi shrieked when she noticed a madwoman near the Cat’s Lair tavern kneeling in front of a presumably body and watched as the women bit into the fleshy arm of the corpse. The horrified Girl Scout immediately covered her eyes and turned away, running into the comforting arms of Sister Francis who helped calm the distraught girl.


    While rumors have been quietly spreading in Britain for the last two weeks of crazed and maddened townsfolk, this is the first eye-witness and detailed report of those previously unsubstantiated events and rumors. Is this the end of the crazed and frenzied townsfolk… Or is this merely the beginning?