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{RP Story} The West Umbra Initiative

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Yasou Wakayama, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. The West Umbra Initiative - Chapter One - The groundbreaking

    The one the clan called Toumoku raised the ale to his lips. It was cold. The night outside howled with a bitterness that he oft felt as well. Tonight promised change: a turning of seasons, a cooperative agreement between clans, a new beginning.

    Two of his family joined him this night the death talker and his seer for the past eight months, Obake of the Yamamoto clan and Daigoro, his eldest son. The negotiations had past this was the formalities … tomorrow would bring a return to glory – a new focus on the vision for the Empire.

    A woman joined them at the table holding a steaming cup of tea, not of the blend the Clan enjoyed each afternoon, no this was richer and spiked with rum. “Shall we get down to it then?” she asked the old warrior. He nodded slightly.

    “Topaz!” she shouted. “Bring these men another round.” She turned to the woman joining her at the table, a homely woman battle scarred and brutish, the Sheriff of Iantown took a seat.

    “Today marks a new dawn in the history of our …” there was a long pause “… existence in this realm. The Wakayama Clan pledges to defend the citizenry of Iantown in any conflict should a conflict arise. We shall build a consulate within the confines of the city and it will be both a place for prayer and meeting as well as an armory should the need arise.” Yasuo bowed slightly indicating he had nothing more to say.

    Sissy made an exasperated face. “We told you this was not to be a partnership to further your clan’s war mongering. Your emissaries were quite clear that war was not the objective here – nor would you bring violence to our peaceful enclave.”

    Daigoro responded, “Miss Mayor, if war was our goal would we be building a consulate within your town proper? We will be here to aid you should the need arise but to help our mutual citizenry is our goal here.”

    Spree rose to her feet. “You had requested two warriors from amoung our citizens to fill your ranks. These two will help serve as liaisons between our two cultures and it is our hope that they can both learn and teach.”

    Two men stood up from a corner of the bar. One was young and appeared quite debonair the other was older, battle hardened, and bore the scars of many conflicts. Spree continued, “Fate is a young warrior that is a skilled field medic, and Se’an is an expert archer who knows these lands and it’s people best amoung our citizenry.”

    Yasou stood and beckoned them to come closer to him. He placed his hands out so he touched the shoulder of each of the men. He said to the two of his Clan, “Behold your brothers. With them we shall achieve many wonderous things.”


    Waldo was annoyed. Why would the Wakayama Empire enter into an agreement with Iantown? He had heard of a concept called the West Umbra Initiative – to gather all the inhabitants of that realm into the Waka Empire; but it was more then that. It was rumored around the trade shops in the cities that the Initiative was actually a financial agreement amoung the merchant peoples of that area. Blanket protection by the Wakayama Empire and sole suppliers to them. This did not bode well with old Wlado – while he had been lax of late but he was always the man for such things.

    He decided to head toward Umbra himself and see if the latest rumor was true … had Sharika joined this Initiative and what of her sister? Waldo practically ran towards the moongate …


    Hung-Lo and others of the Wakayama Kindred gathered in Southern Iantown. The ground had already been broke on the future consulate and his men were pleased. This would be a good base for what they had planned. Yasuo had been clear – Iantown is a town of peace – and so it will be – by any means necessary.
  2. The West Umbra Initiative - Chapter 2 - Lost and Found

    Waldo had not been adventuring of late. In fact it had been a long time since his last trek which had found him lost and alone in a dungeon. Waldo muttered to himself as he ran, how he came to be deep in a dungeon when he was headed to the market is beyond him thankfully some brave warriors came upon him that day. No getting lost this day – he had to focus on the task at hand - the West Umbra Initiative and meet with Sharika if he could locate her. It had been months since he last ventured her way to her shop … “What was that name again?” he muttered as he shuffled west … “Crusty … crafty … Crafters Corner … that’s it!” he thought to himself that with each passing day the cobwebs seemed to be piling up inside his head. “Out you spiders!” he shouted out startling a nearby hind that stormed into the brush. “Who goes there?” shouted the old crafter. He barely heard the forest sounds anymore and his eyesight was not what it once was, his arthritic knee was acting up. Waldo leaned up against a tree and stretched his legs … he looked left and then right. “I be on the right path” he said to himself and he could see a building in the distance. He shuffled on and then in through what appeared to be an open doorway. He called out “Sharika are you home?” and then he smelled it. He cringed in fear, he had taken a wrong turn. “Hoowah!” a voice cried out “globuurz humie gib tribuut!” Waldo feared orcs, he voided his bladder and collapsed from fright.

    Sharika and Yumiko were joined for tea by an esteemed guest, the mayor of Iantown. She had presented an interesting and yet perplexing offer that would entail some serious thought. For a long time Crafter’s Corner had never taken sides in any conflicts and had been a well stocked shop through the years supplying all of Sosoria. Only twice had there been any indiscretions … and both involved Maleeka. The two proprietors listened to the mayor and bid her farewell. They had some serious thinking to do before any decisions could be made.


    Sho and Shizuka left their respective homes and stopped by to collect Crypt Grimstone. These three all lived in West Umbra and had been told that they would be doing guard duty in Iantown this afternoon. As the proceeded south towards the desert they were approached by a young acolyte of the dark arts. Sho looked at Shizuka and smiled – could this young man be here to challenge the two ronin of the Wakayama Empire? Sho and Shizuka sidestepped their mounts so young Crypt could meet the challenge.
    “Why do you block our path stranger?” Crypt inquired of the young necromancer.
    The stranger spoke, “I seek the deathtalker of the Yamamoto clan, he is expecting me.”
    Sho and Shizuka exchanged a look.
    Crypt raised an eyebrow and responded, “I am a student of the deathtalker Obake and am going to meet him now.”
    “No” replied the acolyte, “I seek his brother Isoroku. He has been expecting me we sailed together in the old lands and I was of his crew.”
    Sho gave the young man the once over – he wore the crest of NEW on his beltbuckle and yet there on his hand …
    “Lift your cloak off of your arm young man – and raise it up for me to see.”
    The young man stared at Sho as he raised his hand high. There on his forearm was a tattoo of the Yamamoto Clan a good many years old at that.
    “Come young one,” Shizuka finally spoke, “the one you seek is in counsel in Iantown.”


    The maiden bowed as she entered the chamber. “I am sorry my shogun,” she wept. She crawled forward on her hands and knees and then lay prone at the feet of the one they call Toumoku. He sat with crossed arms and a stern face and stared down at her for several minutes. After several minutes he sat up straight put his arms on the rests of his chair and looked to the shadows. A young lady emerged from the shadows carrying a basin of water and scented oil. She placed the basin at the Shoguns feet and joined the prone woman on the floor.
    Sayonara spoke to the prone girl, “The Shogun has requested that you wash his feet.”
    The girl ceased her sobbing and looked up at the Shogun, “Domo Arigato GozaimatsU’ she exclaimed as a smile replaced her once crying face.