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[Catskills] [RP] The Catacombs of the Lair

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Pandora_CoD, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
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    [The following was written and drawn by one of our guildmates, Amroth who is also an architect IRL. This will be a multi-part story written by Amroth.]

    *a rolled architectural design of the underground Catacombs, First Level - Common Areas*

    When Marius pressed upon me the urgency of excavating and re-creating the Catacombs we live under in Paris, he didn't mean just take what we have and copy it. No. He meant take what we have and improve it. As any craftsman would do, I've taken the technologies and knowledge that I have learned from Earth and attempted to replicate that here. Our new Catacombs would be viewed as... well... eccentrically ellaborate. And that they truly are. Built with working electricity that feeds off an underground generator that is self-powered solarly, the Catacombs have lighting.

    Entrance to the Catacombs is gained through the Dark Tower above ground at Vamp's Lair. Utilizing palm-print reading technology, I've retrofitted two shadow candelabras which in turn scan the entire hand to gain entrance to the Catacombs. Only members of our coven have their palm prints retained on record. If rejected, nothing happens. If accepted however, the floor slowly descends to the top of a staircase that leads down to the Grand Foyer.

    From the foyer, one can easily access the main headquarter offices. These offices include the merchants offices, which houses my own cubicle and drafting areas in addition to our Head of Mining Efforts, Ate's office. Also you will find Jade, Head of Carpentry and Lumber Acquisitions and Carolina, who is our historian. Above ground Carolina maintains an office at the Lyceaum. Of course, we also have offices for Marius and Pandora along with a conference room and meeting hall.

    We have the main living room. A grand piano is the focal point of this room in the center of the room with sunken stairs at each side that lead to the lower levels of the Catacombs. The main living room opens up into the Grand Dining Room, which is where most of our family convenes for dinner. We have a Chef's kitchen and for those us that can eat, eat very well. Jadetta is the Kitchen Manager, she does a great job of it. For the vampires, dinner involves living donors or choices of fresh blood brought in from Earth. But vampires are not the only creatures that reside with us, as we also have half-breeds that can enjoy not only blood but any food of their pleasure, and there are Lycans and humans among us as well. As a family we dine together at least weekly.

    The activities room includes a sparring room, dart boards, pool tables, card tables, seating areas, and a ping pong table. We often spend a lot of time here together; its our most frequented room. You will find most of us hanging around this room should you need to find us.

    The infirmary is where we regenerate from major injuries. It comes complete with our very own blood bank. We brought quite a lot of its supplies from Earth, were we own a chain of various blood banks worldwide. Back on earth we have a blood typing technology that is not commonly found here on Sosaria. We've brought that technology here with us, so we store the blood in a completed cooled room, down to 28°F, organized by blood type.

    The second level is where our personal quarters are located. Floor plans are still being designed.