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(RP) The Exile of Irene Enterprise

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by NatalieVain, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. NatalieVain

    NatalieVain Guest

    The Eight Professions were started by the Vain siblings as a mean to practice the eight virtues of Lord British and their respective professions. The original members were:

    Meg Taylor Vain, Paladin
    Justin Vain, Tinker
    Ray Aaron Vain, Ranger
    Catherine Vain, Mage
    Leon Ueda, Bard
    Richard Ley Jr., Fighter
    Irene Enterprise, Druid
    Julie Warren, Shepherd.

    Meg Taylor Vain would marry Richard Ley Jr. and have two children: Richard Ley III and Keira Ley.

    Ray Aaron Vain married Julie Warren and had a daughter, Natalie Vain. Natalie became the group's shepherd when her mother died.

    Catherine took Irene as her apprentice and trained her in the way of magic.

    Part One: Expulsion

    At the headquarters of The Eight Professions (TEP) guild, its 8 members were having an emergency meeting discussing the fate of Druid Irene Enterprise.

    "Irene Enteprise, you have dishonored our guild by executing your prisoners by deadly poison. Your actions have brought into questions our commitment to Lord British's teachings of the eight virtues," charged Richard Ley Jr., Fighter.

    "I have disagree Lord Richard. I brewed my poisons from nightshade, a naturally occurring plant, the nightshade. It's even sold in common mage shop. Lord British has not made it illegal," said Irene, defending herself.

    "And yet Seer Hawkind examined your karma and found it plunged into the negative. I agree with my husband. We have no other recourse but to call in a vote for your expulsion," added Meg Vain, the group's Paladin.

    "Sister," a mage dressed in blue suddenly interrupted. "Please reconsider. I have trained Ms. Enterprise since she was a girl. She is a very talented alchemist and her cure and heal potions have helped us in our dungeon hunts."

    "Catherine, I'm sorry. I cannot let her stay and taint the good name of our guild. I vote Aye."

    "As do I," said Richard, casting her vote.

    Catherine Vain glared at her sister and brother in law angrily. "I voted Nay, and so should the rest of you!" Catherine looked around the room sharply, as if she was commanding them her will.

    Leon, with lute in hand, played several notes of the popular song Stones instead of casting his vote.

    "Leon! Stop playing and vote, please!" Richard became impatient at the bard.

    "We all have our views of the world. Irene didn't mean to dishonor us by using potion. I voted Nay."

    "So do I. We shouldn't pass judgement on another profession because we do not know it to well." The next vote came from Justin, the tinker and craftsman of the group. "From outsiders, Irene's use of poison may look inhumane. But we do not understand fully on how the poison works."

    "I disagree, Justin." The usually quiet ranger Ray Aaron Vain gave voice to his opinion. "Lord British clearly set a clear path on each profession, and have appointed the seer Hawkind to see into each of us for our progress in our respective virtues. I have to vote Aye."

    "It's 3-3. It's up to you, my daughter."

    Natalie looked uneasy. "What should I do father?" She looked at Irene, who had been her best friend in the guild.

    "Follow your heart, and do what you think is right," advised her father.

    Natalie looked around, and then at her friend Irene. The druid's membership in the guild is in her hand. And yet she knows deep down how excruciatingly painful the deadly poison is, as her own mother was killed by a rune beetle's poison.

    "Natalie, please," pleaded Irene. "We're best friends. Please vote for me to stay."

    "I have to vote Aye. I'm sorry, Irene." Natalie started to cry. "Deadly poison is not the way to carry out execution. It is not justice, it's torture!"

    Irene glared at her no longer best friend. "You betrayed me, Natalie! I hate you! You will pay for this!"

    "The decision have been made. You are to leave the guild immediately. You are welcome to return when you have atoned for your sins," said Richard, sending the druid away. "We will also write a letter to the council of druids in yew recommending that your licensed be revoked"

    "You will take away my livelihood too?!" Irene grabbed her bag and left the building immediately, leaving but an angry farewell message. "I will not forget this. I will return, and not in a friendly way!"

    "I hope you're happy, sister! Now we're missing a profession. We are incomplete without her," shouted Catherine, clearly unhappy at her apprentice's expulsion.

    The shepherdess Natalie could only look as her former best friend disappeared slowly from her view, and hoped that their friendship could be reconciled.
  2. NatalieVain

    NatalieVain Guest

    Part Two: Salvation

    Irene Enterprise shot another arrow at the group of brigands. One fell but three still moved towards her, weapons in hand. "Not good," she thought. Grabbing her spellbook, she waved her hand as she shouted "IN JUX HUR YLEM!" Out of nowhere, a pack of blades appeared and started to attack the brigands. As the murderous trio dealt with the unexpected adversary, Irene grabbed her mace and smashed the head of one brigand. The other two quickly fell under the brutal attack of the blade spirits.

    It had been three months since her trial in the Court of Yew ended. The charge: using deadly poison to carry out executions without permission by the court. The verdict: guilty. The punishment: She could stay in Yew, but a different one. She was banished to the harsh land under the Feluccan moon and lived there, in Feluccan Yew, for five years. The landscape was similar, but the life wasn't. While she could practice Alchemy fine, she spent much of her time defending herself against brigands and murderers. Fortunately, her archery training at the TEP guild and magery lesson by her mentor allowed her to survive.

    "57 more months," she sighed. "There are more brigands to kill than there are people to heal." Most Yew citizens had fled to its Trammel counterpart while the few remaining were grateful to have a druid to help the overworked local healers. Irene was clearly unhappy. While she found herbs and reagents as abundant as in Trammel, she could barely brew her potions in peace.

    As she started to walk back to Empath Abbey where she stayed, a moongate suddenly appeared. It was grey.

    "Come, Irene." A voice was suddenly heard?

    "Who's there?"

    "Step into the moongate, and escape this wretched facet."

    Irene was wary, but she would do anything to escape the Feluccan moon. As she stepped into the moongate, she found herself in unfamiliar surrounding. "What is this place?" There were dead trees in sight to suggest that she wasn't in Trammel, but enough leaves on others convinced her that she was no longer in Felucca.

    "Welcome to Umbra," A familiar sound rang through her ears. She turned around and saw her mentor standing there with a young man and a young woman next to her.

    "Lady Catherine!" She was both surprised and pleased to see a trusted face.

    "These are Rahim and Neera," said Catherine as she introduced her companions. "They're necromancers."


    "The study of dark magic, where you can learn to harness the power of the dead."

    "You associate with them?"

    "More than association. We exchange knowledge. I share Britannian Magery with them and they share their knowledge with mine. The truth is, Lord British is a tyrant. He outlawed Necromancy when in fact he was scared of it. They are very powerful and can pose a threat to his throne."

    "Your sister would never approve of this."

    "They don't know. They're blinded by their loyalty to Lord British and his virtues. But enough chitchat. Come with us, and you will learn more power than just poisoning. Tell me, what do you want the most?"


    "To your former guild?"

    "Especially Natalie."

    "Then you will do well to learn from the necromancers."

    Neera, the girl necromancer, grabbed Irene's hand to lead her on. "Come Irene. Ms. Vain had told me about your talent. We'll be your new best friends, and we will help you find justice."

    Catherine Vain looked at the three talented youth, her eyes filled with her own hope and desire. "Soon sister. You'll see who the better Vain girl is."
  3. NatalieVain

    NatalieVain Guest

    Part Three: Invasion

    Months have past since Irene Enterprise made Umbra her new home. She, however, did not study the art of necromancy. Instead, she further honed her alchemy skill by using one of necromancy reagents: Grave Dust. A new recipe was suddenly added to her alchemy repertoire, a fire creating potion called the Conflagration Potion.

    "Amazing. We didn't have this back in Britannia," said Irene.

    "I knew you'd find something to learn here," replied Neera. "Our reagents, your training, BAM! New toys to play."

    "Enough playing, kids! I bring news." Their mentor, Catherine Vain, suddenly appeared. "Demons have invaded Magincia."

    "Isn't that where the shepherd lives?" Asked Rahim, the male necromancer. "Good then. Let the demons take care of her."

    "No," interrupted Irene. "It has to be me who deliver justice to Natalie. We must go."

    "Good. I have convinced Richard and Meg to help repel the invasion. And Ray will surely come to aid his daughter. All 4 who voted for your expulsion will be there. If you want justice, now it's the time."


    Richard Ley Jr., Meg Taylor Vain, and Catherine Vain stepped out of the moongate to find themselves in the middle of a battlefield. Demons roamed the city of Magincia and brave adventurers did their best to repel them.

    "Richard, find Ray and Natalie. Make sure they're safe," instructed Catherine. "Meg and I will help evacuate the citizens."

    "Good idea. Good luck!" Richard left the two sisters to find his two guild mates.

    "Come Meg. This way," said Catherine, leading her sister. After walking 10 minutes, helping a few citizens along the way, they came across a small forest near the western shore of Magincia, where their way were suddenly block by two individuals, a young man and a young woman.

    "Who are they?" Asked Meg.

    "Necromancers," replied Catherine flatly.


    Richard had found Ray near the tavern. They quickly moved out to clear the demons but suddenly they're surrounded by fire.

    "What is this?!" Ray screamed.

    "In Nox!"

    Both fighter and ranger suddenly grabbed their hands in pain. They looked up and saw Irene Enterprise.

    "Relax! They're not deadly. They just weaken your hand," said the Druid.

    "What have you done, witch!" The valorous fighter shouted.

    "You caused me to lose my druid license, now I took away your ability to lift your weapons. The poison corrupted the strength your hands...permanently.


    "Why? Justice! And now, Mr. Ranger. Where is Natalie."

    "She fled. I told her to go to the docks. You'll never catch her. It's too late!" Replied Ray.

    "Where have you sent her?!" Irene demanded answer.

    "I'll never tell you!"

    "Argh!" Irene quickly blinked herself repeatedly to reach the docks quicker, and she saw a white horned horse carrying a young woman, racing to the docks. "A unicorn? How cute." She fitted an arrow and aimed at the steed when suddenly a large demon appeared to the right of them. Ready to strike at the fleeing shepherd.

    "No!" Irene suddenly changed her aim and shot her arrow at the demon, a perfect paralyzing shot. The split second pause allowed Natalie to escape to the waiting boat, while Irene could only look. "Damn demons! Someday..."

    Kal Ort Por!


    Catherine stood over her fallen sister, triumphant with her two sidekicks besides her. "I have bested you sister. Your blind faith towards Lord British's virtues has proven to be your undoing. With the new knowledge I have learned from the necromancers, I am now the better Vain girl."

    "Is this the power of Trinsic's paladin?" Gloated Neera.

    "Paladin? They're overrated!" Added Rahim, who was transformed into a wraith.

    "Dispiro Malas!"

    "Aargh!" Rahim fell down in pain. A young girl suddenly appeared and started to attack them.

    "Mother, are you okay?" She knelt down before Meg, seemingly concerned.

    "Who are you?!" Neera asked angrily. "How dare you attack us!"

    "Angus Luminos!" A bright light suddenly radiated out of the girl's body and hit the remaining necromancer, who immediately dropped like her companion.

    "Keira??!!" Catherine looked incredulous. "You've grown!"

    "You may have bested me today, sister," said Meg. "But it looks like my pupil has defeated your two pupils single-handedly.

    Catherine looked at mother and daughter, sighing. "You're always a step ahead of me, sister. Rahim, Neera, retreat!" The trio immediately walked through Magincia moongate, returning to Umbra.
  4. NatalieVain

    NatalieVain Guest

    Part Four: Reunion

    The gargoyles. A misunderstood race thought to be savages by the people of Britannia. It's the one word that attracts Irene Enterprise to visit the city of Ver Lor Reg, the biggest gargoyle settlement in Ilshenar. Far from being savages, the winged creatures are accomplished artisans. One skill in particular raised the druid's interest: Glassblowing. For two years she had honed her skill in manipulating the sand, waiting for the shepherdess' return. At long last she heard the news that Natalie Vain has returned to the newly restored New Magincia. She grabbed a piece of glass that she crafted herself, knowing that it would finally grant her the justice she craved.


    "Luna Paladins! I hate them!" Rahim fumed as he paced around the training hall.

    "Especially that Ley girl. She embarrassed us! We must take action," added his accomplice Neera.

    "What can we do? Lady Catherine has abandoned us."

    "Guys! Don't worry. We will have justice." Irene Enterprise suddenly burst into the room.

    "Oh, you're back. Where have you been?" Asked Neera mockingly.

    "It doesn't matter where I've been. What matters is we both have issues. And our targets are related. I say we work together and deliver justice!"


    Natalie Vain walked around the city of New Magincia. The town had completely changed from the one she fled from. While she had hoped that the Demon invasion would bring humility to the town, she dismayed at the sight of several luxury villas erected over the rubble. Still, the area close to the moongate still provide ample grass for her flock.

    But that day, there was no flock to be found. As she returned from town, she was shocked to see all her sheep lying on the ground, dead. She quickly called the guards to discover the perpetrator.

    "What caused the death of my sheep, guards?" She asked.

    "It appears that they have been struck by Corpse Skin and Poison Strike spells," replied one of the guard.


    "Yes, ma'am. I believe your flock has been killed by Necromancers."

    "Ma'am, I found this message. It's addressed to you," said one of the other guards. "It is signed by someone named Irene Enterprise."

    "Irene Enterprise?" Natalie was shocked as she read the content of the message. "She's back. What does she want with me?" However she was confident that she would not be harmed. For while she was away, she has trained herself in the skill of Animal Taming. And she was confident that her pets would protect her from harm.


    At the Skara Brae stables, Irene Enterprise met with her two necromancer friends. However, she was far from happy.

    "I told you to kidnap her sheep! Not kill them!" Irene was angry at Neera for disobeying her instructions.

    "Sorry, couldn't resist."

    "No matter. I have announced my return to her. And now we wait." Irene walked around the stables and found the pets belonging to Natalie. "Bake Kitsune, Nightmare, Dragon. Impressive, Natalie. You have truly grown. I never thought you would become more than just a shepherd."

    "Will she come?" Rahim waited impatiently.

    "Of course. From what I've seen, she has no fighting or magic ability. Her only protection is her pets. Once she sense a threat directed at her, she will run to her stable."

    "She comes," announced Neera.

    "Quick, hide yourself." Irene handed each necromancer a bottle of invisibility potion.

    Natalie walked into the Skara Brae stable hurriedly. "Stable master, I want to claim..." before she could finish, she was silenced by the sight of the stable master tied and gagged on the ground.

    "Hello, Natalie."

    The shocked shepherd turned around and saw her former best friend.

    "Finally, we meet again..."

    (to be continued)
  5. NatalieVain

    NatalieVain Guest


    "..You have grown Natalie. It seems that you seek to learn how to control the most powerful beasts of Sosaria. Isn't that a bit....prideful?" asked Irene mockingly.

    "Irene, what's happened to you?"

    "Let me tell you what happened to me. The Druid Council of Yew took away my poisoning ability using some kind of alien technology. It took me years to discover that it's crafted by gargoyle craftsmanship. And I finally mastered it in the city of Ver Lor Reg. Behold!" Irene took a piece of glass from her backpack. "This is the soulstone. It takes away one ability and stores it. With this, I shall have my justice."

    "The whole guild voted for your expulsion," protested Natalie.

    "But you cast the deciding vote! Hold her!" Irene gave command to her two invisible friends.

    "Wait, what!" Natalie suddenly felt four arms pinned her down. "Necromancers. You killed my flock."

    "I did," said Neera. "I love muttons. They're delicious."

    "Let's see. What ability shall I take from you?" Irene brought the soulstone close to Natalie's face. "Herding? No. You can always learn it easily. I know. Animal Taming. I heard it's very arduous to train. And it allows you to hunt for riches and treasures. Is that why you learn this skill, Natalie? Oh my. You've forgotten your place, shepherd. As a druid, I judge you...guilty of the sin of PRIDE!"

    The soulstone suddenly glowed as Natalie felt part of her soul fled her body into the stone. "What...what's happening?" She felt weak and fell unconscious.

    "You are no longer a tamer, Natalie." Irene grabbed her mace and smashed the soulstone into oblivion. "And justice has been served."


    Natalie woke up some time later and found herself alone and her stable in chaos. Her pets no longer accepted her command. Her nightmare buckeld the stable door trying to break free. Her dragon burned a good part of the building. Grabbing her crook, she commanded them to stay in place. She was relieved to find she still had her herding ability. But she knew she could no longer command them to guard or attack during a hunt. With no other choice, she let them all go.