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[Price Check] RTB vet needs your help, list inside.

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by mercury of gl, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Well when I took a break from the game I thought I bank rolled enough to come back, wow was I so wrong.
    So here is a list I am thinking of selling. But before I do I would like to have an idea on the going prices. Thanks for your help!

    BTW : This is for the Great Lakes shard.

    Dye tubs:
    furniture dye tub (blessed) x2
    special dye tub (blessed) x2
    leather dye tub (blessed) x3
    black dye tub (blessed)
    black dyeing tub x2 --these were the originals
    rune book dye tub (blessed)
    white dye tub

    snow globes
    ancient citadel
    buccaneer's den x2
    cove x2
    delucia x2
    empath abbey x2
    lycaeum x2
    magincia x2
    minoc x2
    nujel'm x2
    ocllo x3
    papua x2
    serpent's hold
    skara brae x2
    shrine of compassion
    shrine of valor
    twin oaks tavern
    vesper x2
    wind x2

    Skinning knife (practice weapon)
    glacial staff x3

    a statue of dupre (8k clean up points)
    gorilla statuette (blessed)
    Gargoyle statuette (blessed)
    troll statuette (blessed)
    crocodile statuette (blessed)
    lich statuette (blessed)
    dragon statuette (blessed) x2
    daemon statuette (blessed) x2

    Cloths---all blessed
    Sandals :
    (to four, on behalf of your age of shadows team)

    thigh boots x4:
    (grim necromancer two)
    (grim necromancer evil heart)
    (curteus was there for the age of shadows launch!)
    (we III roxxors age of shadows-i survived the age of shadows)

    boots x2:
    (weee roxxors age of shadows)
    (dixie looolohead roxxors age of shadows)

    doublet x2:
    (thank for one, for supporting ultima online!)
    (grim necormancer malfour)

    (wee roxxors age of shadows)

    jester suit:
    (malthree roxxors age of shadows)

    (mia roxxors age of shadows)

    (noble paladin maltwo)

    robes x5-
    (advanced roxxors age of shadows)
    (noble paladin adventurer)
    (think you akira, for supporting ultima online!, i was an early settler in the age of shadows)
    (to tink, on behalf of your age of shadows team)
    (noble paladin three)

    cloak x4
    (to vier, on behalf of your age of shadows team)
    (to eins, on behalf of your age of shadows team)
    (to drei,on behalf of your age of shadows team)
    (to your mom,on behalf of your age of shadows team)

    plain dress
    (we roxxors age of shadows)

    full apron
    (we iv roxxors age of shadows, i survived the age of shadows)

    half apron
    (thank you sweetie, for supporting ultima online!)

    mini house deeds,
    small stone workshop
    small stone tower
    small brick house x5
    brick house x6
    wooden house x2
    stone and plaster house
    two-story wood and plaster house x2
    two-story log cabin
    large house with patio

    Happy 300th anniversary! bag (full bags) x3
    (contains stone,wand fully charged,crystal ball and jaana's hangover remedy)

    stretched hide (still in box)

    11 holiday bells
    31 roses , some colored
    2 brown furs, both directions
    7 assorted potted plants, 1 tall tree, 2 short, the other four are flower
    Bag of sending x3 (35 charges total)
    poinsettia x15
    15 snow men,
    4 piles of snow
    13 snow flakes
    13 holiday wreath deed
    5 holiday trees
    5 prize tickets

    3 hooded shroud of shadows

    bronze runic hammer 12 charges
    shadow runic hammer 45 charges
    copper runic hammer 30 charges
    dull runic hammerx3 total charges 128
    ancient hammer +10, 600 charges

    Again thanks for your help!
    #1 mercury of gl, Sep 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2012
  2. Apetul

    Apetul Rares Fest Host | LS April 2011
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    That stuff isnt rare :/

    best bet will be to check the prices on the search site(s).
  3. Europa Trader

    Apr 15, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I would suggest you considering trashing most of the AoS stuff and maybe mini house deeds for Clean up points...
  4. Lord X

    Lord X Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Dont trash the Your mom cloak, lol. Someone will prob pay a mill or so for it. But yeah most of the stuff you have listed really isnt that rare so also not worth much. Most of the dye tubs go for 50k to 400k.... only kinda rare thing I see is the Stretched Hide in a box. Assuming thats the 255 weight one and cant be removed and isnt artifact rarity 2, may be worth some mills to someone. Luckily most of this stuff is worth Brit cleanup points (trash aprraise em) so at least you may be able to get some armor suits or pigments that way.
  5. good morning, thanks for your replies!

    that does help me out a lot.
  6. thechuck

    thechuck Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 4, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I wouldnt trash alot of it.. Roses sell for a decent amount, 100-200k each. Even more if they have good names on them, some nice named roses can sell for 5-10 mill.
    The AOS clothing I also would not trash, again you can get atleast 100-200k maybe a lil bit more for each one. And with everyone throwing them away for clean up points they are getting rarer. I am not saying that they will ever be an insane amount of gold but there is a chance they could double or so in price one day. 3 of the AoS cloathing should get you atleat a mil each, noble paladin adventurer, your mom cloak, and thank you sweetie, Are nice names and there are players who collect named items..
    The snow globes sell for like 200kish a pc, except the twin oaks one is a rare one and sells for atleast 1 mill.
    Hooded shroud of shadows sell for like 750k-900k
    The potted plants still sell like 100k-250kish maybe a tad more..

    The reason I am saying to sell rather then trash is b/c he needs gold to start back up. The bless deeds are gone from the clean up choices now. The only other items that really sell from the clean up rewards are the dyes for 250k points..
    Not sure what shard you are on. But I would try to see if there is a auction house on your shard. You can always throw up the AoS clothing together in bulk(tho i would do the 3 i named earlier seperate) and the roses you could throw in bulk minus any that have good names..
    You could also goto your shards trade forum and copy and paste your list in there and say you are selling. You might get a few hits on some of the items..
  7. I want to extend my thanks for all your help. That is great info.

    I am on the great lakes shard and yea the same night I posted this I also posted in my shard forum in case someone from there didnt look here. I really didnt want to ask a mil for something that is worth nothing more than clean up points. Nor did I want to sell something for 100k if it was worth 10mil :) You know what I mean.

    the hide btw is the 255 in the box.