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Ruby Mace/Diamond weapon for Wammy

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by tate, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. tate

    tate Guest

    I play a wammy and i love the template. just finishing up my 120 macing now. I've spent the better part of every evening reading all the sammpire threads... basically i never run from a fight, and i have really gotten attached to curse weapon I run:
    710 cap
    105 bushido going for 120
    gm anat
    35 necro
    rest in SS
    stats are around
    130 stamina around 140
    45 mana
    resists are all 70 except fire is around 65 and poison is like 63.

    I run with curse weapon a lot. I never run out of mana, health... depends on stamina.

    I recently burned 1 gold runic, 3 bronze or copper whichever one was
    350k..., and like 10 shadow runics.
    I have to say I got some really great weapons but none that fit my template perfectly.
    What I am looking for is a ruby or diamond mace with 20-30ssi 50+ hit life leech and stamina leech and 50+DI even demon slayer.... for df...
    basically i spam divine fury which sucks b/c of the dci-. and i would rather be casting other spells. I am willing to trade or even buy... i dont have a lot of gold but i have a lot of great items and weapons of all sorts. please PM me or icq 580389506
    can't wait for imbuing so i can add a mod here and there! wonder if you can add slayer? dang!

    oh yeah, i use faction items where possible
    mace and shield
    legs of fey
    nice hiro sade and mempo for resists
    i also run protection and magic reflect, which is a pain when i die but i dont think i can live without it. hoping to change with jackals a bit...

    anyone looking for a nice weapon pm me!
  2. GFY

    GFY Guest

    My friend plays a macer and he is never without his Berserker's Maul. The swing speed of the weapon is insane. This may be a good stop gap weapon until you craft your "perfect" mace.
  3. tate

    tate Guest

    Well I solo'd the DF 3-4 times last night, no arties but it was fun none the less.

    Basically all I'm using is a 50 stamina, 50dmg, 20ssi diamond mace, it's a little slow sometimes so I went and found a usbw twinky with 30 ssi that makes things reeaaally simple. i do roughly 120 dmg per hit, i EoO, curse weap, and lightning strike. rinse, repeat. The twinky with whirlwind is pretty nice as well if the spawn builds up and you can't get in the corner right away.

    I just wish I could get more dmg... however I did find that half the time I had only 30dci/30hci and still did great. So I may end up swapping one of my rings for some more dmg increase. i think i'm at 45 on armor and whatever is on the weapon...