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(RP) Rule Britannia

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Silverwood Tales, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. The four of them sat quietly for a moment around the cold stone of the meeting table, reflecting inwardly about the ceremony. None of them appeared happy, with the exception of Mika'el Ha'elm.

    Then again, he had been known to make puns at weddings, Mika'el mused to himself with a grin, including his own. And executions. And funerals. And during inte...

    "Your thoughts, Glade Warden?" Tinthara's voice interrupted his thoughts. He could tell she was extremely serious minded this evening, she seldom used his new title. In fact, it took him a moment to remember it was his title, and that it was he she addressed first. "You have known Dawn longest of us all."

    Tinthara Sunveil-Wallace, the leader of the people of Silverwood, could not stand formal meetings and had little patience for ceremony. She did not attend the promotion of Olivia Kanlocke. She sent others instead to observe and report back to her. None of the observers were to speak about their opinions until returning to this meeting in Silverwood.

    "Well...." Mik began with a drawl, stretching and propping his feet up on the corner of the large, square stone table. He tucked his hands behind his head, becoming the very carefully crafted image of self-importance most people remembered upon meeting him. A cocky, care-free, over muscled know-it-all who thought he was Eru's gift to ladies and the final word on all things political, social, historical, and martial. "...Dawn an' Olivia both look pretty damn fine. I suppose if ye send a note to my wife explainin' its fer the "Greater Good", I could seduce 'em both inside of a week an' get yer information that way..."

    Beleg Megil managed to almost turn in Mik's direction, a reprimand already flashing behind his eyes and on his way to his tongue. Gil-galad, Silverwood's High Wizard, had almost completed an eye-roll. Both of them were cut short by the sound of Tinthara's palm slapping the top of the stone table with enough force to make them all jump.

    Despite the hard, sharp sounding smack that vibrated Mik's heels, ("Quite the feat.." Mik thought inwardly, since the table top was three inches thick and the slender Silverwood leader was a good four feet away.) Tinthara's face and posture were barely disturbed, except for the indulgent, overly polite smile. The smile unmistakably said "If you cause me to spend more time than necessary in a meeting room discussing politics, I will cause you much pain." Her voice, however, merely had to say: "Mika'el..."

    With a huff and an eye-roll of his own, Mik sat up straight, with just enough casualness about the motion to make it appear to outsiders as if it were his idea alone to move things along more expediently and not the implied threat of the gorgeous red-haired Elven archer sitting across from him.

    "Fine." Mik took an extra moment to draw in a deep breath. He took another, trying to look like he was composing his thoughts. Finally, when Tinthara's brow twitched with slight annoyance at the delay, Mik grinned inwardly at the minor score and began.

    "From my view, there wasn't much to see. I've never seen this Captain Kanlocke before. She said all the right words, the words you'd expect. The Royal British Guards in attendance ate it up, of course. Being Britain, there were the typical mounted idiots in the palace, a few mages that kept speakin' spell words fer no apparent reason, lots of the odd Dewdish tribal phrases... but not much to judge either Dawn's demeanor nor Olivia's. It was quick, then they retired back behind the throne room, not speakin' much to those assembled."

    All present at the table nodded, and Beleg in particular looked impressed at Mika'el for being able to speak that long without a crude joke.

    "So, very formal and no insights to the new Queen or Captain's disposition. You know nothing of Olivia. Refresh us about Dawn." Tinthara prompted. Gil-galad smiled a bit to himself as he listened. As always, Tinthara's voice reminded him of a royal fanfare on a crystal trumpet: Melodic and beautiful but short and to the point.

    Mika'el, who really despised meetings almost as much as Tinthara, obliged by being a bit more professional for the rest of it. He longed to be at home with Belinda and a nice glass of Evermead. He explained only what he knew and didn't speculate on what he didn't. He first knew of Dawn from her appearance in Yew, shortly after the Juka. He knew Dawn was a friend of Clainin, who was well respected by most of Silverwood. He knew Dawn and Clainin both befriended the Meer, so she wasn't a racist like Lord British. And he knew she was a warrior.

    "Whether she can lead without a war, I couldn't tell ye, Tinthara." was Mik's last word on the matter.

    Tinthara nodded and turned to Beleg, Silverwood's Bladesinger master and this world's "Hand of Eru". While not technically the leader of Silverwood's Temple of Corellon Larethian, Beleg Megil could at times tap into the will and presence of the Elven god. Tinthara considered him her second in command in some things, her leader in others, but always as close to her as a brother.

    "Torror," she said to him, her smile appearing again. This time, it was more playful, chiding almost. "Keep it brief."

    You see, Beleg could become long-winded at times.

    The tall, pale yellow haired elf blushed just slightly before stating "Mika'el....surprisingly...managed to cover all of the pertinent facts. It seemed so fast and formal as to almost feel scripted, or rehearsed. It was polite and generically inspiring, I suppose. It felt rushed. But you know after British and Casca, I will harbor suspicions of any successor who claims to rule Britannia. They have done nothing specifically to warrant suspicion yet. But they have also done nothing to specifically win my trust. My advice is Silverwood remain separate, sovereign, and overlooked until we know more."

    Tinthara and Gil both nodded with understanding and agreement.

    "What do you plan to do about it, Torror?" she asked.

    "I have my ways into both castles, as you know. Likely more than the palace staff even know about. We have Jack and Kuile's abilities at our disposal. I suggest we keep our spies busy. I will make sure they have all the necessary runes and maps. We'll know if Dawn will become another Casca, hopefully before she can do much damage. I am prepared to take the necessary steps against her, if that is the case." Beleg stated flatly.

    Tinthara considered him a long moment before asking "No marches this time? or rallies?".

    "No. This time, just steel."

    Tinthara said nothing but reached over and squeezed his hand gently. Beleg gave her a tight smile before they turned their attention to Gil-galad.

    "Istar? What does a wise old mage have to say on the matter?" a slight tease in her voice.

    "I wish Clainin were alive so that I could ask one." Gil retorted, provoking shared grins, colored with a touch off loss all around. "As for my take, I will trust that she was Clainin's friend. Which means she had a good heart, at least then. She was accepted among the Meer. That is further proof of good intentions. Whether she is a good Queen, time will tell. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and so forth..." the ancient Elven mage waved his hand as if swatting the old adage away.

    "But it is not blind trust. I managed to slip away a few times while on the grounds and during the ceremony. The palace has a few of my toys and crystals throughout, now. I will trust Dawn and the new Captain mean well, but also watch in case they change." Gil-galad folded his hands, a gesture all in Silverwood knew meant that was the end of it, as far as he was concerned.

    Finally, Tinthara took a long, slow breath and looked around at the others.

    "Then that is where Silverwood stands. We watch and wait."

    And at her pronouncement, the meeting adjourned. For some reason, all of them felt that this was potentially bigger than Casca, should Dawn and Olivia turn out to be just as corrupted. They all left the meeting room tense, slightly worried, but clinging to a bit of hope this time...
  2. Corvak

    Corvak Guest

    (Nicely written!)
  3. CatLord

    CatLord Guest

    (Absolutely amazing...)

    So, I'm the exception that proves the rule??? :gee: )
  4. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor
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    Jul 3, 2004
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    Good read and nicely written :)