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Rules por PvP

Discussion in 'UHall' started by mspossi, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. mspossi

    mspossi Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 13, 2010
    Likes Received:
    some of the rules outlined here is not longer in use, but this was an attempt to create rules in pvp...

    I copied the Roleplay Rules of Engagement which the Roleplaying Guilds adhere to on the Europa Shard.

    The Following has been agreed upon as a new ruleset for the signatory role playing guilds of Europa shard of Ultima Online.

    Rules of Engagement v1.0 [20th October 2006]

    Note: Any of these rules may be waived or altered for a specific encounter/scenario by mutual agreement of the GMs of the guilds involved.Code of Conduct

    - Stay in character whenever role-playing or in a role play area. Keep OOC talk to party/guildchat.

    - Do not recall or gate into or out of role play towns or areas.

    - Guild tags must be visible at all times.

    - No OOC profanity or insulting of other players.

    - If there is any complaint, grievance, or other issue with a player or guild, it must be dealt with between the respective GMs.

    - Do not force players to PvP, always give alternative options (running away, being taken prisoner, etc). In all cases, ensure players are not AFK or disconnected before attacking.

    - If there is an intention to attack a guild’s normal area in force, check with any relevant GMs first to ensure that the timing is reasonable.

    - All players must carry a yellow bag in which items available for looting or stealing must be kept. In addition to one or more items from this bag, food, drink, gems, and up to 1000 gold coins may be taken per victim.Rules of Engagement – PVP specific rules

    - If knocked unconscious or killed, do not continue to fight or otherwise take part in any ongoing battles (eg healing others) for 30 minutes, during which time a deathrobe must be worn.* RPing injured (walking and talking) is permitted. Battle may be rejoined with another character only on home territory.

    - Player crafted armour & weapons only, but no runics and no special wood items.*

    - All quivers except the Quiver of Infinity may be used, but no other magic items are permitted except with single mods of nightsight or luck.*

    - In a pre-arranged battle, each guild may field two riders at any one time. These may not be used by ranged attackers. Mounts must be set to guard their owner (ethereals are strongly discouraged but allowed at the discretion of GMs). Once a rider is dismounted in a battle, they may not remount for the duration of that battle. Outside of planned battles, guilds may have up to two riders patrolling their home territory at any time.*

    Specific skill limitations

    - Conflagration and explosion potions may only be used by a character with at least 70 alchemy skill. Greater conflagration and explosion potions may only be used by GM alchemists.*

    - Poisoned weapons may only be used by a character which with at least 70 poisoning skill. Deadly poison may be used if the character has sufficient skill to apply it. This also applies to shuriken.*

    - Tamers may not use any pets which take more than one control slot, and may only use two pets at a time. Once a pet has died it may not return to the encounter for 30 minutes.*

    - Mages, necromancers and paladins may not use offensive area spells. Mages are restricted to a single summoned creature at a time which may not include a blade spirit, daemon or energy vortex. Necromancers may summon familiars except death adders, and use animate dead but not revenants.*

    - Bushido users may not use lightning strike.*

    - Archers may not use serpent arrow or lightning special moves.*

    - Ninjitsu users may not use giant serpent, bullfrog, ostard, llama, wolf, bake-kitsune, unicorn, or ki-rin forms in combat, unless the character is permanently in that form, eg RPing a guard dog.*


    * Applies only to RP PvP, not to PvM (or non-PvP RP: in other words, if you want to RP testing explosion potions on yourself, or have a cu-sidhe following you around in town, that's fine; just don't do it in combat).


    BoC - Baronship of Cove
    Tre – House of Tremere
    Umb – Umbra
    B^Y – Borough of Yew
    -OH- - Order of Haven
    RM – Royal Marksmen
    VTC – Vesper Trading Company
    LB – Britannia Guards
    RoV – Renegades of Virtue
    B^F – Brigands of the Fort
    S-C- Spectral Court
    DOT – Duchy of Trinsic
    T^T – The Tribe
    UD - Undead
    SCT - Shadowcourt
    A^K – Army of Kaldor
    Srf - Serfs
    Vlr - Valoria
    CoR – CoRE utility Stone
    Orc - Orc
    KH – Knights Hospitaller
    -V- - Vesper
    E-V – Elven Guild
    F^L - Floh'len d'Lloth
    DCL - Darkcloaks

    16th October 2006

    As more Roleplaying Guilds appear they now tend to automatically state that they follow the RoE as laid out above.

    Its this ruleset that makes the RP community on Europa pretty unique from what i have seen when i have visited other Shards to see what RP goes on there.