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(RP) Rumours of War AKA The Way and The One

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by BajaElladan, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
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    Standing before the Hearth, he thought to Himself ... "Lord Elladan!" So long ago, it was simply Elladan Faeryn, the young Miner who defended his ores with a mighty arm and a massive mace. Twas Father who saw to my Mace training, and the rigid Code of The Way ... but Mother, twas She who taught me Her love of Roses, and the Divine Glory of the One. Oft as a young lad I pondered how it was that Mother and Father found anything in common and only later ... after they were gone, murdered by the Orcs and Trolls, did an Ancient Dragon, and Lord British, enlighten me.

    "The Virtues!" The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom ... one symbol which contains within it All the Wisdom of the Ages ... one symbol which answers All questions and explains the blending not only of Mother and Father, but the reconciliation between the One and the Way.

    The Chivalric code and Way of the Paladin is a hard Code of "blacks and whites," wrongs and rights! Yet the Teachings of The One, older than Sosaria itself, are the foundation and source of the Three Principles ... Love, Truth, and Courage, and of The Virtues ... Humility, Compassion, Honesty, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, and Spirituality.

    Just as The One focuses solely upon individuals and creates the Link between each person and the Divine, the Codes and The Way of Palidinhood find their divinity only when applied by the individual to their own Life! This was the Understanding taught to me first by that most Ancient of Dragons, and later explained and exemplifed to me by Lord British.

    Laws exist solely to demonstrate the failing of individuals ... the failings of all the Races and Species, and the existence and perfection of the Divine ... The One. The Codex records ALL necessary and useful Truth and Wisdom ... in One Symbol. We, the living, seem almost to fill our worlds with Books and Tomes in our futile and flawed attempts at stating that which is so fully and flawlessly depicted in that one Codex.

    "So now the young lad hast given way to Lord Elladan, Legendary Armsman, Legendary Paladin, and Patriarch of the Order of the Holy Rose.

    "Diplomacy!" ... even in thought He spat the word. So the good Captain Jenkins struggles with "paladin diplomacy." HA! What was it Sir Roland had asked that day; what is a paladin? yes that was it. Law ... Jury ... Judge ... and Yes, when necessary ... Executioner. Defender!!! Yes that also. Only but a few Britainnians live in the boundary of Britain even a small number within the Realm itself. Many live in villages and many more still in swamp, valley, and mountain. For them the Paladin was food, protection, and Justice.

    Lord British had "diplomats" and even practiced His own "Kingly Diplomacy" when required. But to negotiate with rebels ... to seek to appease Rebels ... to Compromise With REBELS? ... again even in thought He spat the thoughts. Ancient Fig and I told the good Captain that Dante and the others would never negotiate in good faith. They would use them to delay, distract, and divide the Council while they sought others to join and support their rebellion.

    The Council confuses or is ignorant of what a Kingdom is. Lord British carved Britainnia from Sosaria itself. From chaos, destruction and death, He ... Cantabrigian British, carved out Order, Security, and Prosperity for His people. And if that weren't more than enough ... He brought to them The Virtues and even The Codex. These rebels are few in number and with no true grievance against Lord British nor against Britainnia. They seek what some "Magincians" have always sought ... pride and indulgence! They seek not only to "rule" all on New Magincia ... by force and intimidation or worse if necessary, but also to make it their own "kingdom." "King Dante ... King Valek ... Queen Lynne" ... this time He spat the words aloud!

    Have they forgotten their own Charter, their Oaths? They stand a Royal Council holding the Throne, Crown, and Kingdom of Lord British in Trust. To Protect, Defend, and Preserve ... not to divide nor negotiate it away to rebels oercome by the same Pride that doomed their predecessors!!!

    War. They want not war. Yet do they truly fail to see that preserving the Isle by name only while giving in to rebels and would be tyrants will weaken the Kingdom and only embolden Her enemies? Currently all Britainnians are served by a strong Kingdom ... but let appeased rebels develop their own "self-interests" and soon they will again be demanding if not Declaring Independence.

    What would I do they ask ... raise up Arms and shed Britainnian blood? Perhaps ... as a last resort, perhaps. First however, petition the Great powers, seek intervention again by the one called by many names ... Great Power, Dark Lady, ...Mesanna! Withdraw their Moongate, magically divert travel by Magic and Sacred Journeys, lay Naval Siege to the Island ... AFTER removing the loyal Britainnians to safety prior to the siege! Force their submission.

    For what do we "force" upon them; the protection of the Kingdom, Her commerce, Her culture, Her History and Renown. There has been no oppression of the New Magincians, just the opposite. Twas the Kingdom that led the assault that freed and cleansed the Island. Twas the Kingdom that rebuilt the land there and divided plots that the Britainnians there might rebuild upon their own "piece of soil."

    Tis nothing save the horrid pride of a few rebels seeking to divide the Kingdom and debase the Virtues! And THAT is what Captain Jenkins and some on the Royal Council seek to appease ... to compromise with??? I Say NAY! NEVER!

    My Oaths are to Higher Powers and Principles, and to Lord British and to all the Loyal Britainnians, not to appeasers and rebels. I will continue to make my position as clear as I am able. Reconciliation, but never appeasement nor compromise with rebels. Let them decide to reconcile or starve alone on an Island besieged, by their own choice!
  2. Dante of Magincia

    Dante of Magincia Adventurer

    Dec 7, 2011
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    King Dante, eh?

    Love it!