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Rune Beetle taming & not dying

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by JoyousGard, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    How do you do that? My taming is just barely acceptable (104 tame, 110 lore) for Rune Beetles giving a 20 percent success chance.

    My first go around took; 1.5 hours, three people (legendary bard, another tamer, myself), and multiple deaths to get one beetle.

    Any suggestions on solo taming with a mediocre Tamer/Mage (84 mage, 90 eval)?
  2. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    At that skill level taming a rune will be extremely difficult. My advice would be up your skills a bit more, or get better jewelry. After you've done that, what I do is go to Beetlescape on my cu sidhe, and run up to them, invis, and lore, then kill them if they aren't acceptable. Once I find one I like, I lead it off somewhere where it isn't surrounded by other beetles, mark a rune, stable my cu sidhe, come back and use honour to tame.

    You need to work your honour though for that, and you can do that while killing rune beetles. The absolute best thing for honour though is succubi. However, unless you are very advanced, if you are in Ilshenar and a paragon spawns, you will probably die... Taming rune beetles just isn't easy. I died many many times before I learnt how to farm them successfully.
  3. joblackjon

    joblackjon Guest

    I solo a lot of Runes with almost the same technique as mentioned above.

    I don't go to Beetlescape. It's too busy for me. I got to Yamandon Point (Look up Rune Beetles in Stratic's Hunter's Guide. There's a map for Yamandon Point.).

    I wear a full Virtue armor suit and carry lots of Orange Petals.

    I use Disco for a fast kill and Peace for taming.

    Almost never die.

    Oh yeah, I forgot:
    2 Runes spawn in the area. Lead one far away so you only have to contend with one at a time. They spawn immediately upon death.
  4. If I am helping someone else, I usually take my legendary bard and peace the beetle for them and help keep them cured, healed, or invized. If I go by myself, I use one of my peace tamers who has legendary music, peacemaking, and taming, and I usually die at least once. LOL Sometimes I will cast a couple of earth elementals to try to knock some of the fight out of the beetle before it's tamed, but they heal themselves pretty quickly so I haven't decided if it's worth the mana.

    As others have suggested, try increasing your taming skill before your next attempt. Also try using orange petals. If you have a tamer with high magic resist skill, that might help too, although I've never tried it.
  5. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:

    If you have a tamer with high magic resist skill, that might help too

    [/ QUOTE ]Excellent point. If you are going to be doing any kind of lead taming of rune beetles, gm at least in spell resist is important, or carry a trapped box. Rune beetles love paralysing you and then teleporting on top of you. Even if you aren't going to lead tame, either having gm or better spell resist, or carrying a trapped box is a very good idea. [​IMG]

    And if you are going to lead tame, I would suggest that you not beat the rune beetle down before you try the attempt. Rune beetles are like dragons, when they are seriously wounded, they will teleport like crazy.
  6. I just peace them and use a macro that does taming on last target. I just hold the key down until the taming attempt goes through. It would definitely be harder with lower taming. I'm at 120/120 taming/lore and still fail fairly regularly.

    I usually get my bugs at beetlescape too.
  7. RTLFC

    First of all; I highly prefer Yamandon Point over Beetlescape. Just lure away the Yamandon and one of the Beetles, then you have the playingfield all to yourself.
    As for the taming process, there's equipment and techniques that can help you.
    Equipment ofcourse depends on your character but whatever character you play you'll want good resists. It doesn't have to be all 70's but Fire, Poison and Energy resists are all very very important. Also, a Talisman with Rune Beetle Protection will serve you well. The Talisman will only protect you against melee attacks so normally you wouldn't use one against a caster but when lead-taming it's very much worth it. Mind you, the talisman won't protect you against the Beetles Poison and Armour Corrupt either, it just reduces Melee damage. If you get hit with Armour Corrupt RUN!
    Technique again depends on the character and the skills you have available. Even if you have only taming and magery though it's possible to tame a Beetle, with the right technique. I use a (freshly tamed) Unicorn to beat down the Beetle, invis next to the Unicorn and mount it when the Beetle is low enough. Now it's time to start the taming attempt, hold down that 'tame-last' button!
    Untill the taming cycle starts, try to stay out of the creatures melee range and heal/cure when needed. I highly recommend using Protection so your spells don't fizzle. As soon as the taming cycle start cast invisibility on yourself and keep doing so untill the cycle is over. As the cycle progresses you will get revealed a couple of times and the Beetle may try to reveal you aswell but just keep invissing to break agro. Cure and heal if you have to but invis should have priority.

    Make sure you get comfortable with your macro's before using this technique though for it has one big problem: If you die, your Unicorn will attack the Beetle! If you already beat the Beetle down there's a good chance the Unicorn will kill the Beetle. The method I described also works if you don't beat down the Beetle though, it's just easier when you do.
    I'd recommend practicing on a couple of 'bad' Beetles.

    Anyway, just keep at it! Beetles are very tough but with proper preprations and strategy you can do it.
    Tabby Kapak likes this.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I completely love how we have so many different methods of achieving the exact same goal. I mean, c'mon, just how cool is that?!

    Vix's Rune Beetle Taming Recipe

    Ingredients:- One tamer/mage with high taming &amp; lore, a high resist suit, high magic resist skill, and goodly supply of petals &amp; apples.

    1) Hit Yamandon Point, check out the two beetle bugs there, clear an area suitable for taming, brace self for a bumpy ride.

    2) Having lored the two rune beetles, I lure the better one to my already cleared taming area.

    3) Once the chosen beetle is positioned nice &amp; snug in my pre-cleared taming space, I then commence knocking seven shades of snot outta the thing via magery.

    4) Lead tame as usual, casting invis when necessary to break aggro, and relying on petals to cure all but highest level poisoning.

    5) Open gate and show freshly tamed rune beetle his new abode.

    If both beetles are poo (often happens), I tame one and use it to kill off the other for fresh respawns, rinse and repeat as above.

    My advice? Whatever method you eventually choose, taming white wyrms is excellent practice for learning to tame rune beetles, and without the nasty armour corrupt and high level poisoning, too.

    Good luck &amp; good hunting!
    Tabby Kapak likes this.
  9. mutau

    mutau Guest


    ...then commence knocking seven shades of snot outta the thing via magery....

    [/ QUOTE ]

    There's 7 shades of snot? what are the colors again? *blows nose for a noogie* [​IMG]