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[Rune Beetle]

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by krilov, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. krilov

    krilov Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Atm i got 3 runes so far and i really find hard to decide wich one could be better, even if - according to the calculator - they got ofc their own votes from the higher to the lower.
    Btw, i do not really agree with that calculator or well, let's say i do not really trust it.

    So the 1st question is:
    how do both stats and skill influence the rune beetle behaviour?

    Reading here and there, it seems dex deffo makes them moving faster as well as teleporting and i can confirm this.

    Now, about the rune he can do the following dmg type:
    20 physic, 10 poison and 70 energy.

    Do u think str influences mainly that "physical attack"? i tend to think so.
    So since a rune got just 20% fisic dmg...u can still consider a rune even if he got lower str ..am i wrong?

    About mana..well i guess it's important ( as well as meditation ) in the case the pet cast spells or special...right?

    Now about rune's skill:
    Now, according to uoStratics..a rune got DeadlyPoison lvl; btw, if u check uoguide site about poisoning skill, it says:

    "Typically, the more Poisoning skill you have, the higher a level of Poison you are capable of inflicting.
    Any monster with the Magery skill will frequently cast the Poison spell on it's enemies. This is typically considered more of a nuisance then a threat.

    If it has the Poisoning skill, it can also inflict the status via melee combat (scaling up to Lethal at 120 skill). Examples are Rune Beetles"

    Now, the calculator suggests 120poisoning and i think becouse at 120 the pet got lethal poison lvl...right?

    Moreover, the higher is poisoning, the longer it last ( 1minute & 20sec at lethal lvl ) and i guess the higher is the dmg done too.
    SO having at least 120 is a good thing ...right?

    Eval Int
    Since the rune casts spells frequently...i guess..having an eva int 100+ is welcome.

    Never seen a rune with more than 100 ( so i guess 100 is the max?!? ) but if possible i would like to have high medit..thinking of the special ability of the pet that should suk its mana...right?

    Anyway...let me post ya my 3 runes stats/skills i want to hear your opinions:

    Here is the rune suggest by the calculator (in case u dont want to check the site i post it here :p)

    Stats: 437 / 162 / 428

    Hit Points: 342

    Resists: 62 / 48 / 48 / 90 / 57

    Wrestling: 65
    Tactics: 78
    Resisting Spells: 95
    Anatomy: 0
    Healing: 0
    Poisoning: 120
    Magery: 95
    Eval Int: 107
    Meditation: 95

    Here are my runes
    Hit Points: 352
    Str/Dex/Int: 414 / 133 / 407
    Resists: 65 / 45 / 44 / 84 / 56

    He got 125 poisoning but just 100 eva int

    Stats: 90% / 78% / 90%
    Hit Points: 98%
    Resists: 100% / 90% / 88% / 88% / 93%

    3.7 value - what i like is the damned 65 phys res, high hp as well as str and int.
    I can't really understand if that 125 sexy poisoning does/can do a huge difference.

    Hit Points: 337
    Str/Dex/Int: 452 / 122 / 420
    Resists: 62 / 43 / 43 / 95 / 58

    Stats: 98% / 72% / 93%
    Hit Points: 94%
    Resists: 95% / 86% / 86% / 100% / 97%

    He comes with 117.4 poisoning and 109.8 eva int
    3.8 value
    Just a +0.1 from 1st rune...but i think the difference is really clear...just considering eva int 109.8 vs 100 ( without talking about stats )

    My opinion...as soon as he is hurted..he starts to move like a turtle. or i feel that.
    Hit Points: 359
    Str/Dex/Int: 432 / 136 / 439
    Resists: 56 / 41 / 46 / 95 / 59

    Stats: 94% / 80% / 98%
    Hit Points: 100%
    Resists: 86% / 82% / 92% / 100% / 98%

    He got 124.3 poisoning and 102.9 eva int.
    4.0 value
    Great stats (but dex), good 120+ poison, and a 100+ eva int
    Fking bad resists: 56 physic res and 41 flame too seems so low...but..lol still a 4.0 pet!
    And guess what...LOL i feel like my 2) rune (even if voted 3.8) is better than that 4.0

    doh...what do u think?
    Sorry sorry for the neverending monolog -_- any reply will be more than welcome
  2. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    For me it really depends on what your template and prey are, what your gona pair it with and what you expect to be the results. Personalty on my tamers my only real goal is 168+dex 110 eval 450 str and 135+ poisoning. I try to match that to the best resists and lastly int.

    Now I use them in the role of damage and pair them with a bake kitsuen. I never have them tank specifically though they do in some instances but If I wanted tanking ability I would aim a little differently.

    360 hp max phys/fire/energy would optimize tanking.

    What I find while farming these is they have a max "total cap" of around 80%. Meaning if you added all the max stats/skills/resists the "best" rune beetle would be around 80% of that. Now there is a lot of back and forth with players who say that better runes exist and they might but after 10s of 1000s of lores I feel confident in saying 80% is the 5.0 in beetles.
  3. krilov

    krilov Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Ye simply true.
    135+poisoning before taming i guess?!

    5.0? doh a friend of mine told me the best value was just 4.0...i guess he was fking wrong
  4. enderz

    enderz Journeyman

    Aug 11, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I would take the first one.

    Only real difference between the first and last (which are the better of the 3), the first has more resists, which is good for tanking.

    The first one is just missing a little dex compared to missing all the resists of the 3rd one.

    My beetle I run with is as follows:

    Hit Points: 355
    Str/Dex/Int: 423 / 163 / 415
    Resists: 65 / 44 / 39 / 95 / 59

    Wrestling: 100
    Tactics: 100
    Resist: 100
    Anatomy: 100
    Healing: 0
    Poisoning: 120.6
    Magery: 100
    Eval Int: 111.6
    Meditation: 100

    Pet Values (% of max):

    Stats: 92% / 96% / 92%

    Hit Points: 99%

    Resists: 100% / 88% / 78% / 100% / 98%

    Your Pet’s UOCraft.com Power Rating: 4.1 [4.2 with skills included]

    He does really well against a lot of things, I just don't pit him against things that deal mostly fire or ice dmg. In those situations a different pet is optimal unless you are assisting in a dps roll.
  5. krilov

    krilov Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    After having both readen more about runes and having played around ( again)a bit more with those i tamed i guess i've found out some good infos.

    1st) how are u going to use the rune: as a tanker or dmg dealer.
    2nd) with wich pet are u going to use the rune

    As you pointed my 1st rune ( the 3.7 ) seems to be the best of the 3 for being a tanker.
    Btw, right today i tamed few interesting beetles; interesting for checking how dex and skill work.

    There was one (call it A) with all stats @ 95%+ (in particular 163 dex) and 117 poisoning and eva int almost 110. PLus, 63 physic res but 38 fr or smthing like that.

    An other one (B) had basicly the same stat but dex: 155 dex
    A good 125 poisoning and 103 eva int.
    Something like 57 physic res and 48 fire res.

    At the beginning, just looking and their details i thought A) was deffo better. Great stat, nice eva int and decent resist.
    I thought that's a good rune_attacker.

    So, i went killing few mobs to check how good was that rune in doing dmg...and well he did good. He really dmgs things fast. Melee attack + spells dmgs like rain ( saw 4 almost instant dmg in a row..that i said wtf) but about poisoning he used to cast it just 1 time or rarely 2times and almost always when the mob was almost dead or at 50% life.

    Now the B) rune, was fking amazing. -8 dex and less eva int too but lol my screen was always full of the typical red msgs and blood on the ground.
    Bleed and poison almost always..i counted 3x times poison on the same target ofc, + bleeding and the rest.

    I guess that's just due to the poisoning skill. that was the only huge difference between the 2 runes.
    So...hell...really...high dex as well as high poisoning are a must without doubt.

    Ye but i'm starting to think that high lvl of poisoning +high dex are required to increase greately the rate with wich the rune cast poison.
    So, having 125poisoning and really low dex is quite pointless too.

    According to uoguide :
    "if the mob has the Poisoning skill, it can also inflict the status via melee combat"

    Low dex -> low swing rate (right) -> low chance to inflict poison via melee cuz he hits less often.
    Am i wrong?
    So my 3.7 rune should behave like this: he got a good % to cast poison whenever he hits, doing a bit higher dmg too but the delay between consecutive attacks should be fking high since he got just 133dex. I mean...i guess i can smoke a ciggie while he kills something.
    I didn't really focus on him since now cuz i've always used him in combo with a bake...so..well i'll check what he can do all alone later and see i 'm right. ;)
  6. enderz

    enderz Journeyman

    Aug 11, 2011
    Likes Received:
    1) Beetle will always be tank & dps unless you are in a group. When in a group with others, a melee or another tamer with a gdragon will be the tank, allowing your pet to just dps. For this I'd bring a high stat n skills beetle and leave the one with resists at home.

    2) I have used usually a nightmare when hunting with my beetle for my last 2 slots as I can ride my nightmare and its classic. I have read though that a fully trained bake kitsune is even better. I rarely bring a firesteed unless the mob I am hunting has very low fire resist.

    Beetles with high dex will hit more therefore procing the poison that destroys the mobs armor for a short time even more.

    Your correct in how your beetle should be performing.

    I don't know what the swing speed difference is between your rune beetle's dex and the dex cap of 170 (for runebeetles) so I'm not sure if 133 is so bad.

    My advise would be that if you think you wanna find a better one to tame, go for it. My beetle is 1 of 3 pets I am satisfied with. I usually just use my beetle as a dps when Im in groups, I think I use my gdrag for most things solo unless the mob im hunting has high physical and fire resists.
  7. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    From the warrior aspect the swing rates are increments of 30 total stam. 30,60,90,120,150,180 each teir gives a swing rate boost. So I try to make sure all the rune beetles I tame can and will bless themselves to 180 stm. With 110 eval thats 168 dex as a minimum requirement. If the eval drops lower the dex has to go up.

    The other thing you will hear is, Its wrestling so the cap is 120 for swing rate but, I have a few prepatch pets that hit 150 stm and a noticeable swing rate increase. With the beetles since they are casting and special-ING all on separate "swing timers" it is difficult to discern but it certainty IS there.
  8. krilov

    krilov Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    doh edited my whole last post since i wrote stupid things - sorry.