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Rune Blade vs Ornate Axe

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Dreamz_imported, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. I'm just curious why everyone recommends a Ornate axe vs a Rune blade for damage. The way I understand it (using the stratics calculators) I do more DPS with a rune blade than an ornate axe with my current build.

    So with that said in relation to a sampire, why should I use a Ornate Axe instead of a Rune Blade?

    Really wanna know as I will switch if you guys say there is a good enough reason.
  2. It depends on how much stamina and SSI you have. I've got a total of 55 SSI with 165 stamina, so I swing an ornate at 1.25 secs, and thus do a lot more damage than with a rune blade. Not everyone can do that.
  3. You know that's a good point. Currently I run at 162 stam with 30 SSI. I did not factor in going higher with the SSI.

    Just a bone head mistake on my part. I redid the numbers and indeed a Ornate Axe would give more damage if swung at the numbers you mention Conner. Sorry bout that.

    I'll give that a try sometime tonight. You already know my Sampire isn't quite there. You met me on him today at the Rat spawns throughout Ilsh. Name was Talsin
  4. Hehe, ok. Next time don't run off if you need a rez. I've got GM Healing so I can rez ya.
  5. Well i figured no sense in slowing the spawn with the humility shrine right by.

    I did like seeing your new template though. I don't think I saw you ever drop below half life during any of those spawns.

    Now if I could just find me a 120 bushido, I'd be a happy guy. Until I do, I am stuck at the 110 level.
  6. Val-Tur

    Val-Tur Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 27, 2005
    Likes Received:
    When I made my first 30% SSI ornate with 46% mana leech, I really was impressed with the difference from what I was using. Miasma became a joke, and Swoop was much easier. I had 150 sta at that time. Now I have a 120 imbuer and 160 Sta. I imbued an ornate axe with 30% SSI/HML/HSL/SLA. The things I was used to hunting became even easier (Miasma, Swoop, Fire Daemons, etc). Until.... I tried paragon Balrons, Irk, Dreadhorn, etc. I was getting beaten up pretty badly. I just couldn't swing fast enough to keep up with the damage I was taking. Especially when in one hit my sta could go down by as much as 50-60 and I am praying that I can get a hit in and HSL go off. I had to rethink my weapons due to my current sta limitation. I now have ornate axe/rune blade/daisho all imbued with 30% SSI and max HML/HSL/SLA.

    As many here have said before, its situational/sta/SSI dependent as to what weapon will keep you alive and having fun instead of frustration. The change to diasho alone made paragon Balrons consistantly doable for me. I still use my ornate for things that dont hit as hard/fast, or have lower hp. Otherwise I use the diasho/rune blade.

    Dps in its most basic form is average damage rating of a weapon / weapon speed. If you can swing an ornate axe at the same speed as a rune blade, then the ornate is simply going to be hands down the top dps weapon. The problems are things like getting hit a couple of times and now your sta is say at 50%. Can you still swing that ornate at a speed to keep you alive until HSL kicks in?