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Rune Library Locations

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Serafina Cole, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Good day!
    My first week back into UO after a 3-4 year break was fun!

    I have my 'benefactor' to thank for alot of it --- helping me out with huge resources that have aided in more exploring and less 'picking cotton' just to get by. THANK you -- you know who you are -- and you had a bigger effect than you probably know. I will owe you forever.

    I ran around alot looking for a spot to place a house. Had my heart set on something Villa sized or larger, Felucca, near the YMCA --- alas, couldnt find anything. Dor did show me the perfect spot near the Y and the Hall of Memories for a small house and I spent alot of time playing with the new customization options (ok, maybe not new to YOU, but back in the years when I played, remember --- there was ONLY Felucca and no customizable houses!) . I even got pk'd outside the Britain Moongate! ahhh.. memories! It was great. [​IMG] I'm finding a big learning curve with all the changes since the 'old days' but as when I started this years ago --- it will all come with time, I guess!

    Now, I'm looking for a few good Rune Libraries ---- preferably near towns or moongates or that are easy to get to without a rune to get to it! and your favourite and fair vendors for potions, scrolls, carpentry items (furniture etc) and house decorations (plants, etc).

    Can you make suggestions and recommendations, please?

    Thanks alot!
  2. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    Trinsic Rose Library, there are two of them, one in Trammel, the other in Felucca, both are same location, take a left as you exit the main gates of the city by the city jail. Keep the city wall on your left till you hit the river/creek and you will see the rune Library.

    At the THB tower, Trammel , [sister tower of the YMCA] we have a pouch on the floor as you walk in there are several rune books inside with runes to some venders we shop. On the second floor is the t map runes as well as some normal rune books such as dungeons, city etc..
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Trinsic Rose Library Coordinates are: 107º 3' S 31º 42 E - Same for Fel and Tram

    Couple Places for Plants
    - Luna Park - 98º 21'N 20º 6'W - In the Luna shopping district
    - Honeybee's Flowers - 98º11'N 7º 31'W - Outside of Luna NE up by the mountains.

    For Furniture I usually go to:
    Cardiffs Heaven Shop - 94º 14'N 20º 6'W - From the Luna Moongate you can see this house. Just run out the inner city walls and head south. I think it is the second house.

    Couple other places
    Silver Haven - 89º 45'N 4º 42'W - Almost Due East from Luna's East Entrance. -Little bit of everything and prices are reasonable

    Crystal Villa - 99º 14'N 3º 35'W - Mr. Resources house for Bulk resources.

    Honeybee's, Silver Haven & Crystal Villa are all in the same general location. You will also find many vendor houses outside Luna's East Entrance. Prices will be cheaper outside the town than inside.

  4. The third floor of the YMCA hosts a vast Feluccan rune library - everything from all of the stables, to NPC shops, shrines, dungeons, T2A entrances, faction sign-ups and player-run towns.
  5. Thank you, everyone!
    I did have a chance to run over to the Trinsic Rose Library and check it out -- great resource! I've been using the YMCA books which had alot of what I was looking for.

    Now, off to the shopping! Every gal's fav pastime, no? [​IMG]