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[Imbuing] runic carving knife yields relic

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by shawnee6d, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. shawnee6d

    shawnee6d Guest

    it isn't great for mass production of relics, but I was desperate for a couple relics so I could have a soul forge in my house (I was getting tired of going to public forge to convert junk into residue).
    Anyways, I found that runic carving knives consistently yield relics. Also, using bronze hammer, 1 in the eight gaurdian axe's I made gave up a relic. not the best data points I realize, but if your desperate for relics and have the peerless ingridiants to make a runic carving knife, well, do that and unravel and viola! relic. Expensive, but worked for me:) I now have a soul forge in my smithy/tinker/ crafting knook:) and can unravel the mass of magical items my warrior char's bring in.

    I have to say that imbuing has really added a nice element to the game. Hunting now feels much more productive because much more of the end result of killing monsters is useful:) Conservation of monster detritous:) Use every last bit and waste as little as possible of those pixels and bytes of memory on UO server:)

    Hey, by the by, thanks big time to all of you who patiently produce data about what you crafted and what the result was. For me, the posters and online info that stratics and similar sites provide is easily half the game. I probably spend as much time enjoying reading about things as I do in actually logging in and playing. So definately thanks.

    Anyone have best practices for posting craft results?
    Shawnee6d <out here>