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Runic changes - Bowcrafting forgotten about?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by mookin1, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. mookin1

    mookin1 Guest

    If I understand it correctly, the top end smith/tailor runics now give a minimum intensity of 85% and maximum of 100%. The same goes for the lower end runics, they've had their intensity levels boosted. These used to be the same for smithing, tailoring and bowcrafting, but with the new changes bowcrafting has been massively left behind. It really doesn't make much sense to boost some but not the others, is bowcrafting considered not important or something? The old intensity used to be 50% to 100% for top end runic, and it still is for the crafts that the devs have forgotten about.

    The same could said be carpentry, I think carpentry runics are exactly the same as bowcrafting, they suck compared to smith/tailor runics.
  2. Got your answer a week plus ago ...

    Re: Guide on runics? [Re: mookin1]
    #7617768 - 02/08/08
    Another way of putting it, if i wanted to get a heartwood runic fletching kit, how would I go about doing it?

    Jeremy_EAMythic VIP
    UO Community Coordinator
    [Re: mookin1]
    #7617774 - 02/08/08
    Wow, just when I think the guide is almost ok... that's such a fundamental question it never occurred to me to wonder where the answer was written down!

    Anyway, Tailoring and Smithing runics are rewards from the Bulk Order Deed system (which page explains quite a bit about BODs but not actually how to get them - click on a Tailor or a Blacksmith and choose "Bulk Order Info" from the context menu.

    Fletching and Carpentry runics are rewards from quests in Heartwood (the Elven city - there's a teleporter in the middle of Yew, and you need the mondain's Legacy expansion to go there.) Sadly, I don't actually have more detail on those quests right at hand, but I'm confident the rest of U.Hall will cover for me while I go write it on my to-do list

    Fletching and Carpentry runics are "newer" additions to the game, from a "different" system/method of acquiring ...
    The items they create are "currently" powerful enough ...(some time ago ... Bows "were" too powerful ... as were quest rewards in general ... ie. "got nerfed")

    Buffs debuffs will be considered at a later date ...
  3. mookin1

    mookin1 Guest

    Right... so screw bowcrafting then, basically.
  4. for fletching and carpentry runics you get mods like hci up to 25 and ssi up to 40...as well as the mod hit velocity.......also cant forget that smith crafted 2 handed weapons dont get the mod BALANCED like fletching runics do or craft hci armor with hammers or tailor kits like carpentry runics can.......id say they dont need to be looked at at this time
  5. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    Yeah yeah yeah , but it does not change the fact that the low end runics , just like the smith and tailor ones where, are worth diddly !!!!!!!!! low end saws and fletching kits should get the same boost , atm they are trow away items , specialy now where special wood cant be wasted on em .......

    Ohh and the fact that the lesser artifact bows cant be crafted exceptional , that the NEW bow types are insanely much harder to craft exceptional compared to blacksmith weapons , and the fact that saw's sometimes DONT get the exceptional DI bonus , even thou the item is crafted exceptional and is TAG'd so , I got several bokutos to prove that " sigh " ....

    If we cant get the boost the runics deserve , atleast fix the freaking bugs !!!!!!!
  6. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    Would like a DEV comment on this tbh.....