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Runic Hammers

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Neandratol, May 19, 2009.

  1. Neandratol

    Neandratol Guest

    New back still and playing with my smith again. Is there a link I can't find that directs me about runic hammers. How they are made or earned and what they do. Sorry just can't seem to find the information and love playing around with the smitty.
  2. Neandratol

    Neandratol Guest

    Thanks a lot guess I just didn't scroll down enough to see that. Boy this smithing has gotten complicated these days. :)
  3. Yeah I was happy when they first made the BOD system but after burning through a bunch or dull copper runics which at the time made weapons less useful than ones you could make without them I smelted the rest of my dc runics which you used to be able to do for 4 ingots each worth far more than anything that I made with them and quit doing bods for a year or so. Finally guildmates encouraged me to make them again so I did. I have really enjoyed the system since then. Sometimes it's a little boring but I still like to make stuff with dc runincs.
  4. Neandratol

    Neandratol Guest

    A quick question. I received what I guess is a large shadow bod. I was to make 10 items tunic, arms, legs, gloves out of shadow. I make the items and double click the deed to combine it with the bod. Once clicked it didn't give me that option it only was asking me to exit or combine it with another bod? Am I missing something I can't figure out how to do it.
  5. You are missing th esmall bods, to complete a large bod you need the appropraite small bods. So in your case you need to find the 10 ringmail shadow iron sleeve/arms/glove/tunic bods.

    Once you have filled those you can double click the large bod and target the smalls to complete it.