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[Archery] Running the gauntlet with an ABC archer?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Seismic, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    Ok ... I have a simple question that I could probably answer if I'd try but since I can ask without dying first, I'll do that :).

    I have an ABC archer and I'm tired of the gauntlet being empty and having to wait for people to get with to kill the bosses.

    I know the ABC archer template is powerful but can I run the entire gauntlet (minus killing the DF - can't solo it, I know that) with it?

    115 Archery
    115 Bushido
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Resist
    90 Healing
    70 Chivalry

    100+ str (can't remember exactly)
    147 dex
    40 int (elf .. 78 or so mana)

    Suit with at least 60's in all except poison (45)..


    LMC31/MR7/Primer Arms OR Trinket
    LMC33/MR5/Primer Arms OR Trinket
    LMC40/MR5/Void Totem
    LMC40/MR7/Void Totem

    Bows (reg or composite bows - I don't care for crossbows):

    Undead Slayer bow
    Fire bow (for Fleshrenderer)
    Demon Bow (one with 50% damage, one with SSI increase)
    Straight up ML 30%+/SL 30%/SSI 30 bow

    Can I do it solo?! Or at least up to the Abyssmal Horror?
  2. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    In my personal opinion, I would say if you are a good veteran player and you know the tactics each boss does...it could be possible.

    The question for you though, is if you have enough defense to withstand their attacks?

    The Flesh Renderer for example...you just aren't going to outrun unless you have pretty good darn tactics. You can do running shot specials and time your shots.

    Shadow Knight...pretty easy. Just have an o.k. to average or so undead slayer bow and you will do just fine. Nothing too complicated about him.

    Impaler also...pretty easy. Just have an o.k. to average or so demon slayer. Pretty easy. Just keep your distance from him. Bleed attack and mortal strike aren't that much fun if he gets a couple of those in on you.

    Darkknight Creeper, I would recommend a better undead slayer than what you would need versus Shadow Knight.

    My personal favorite, Abyssmal Horror. Basically you need 2 things here. A pretty darn good dispel bow. Yes dispel for the annoying revenant's he will keep throwing at you. I highly recommend a bow with at least 40% dispel and that is fast. That excludes the frostbringer...which is worthless. You need a dispel bow that you can actually COUNT on lol.

    Additionally, need to have a pretty good demon slayer weapon with some ssi and mana leech on it. Also want as much DI as you can manage since Abyssmal has around 6000 HP.

    It REALLY is manageable. You will have to have the necessary equip weapon tactics in order to do the rooms properly.

    This means knowing what boss is in what room...and the order of that.

    My rendition goes something like this:

    I know room 1 is undead so equip macro one is set for undead.

    Room 2 is flesh renderer so I set a good fire based/cold based weapon to equip macro 4. Why not 2 you ask?

    Because room 3 is the Impaler and is demon slayer prone. Macro 2 is for demon.

    Macro 3 I use for dispels. I set flesh renderer on macro 4 because it is the least used macro for my gauntlet runs.

    You will simply switch out between undead and demon slayers all the time due to Dark Father's happy undead spawn and him being demon slayer prone.

    As long as you can deal with the summoned enemies and flesh renderer...you'll do okay. I see you have 115 archery and 115 bushido. It's not IMPOSSIBLE...but it won't be as easy either as if you were running 120 in both areas. You can do it with good tactics though having 115's...anything lower I don't recommend.
  3. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    Well, I appreciate your well-thought out reply and points. I forgot how important 120 archery/bushido is on high-end PvM and some of the finer points you mentioned.

    I'm gonna skip it :).

    Can a tamer do it?? I have an advanced char token still to use...
  4. I agree with pretty much everything Diomedes had to say. One thing though, the DF is definitely soloable with an Archer, it just takes time to do because you have to kill off the additional spawn once you get 5 or 6 things chasing after you on top of the DF. The Fleshrenderers are really the only big challenge for a lone archer. Their speed makes it tough, but if you carry a stock of invis pots, you can get an invis off if you time it just right to give yourself a breather and heal up.