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Sale items ...

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by T_Amon_from_work, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. <removed the repair deed stuff>

    Also, when I get home tonight I have to take inventory, but some things will be up for sale ...

    4 small pieces - 50K gp each please

    Gems (Mining) - 2500 gp each
    50 Blue Diamonds
    20 Ecru Citrines
    50 Fire Rubies
    50 Dark Sapphires
    15 Turquoise
    40 Perfect Emeralds

    ADDED - Gargoyle Pickaxes:
    69 of these .... Make an offer.

    Special Items:
    2 Heritage tokens - make me a GOOD offer!

    I still have a "Sentinel's Guard" shield - rarity 11 (10K points) that I am looking to trade for Cloak of Humility and Virtue Armor Soilerettes.
  2. Azazel of LA

    Azazel of LA Guest

    You MIGHT sell a couple , but with Legendary Repairs going for 50 a pop , my guess is they wont sell to well.
  3. Restless

    Restless Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    i think they will sell, as long as they are on an easily reached vendor.. i know people look for repair deeds on LA and even at gm theres a good chance it will repair the item, and to pretty much everyone 25 gold is nothing...
  4. Well see, that's my issue. How much difference in ability to repair between GM and Legendary - without breakage? Even at Legendary durability does drop - but PoF is the savior on this when it gets too low. So what justifies 50?

    If folks are going to pay 50 now when just a couple months ago it was 40 for the same things Legendary, I would think 25-30 for a GM item that does EXACTLY the same thing is a good deal. *I* have never paid more than 40 per deed - Smith or Tailor - and that was Luna pricing!

    My keep is sorta out of the way and there are sometimes gargoyles, reapers and water/air eles (low spawn) which could be a deterrent. <shrug>. My real intent I guess is to do something that is affordable and not making folks pay thru the nose "just because".