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Sampire in Progress

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Reinzeld, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Reinzeld

    Reinzeld Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I have been working on a sampire, but I have yet to make him be at all effective. Here's what I have so far:

    Str 100
    Dex 123
    Int 22
    (Moving towards 110/125/10)

    Resist 115
    Parrying 110
    Bushido 101.2
    Necromancy 91.1 (100 w/jewelry)
    Tactics 100
    Mace 90.2
    Chivalry 65.9

    Heart of the Lion
    Aegis of Grace
    Fey Leggings
    Barbed Leather Gorget (SR 4, MI 8, 13/5/20/9/15)
    Barbed Leather Sleeves (SI 4, LMC 5, 4/13/8/17/8)
    Horned Leather Gloves (HPI 4, MI 7, LMC 7, 6/9/7/7/18)
    Ring (necro + 9)
    Bracelet (EP 15, DCI 13, physical resist 9)

    Diamond Mace (HML 15, HLL 15, DI 40)

    Makes my resists 69/54/59/54/75. I know most of the equipment sucks, but I can't make my own pieces yet, and I tapped myself out getting the three named items for the suit.

    Is my main problem my weapon? Or is it a combination of my skills still being low and my armor having no good mods on them? I picked the pieces I use because they got me as close to all 70's as I could get. I'm really at a loss for the weapon--the best I could do was the mace, and I managed to imbue those two mods on there (no chance at adding HLL for now). It doesn't appear that I leech much of anything at all.

    I would just like a little feedback on what I should shoot for next. Continue working the skills, or am I going to have to update some of my equipment before this character will be usable (currently can't kill ogre lords for long, because my leeches don't keep up, and I end up with no life/stamina, and have to run away and close wounds, and then my mana doesn't leech back very fast either)?
  2. Immortal81

    Immortal81 Guest

    Hello Reinzeld,

    your Weapon is not that bad but i think, for a training wep, its far to slow. Do you know a nice worker? I would try to use a quater staff it swings faster. More hits in the same time means more chances to gain in the chosen weaponskill and more lifeleech. The only downward, it is a two handed weapon so you can't use pots.

    The next thing i would do is to change the stats on your weapon. As a Sampire you dont need hll but you will need hsl. Everytime a monster hits you you will loose stamina. if you loose stamina your swingspeed will go down so same as above ;).

    and the third thing i would do - get my weaponskill to gm at least ;)
    if your swing fails to hit you dont leech life :)

    Next thing to mention: Swap resist for anatomy (Soulstone). Anatomy boosts your damage and so the amount of life you leech through vampireform. At the beginning its easier. For normal fights you do not need resist. Only for tough, magic using, bosses it is an option (darkfather for example).

    If you play on a well filled Server you could try to go to Navrey. Often there are players that kill her and watch a bit for you. On her you can train your weapon skill very good. Or try ogre lords and arctic ogre lords. With your skills you should be able to kill them.

    Try to find a nice worker who can craft you a decent weapon. A good training weapon is easy to build and does not cost very much.
    The leeches only need some residue and some gems you can buy at the jewelery. At max intensity you need 10 void orbs for every leech stat.
    I think there are much workes who can give you such a weapon for free or a small amount of gold.

    I hope this is enough input for your at the moment :)

    Greetings Immortal
  3. Continue working your skills, but that would be easier and faster with a better weapon.

    A Black Staff imbued with 20 SSI will have you swinging at 1.25 cap, and since it's 2 handed you'll have a better parry chance than with the 1 handed Diamond Mace.

    A Black Staff imbued with 20 SSI and 40 or more each in DI, HML, HSL, and HLA is pretty cheap to put together.

    Other than possibly the Fey leggings, you will probably replace all of your armor and jewels down the road. But for now, you might consider imbuing some DCI and HCI on the jewels. Again, it will make your training that much easier and faster.

    If you happen to reside on Chesapeake, I'd be happy to help you with the equipment.
  4. miniciti

    miniciti Guest

    You've got 53 DCI. You can get by with 40 at this point. Try to find a brace instead with DI and a ring with DI (once you hit 99 with necro of course). Your weapon also needs higher on the HML and get some HSL.

    One of the best places I've found to train is in the Abyss at the Cavern of the Discarded. The 3rd level spawn have incredibly high hp and don't hit hard at all. I pulled a couple of Courtiers to the side and my weapon skill, tactics and bushido started flying. The rat Renowneds take forever to kill, but again, are killable at your level with a bit of hit and run, and provide excellent training.

    My sampire in training was at 90 swords, 90 tactics 90 bushido and I could kill the rat mage renowned and the warror renowned with a bit of jousting. I had 70/54/60/60/75 and 40 DCI, 60DI and no other mods. Str was 93 and dex was 125 and int was 12, (elf). Ran out of mana from time to time, but it was ok because they don't hit that hard. My sword was repond slayer, DI 35, HML 35, HSL 35. Oh! Also had swampie with deed. Finally got an artie from the rats and sold it to buy 120 scrolls for him!

    I second the idea to soulstone off resist. No need for it at this point and anatomy or healing would be much better for most of the mobs.
  5. Obsidian

    Obsidian Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hi Reinzeld. Welcome to the warrior forum and to the world of sampires. Thanks for the run down of your stats, skills, suit, and weapon. You are headed the right direction. Here are some immediate tips.

    1) Weapon skill. Getting to 120 Mace fighting should be your primary goal. It will ensure you hit your opponent more and thus leech back life more consistently. It will also help with your defense and reduce the amount you get hit. To train mace fighting from 90 go to Yomatsu mines. At the entrance there is a spawn of 2 elementals (1 dull copper and 1 earth). Fight those until your around 100 mace. Then slowly move further in to fight the warriors. Honor everything before you hit it. Use consecrate weapon and bushido lightning strike. This makes your hits more effective and thus your healing too.

    2) Template. Choose your goals early. The basic sampire template is this:

    120 Weapon Skill
    120 Bushido
    120 Parrying
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy$
    99 Necro
    61 Chiv

    The skill with '$' can be replaced with spirit speak or resist. There are other variations such as replacing parry with another skill too. Since you have 115 resist I'd modify that skill to 100 and just replace anatomy. If you have soulstone you can move that skill to anoter character provided they are scrolled.

    3) Weapon. A sampire weapon should have SSI, DI, HML and HSL. The last mod for your weapon is your choice, but usually a slayer, HLA, or HLD. Diamond maces are nice, but they are slow. You'll want 30 SSI on the mace and 5 SSI from either a turquoise ring or a cloak of augmentation. An alternative is the black staff that only needs 20 SSI. Either way, you are having trouble because your current mace does not have HSL. That is a must to keep up your swing speed.

    4) Suit. You have at least 55 DCI between your 3 arties. Drop one and get a piece with high resists and stamina in its place. Personally, I would drop the heart of the lion initially. So work to hit all 70s in vamp form with 45 DCI, high stamina, and and 100 DI. You can tweak from there. Get your last 5 DCI from a quiver of infinity or on a jewelry item.

    Hopefully that gives you some things to work towards. Personally, the first purchase I would make is a 120 mace scroll. They are typically cheap and well worth the investment. Good luck!


    P.S. I'm traveling this week, but if you are on Atlantic I can help you with a better starter suit and sampire weapon. PM me.