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Sampire template help

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Inquisitor [AK], Nov 29, 2008.

  1. hi my current sampire got
    115 swords
    115 tact
    115 anat
    106 bushido
    100 healing
    70 chiv
    99 necro

    my main weapon is a one handed weapon
    leafblade of ease (UBWS specials: feint, AI)
    HML ~40, HSL ~40, SSI 30, DI40
    also got some other leafbladdes of ease
    HML ~50, HSL ~50, HLL ~50, DI40
    HML ~50, HSD ~40, DCI 12, SSI 20, DI40
    HML ~50, HLL ~50, HLD ~50, DI40

    but i think im doin somthing wrong, besides the wep wich i want a trpile leech with SSI i think i need to change some skills
    i think i need parry at lets say GM and drop another skill for that
    first i was thinking of healing but then i thougt its damn usefull. i know i can heal with bushido and chiv but bush can be interrupted wich will be the case when im facing one ore several critters and chiv is too slow( got no FC and cant build it into suit) als im not swinging while casting chiv heals
    so i thougt maybe i cud drop anatomy as i dunno if im at damage cap anyway without it
    300 DI is max, i got 100 from items, how much does 110/115/120 tact give? anybody knows? slayer and EoO wud give me another 100 if i fight boss mobs
    maybe i cud drop healing and anatomy and go for parry ans SS (ss for curse weapon) but then again conc wep and EoO (especially conc wep) lasts too short when my karma is low and the karma will drop fast with curse wep spams wont it?

    this template is breaking my head can anybody help me out? dont tell me to test it on TC cos on TC i cant rebuild my template as i dont have the jewels there.

    also does anybody have a triple leech weapon for sale with SSI? id pay ALOT.
    im from europa but could x shard for the right weapon
  2. There's a few things I'd suggest you do with your situation.

    First, drop Healing. You don't need it as a Sampire.

    Second, add 120 Parry. You don't need Healing, but you most definitely need Parry. Parry and DCI are the 2 biggest things to have in your template/gear.

    Third, get Bushido up to 120. That will work with Parry and you won't get hit nearly as often.

    Next, your weapon should have ML, SL, SSI, and DI. LL isn't necessary on a Sampire weapon, but SSI is. High SSI keeps your swing speed up when you take damage so that you continue to leech life via Vamp form while waiting for your SL to kick in so you don't have to cast Divine Fury. The first weapon you have listed above is perfect for your template. You should be using that almost exclusively.

    Here is my template for you to compare:

    120 Swords/Mace/Fencing
    120 Bushido
    120 Parry
    95 Tactics
    65 Chiv
    100 Necro
    100 Anat/Resist/SS (swap out as needed depending on what I'm fighting)

    As far as karma goes when you want to have SS to cast Curse Wep, you can work karma from Dread Lord to Glorious Lord in about 2 hours with the Succubus in the Fan Dancer Dojo on the 3rd level. Just lure the Ronin out of the room so you have just the Succubus in there, then go to town.

    To answer your question about Tactics, the damage bonus for Tactics is Tactics +50, so at 100 Tactics you get a 150% damage increase. At 110 you get 160, and so on.
  3. hmm that helped me alot
    one question tou:
    my DI is currently like that
    100DI items
    165DI tactics
    how much DI does anatomy give? anyway a slayer wep gives me another 50 wich "should" bring me to the 300 DI dmg cap already but why do i still do more dmg with EoO + slayer weapon than without EoO + slayer wep? i mean i am already at DI cap without EoO
  4. im thinking atm about following skills:
    120 swords
    120 tact
    120 bush
    100 parry (i think it should be enough, ill try it out and raise if needed)
    99 necro
    71 chiv
    90 SS (should push the duration of CW enough)

    how much DI does anat give me?
    cos items=100 tactics= 170 slayer=50 EoO=50
    actually i can remove 20 from tactics cant i? or does it give another bonus than just DI? hci/dci?
    and as i already asked why am i doin more dmg with EoO + slayer than with slayer and without EoO or vice versa even tou im at DI cap(300) already
    can you gimme ur icq or add me plz 407 602 730 so we can talk about the template abit?
  5. also: how important is it to have feint on the main weapon?
    i just got offered a 50LL 50ML 50SL 50HLD 15DCI kryss but then i wud need to change to fencing and i got no feint weps for fencing
    shud i take this weapon and craft me a fencing feint wep if i need feint? add me icq plz or gimme urs there lota questions stil heehe
  6. I would strongly suggest you go with 120 Parry and 100 Tactics. VERY strongly. Not getting hit is pretty much key to the Sampire template. Other than that the template looks fine.

    Tactics and Anatomy aren't figured in the DI cap. DI from items, weapon, EoO, Hit Spell, Perfection, and Slayers are what figures into that. Keep in mind that with Perfection you can add up to 100% DI, which is why Honoring your opponent is so important. As to why certain combos give more damage than others, if something you have going puts you over the damage cap, you lose the entire bonus and not just whatever amount you're over.

    The formula for Anatomy damage is: (Anatomy/2) + 5, so GM Anatomy would give a 55% damage increase.
  7. Frankly, I don't recall ever using Feint. Evasion works just fine, and when you have 120 Parry and 45 DCI, you don't get hit very often anyway.

    That's a very nice kryss. One that would actually be worth quite a few mil. I wouldn't be too concerned about having a weapon with Feint. Whirlwind would be a better special to be actively looking for on a weapon. It's the one special that will let you wade into a crowd of creatures and come out with all of them dead. Since you're hitting everything around you at the same time, you're also leeching from everything around you that you're hitting, so you pretty much stay at full health, stamina, and mana even though you're surrounded by monsters. That's how I get the red key for Travesty, and also how people solo the DF in Doom.

    If you have any other questions my ICQ is 398-176-190.