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Samurai Healing Methods?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good morning, everyone!

    I have been planning on rolling up a new samurai as of late, and have been trying to think up a decent template for him. I would like him to be moderately capable at PvP (although not necessarily uber), and because I would be roleplaying with this character, it did not really fit into his background to have vampiric powers (hence no necromancy or vampire forms).

    So, without that, what are good alternative ways to keep up healing? Is the healing skill combined with confidence/evasion good enough to sustain me, or should I try to sqweeze in chivalry and drop resisting spells? I also plan on using fencing, so are there any weapons that I should focus on?

    I probably will be doing something along these lines...

    50% Solo PvM
    30% Group PvM
    10% PvP
    10% RPvP

    ...and I anticipate that most of my RPvP opponents will be NecroMages (my characters rivals), if that helps any?
  2. of course healing is good why wouldnt it be? just max out yer dex much as you can for 4 sec bandies and yer fine

    And deff get chiv, it has too many good things to pass up, for pvm or *esp* for pvp vs necromages (not to mention travel)

    my budget non vamp sammy template:

    115 wep skill
    110 anat
    115 bush
    115 parry
    100 tact
    90 healing
    70 chiv

    though this is with 715 cap, and could always change stuff around to suit needs and use some skill jewels and such to top off stats.

    wish 120 scrolls werent so expensive too *sigh* lol
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I should be able to take care of the dexterity part. The character is meant to be hard and fast, and I aim to get the Jackals Collar and Ring of the Vile once I can afford them.

    How does the character fare without resisting spells? I have been playing pure mages almost exclusively since just before the launch of Age of Shadows, and resisting spells is one skill that I am almost afraid to leave the house without. *Chuckles*
  4. The template on my kengo I have used for quite some time now, and I have found it works very well for PVE. It isn't capable of solo'ing any peerless, but it can xheal and tagteam anything in PVM, and it is great in PVP.

    It is as follows: 120- Fence/Bush/Parry, 100-Anat/Tact/Heal, 60-Focus (720 skillcap).

    I have tried working with chiv numerous times, but it requires I drop focus, and the mana that chiv consumes, and mod slots needed for fc/fcr never outweigh the benefits received.

    With that you'll have healing+confidence+pots to take care of yourself, and that is more than enough.

    As far as lack of resisting spells goes, you'll enjoy Evasion, but I will admit that since the nerf it is really only an emergency type of skill. I cast it when I want to make sure I don't get interrupted during a heal, or if a big spell-combo is about to drop on me.

    The only thing you'll have to watch out for in PVP is getting parafielded. So you'll have to carry a trapped box if you solo. In PVM, having no RS is pretty insignificant.
  5. "In PVM, having no RS is pretty insignificant. "

    Unless you're in Doom, or going up against any other high end casting type creature that also has Necro. 30 second Blood Oaths really suck, as does having Dex dropped into the 120's.
  6. First of all, Blood Oath was nerfed a month ago, so really it doesn't even bother me now. Second, it has never lasted 30 seconds on me. Third, use pots. Fourth, just swap weapons a few times while Oath'd so you don't swing but still parry.
    Fifth, my template and the template this poster is asking about are not even for solo'ing doom/peerless. But it is perfect for teaming up with a guildmate dexxer to drop almost everything.

    I specifically said this when I made my post, so I don't understand your post at all. Of course it would be difficult for me to solo a DF w/o RS on my template, but even with RS on my template I still couldn't solo it since my template has nothing to do with being 100% PVM like a sampire/wampire.

    No matter what though, I know of no samurai based template that uses RS. RS is insignificant in PVM because there are simple ways to work around anything that can happen to you. The AI in UO is terrible, so having RS in PVM it really is meaningless.

    Now, I used to use 80 RS on my template, because it was helpful in PVP. That said, as per my previous post, it really is more of a luxury since you can simply use a trap box to avoid being parafielded. I've thus replaced it with focus, and the added regen has improved my PVPing experience. And when I actually care about being cursed, I carry the appropriate accessories.


    I guess what I should've said in my original post that I almost forgot to mention here is that I do not think it is at all possible to solo a peerless in a reasonable amount of time (except trav) with just a Samurai (you're not going to get the life and mana leeches you expect with Chiv and Necro by just having sam+chiv w/o necro/chiv combo spells and vamp form). So I should've advised the original poster to tone down his solo'ing % goal.

    This is not to say that people have not solo'd with a Sampaladin, it's possible I just suck at it.