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Samurai questions??

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Gok2, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Gok2

    Gok2 Guest

    hi everyone i've been using samurai for some time i got few things on my mind

    im playing on a freeshard whichis not following osi patches directly
    its kind of behind like: there is no 35 dmg cap, totem gives 30hp,you can spam evasion with no mana difference
    so the good side is i can hit 60s with lightning strike
    but i think the evasion doesnt work for magery spells it just increases the parry vs warriors if anyone knows about the script in that spell maybe i can convience the staff the change it.

    lightning strike hits with 50 hci or adds 50 hci to your hci?
    i know the cap is 45 but i read the other posts and people have hci in their templates.in my character there is no hci.I have maxed stats dmg inc enhance pots.
    i just spam lightning. but i wonder if i have 30 hci and hit with lightning would i erase the opponents 45 def like : 30+50= 80 - 45 = 35 hci?

    my pwp template is

    i would like to erase the resist and add some ps's but than the pro mages make my life a hell

    also about this perfection thing if i use it on my self would i get %25 dmg bonus against another player?

    i also ride a lesser hiryu and use it to attack the other player or his mount.

    basically i want a char that cant be beaten on 1v1 1v2 and maybe 1v3 [​IMG]
  2. Gok2

    Gok2 Guest

  3. Gok2

    Gok2 Guest

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    LS adds to HCI only up to the cap. So, the only time having HCI on your gear is useful is when not using LS (no mana, doing some other move, or simply human error), of if you are suffering from HLA (helps to negate the effect). Conversely, there is less point to using LS at all if you have 45 HCI on gear. The only benefit in that case is the chance of a critical strike. LS/HCI will never affect your opponent's DCI total directly, only HLD can do that.
  5. Gok2

    Gok2 Guest

    thanx peter
    my normal template is good i hit about 55 critic but its weak in gangs and not too powerful in any side
    would it still be good if i lowered tactics a little to 30s and put in some +20 resist and parry scrolls?
    surely i would deal less damage but also will become near-invu
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I run with 0 tactics but I certainly miss it. 120 parry helps a lot, there is little point to having 120 bushido without 120 parry in fact. Raising one has little evasion benefit without raising the other equally. I would definitely go for 120 parry, 99 healing, 61 anatomy and 100 tactics in your case.