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Saturday night harry: 1/13/08

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Biske, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Biske

    Biske Guest

    It was 11pm. My eyes already heavy from being forced to go out on the town with black magi. (I hate you buddy) Yew gate was thriving with able bodied souls eager for combat. Taslin glowed with confidence in his striking blue attire. The men were fresh, ready for battle, it was clearly time. Behind Taslin's squint was a hard cold stare brimming with confidence. I knew that it was time. I slight grin showed through his hard exterior. One I couldn't help but return. The troops rallied together at Megan’s, I broke off to obtain the skulls of fallen champions. It was time to slay the great beast known as the harrower.

    I rode into the humble home on my iron clad steed. The look in every soldiers eyes showed that they were prepared to die this day. Megan established a mystic portal to the noble fort of serpents hold. We traveled through perilous dungeons to the mystical void known as the star room. There sat the dark alter. We boldly placed the skulls of the fallen champions, a testament to our defiance of the newly empowered harrowers wrath. The portal opened, the men rushed through. on the other side we were met by hordes of snake men. The stage was set. The harrower was found. The battle was to take place in the terethan keep.

    Taslin lead the first party, having been given the great honor of facing the ultimate challenge. To combat the beast, two great wolves of elven decent were trained. With two valiant mystics sent to help aid the beast masters in retaining the longevity of the wolves, Taslin readied his bow. He was to be the final executioner.

    I was left behind to fend off any who would seek to thwart our progress. However a back door was discovered upon exploration of the territory. I requested the noble lady Megan watch the path and ensure none would take us from behind. Back at the front line, we setup initial defense upon two great bridges. With several mystics of my own as well as the notorious kankanage were prepared to do battle with any foes. We did not have to wait for long, for our cover was already blown by an agent of the knights of the realm, our cover was quickly blown. However, it was the valiant nemesis Mario, and the cartel, who struck first.

    Taslin watched as the wolves were put into place, they approached the harrower with remarkable savagery, the mystics readied their spells of healing, combat was engaged.

    The initial attack was swift and fast, the Cartel tore into the bridge, with Mario's booming voice barking orders to the oppressors. They were half way to the bridge, I stood my ground, letting no sign of what was prepared for the cartel reach their eyes. They were halfway onto the bridge, confident of their victory. But we were prepared. Just as things looked like they were lost, Meteors fell from the sky, demolishing the moral of the cartel as they quickly retreated from the bridge. We suffered casualties, but the enemy was repelled.

    The wolves raged on, taslin stood point blank, steadfast, firing his bow

    It was quiet for a moment, but I knew that the cartel was a strong opponent. All was not over. Just when things seemed finished, I received a distress beacon from Megan’s location, cartel had reached our rear! We quickly strode to the far side of the defense, leaving War and easy on the front line to ensure that we not be overwhelmed on two fronts. We quickly jumped from a rope across a gorge and rushed into combat, repelling the invaders, The great warrior kankanaga was shining with noble light, the mere sight of him damaging our foes, the battle waged back and forth for hours.

    The wolves were growing weary, Kronik watched intently while preparing his spells, the first arrow was flung, and the beast finally drew blood.

    Back in the rear front (say that ten times fast) Zedy threw down fields pushing them back as Sephiroth drew up a sheet of flame upon the crafty tofu. The lines were drawn, and neither side was gaining ground. Until the noble Niko struck from behind, firing upon Kaylun and Superken. The battle raged on, while all seemed too quiet at the main front.

    Taslin shot at the harrower some more. Shanna readied her blade to assist.

    It was time, the fight could not continue on as it was, the decision was made to make a final push, I readied a magical wall to inhibit their retreat, and so we struck. All but the quick footed superken fell. Kankanaga rode beside Niko and myself as we gave chase. Just as we thought that victory was achieved, Superken rounded the corner to his doom, however, the death blow was not dealt by us. My jaw dropped as I saw them all, Thousands of Iron clad warriors. Knights of the realm. They had arrived. There was no open ground as far as the eye can see. The initial surprise quickly faded as niko and I readied yet more meteors, The valiant kankanaga charged into battle.

    Ummm still hitting the harrower.

    It was too much, we knew when we were outnumbered Quickly the three warriors retreated, I summoned up a wall to mask our retreat. As we rushed into the back entrance we found that our pursuers were not to be found. I instructed the Canadian Sephiroth to give Lady Megan support as we returned to the front line, Surely with such a force, the assault would be head on.

    One wolf had fallen, its beast master working to revive it, the harrowers new found strength was formidable, but taslin knew that His men at the entrance wouldn't falter, with time victory was assured.

    I arrived just in time with the men to reinforce Easy and War. We quickly threw up stasis fields which caused their armor to grow heavy, restricting the movement of the knights. I grinned, knowing that they were about to befall the same fate as that of the cartel. They poured slowly into the bridge, Just as the foremost warrior was prepared to strike at our mystics, I summoned a wall behind them, and the meteors fell yet again. dozens of knights fell on the spot, the rest retreated. Weary of battle I stood back to maintain the stasis field, as Kankanaga led the final charge, victory would be ours.

    The harrower got shot in the face.
    With an arrow.

    With our foes finally defeated, the men waited in anticipation for final victory

    Kept hitting the harrower in the face.

    Kept waiting.

    But behold! The harrower finally fell! Its Blackened mutated corpse exploded, blowing a hole into the roof of the dungeon, where a gold vein happened to reside. The men gleamed with joy as our spoils rained from the sky. We rode back from battle, a glorious victory was won this day.

    But wait, the story does not end there. A scout sent word to us just as we were preparing our celebration party. The elusive Procreators incorporated known as the SI were attempting to defeat a champion of their own while we were away!
    It would seem as though one had already fallen to them on the island fortress known as terra sanctum, and a second was already summoned. The men quickly commandeered a vessel, we set sail. Like marines to Dday, we landed on shore, pushing into the army of blue. The enemy eradicated, we found that a champion, barracoon the piper, lay wounded by their forces. In a final act of mercy, we destroyed the wounded piper. In his gratitude, his spirit graced us with the ability to teach a warrior of our choice the legendary art of fencing.

    With this second victory, we returned home for a much needed rest.
  2. Biske

    Biske Guest

    Much love to DEA/H20. Sorry if I left anyones name out but obviously the ones actually killing the harry weren't exactly on my screen the whole time. If I missed you tell me and I will write you an apology note. (except for Cabo I left you out on purpose... [censored as per Oriana's request])

    Good fights all around, Cartel had a pretty good run in spite of being a tad outnumbered and K*R showed a lot of guts rolling in on us like that.

    SI... uhh, LSN was really.... well... we like to sail so... thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend some quality time at sea. It was nice.
  3. $Kaylun$

    $Kaylun$ Guest


    Mario's booming voice barking orders to the oppressors

    [/ QUOTE ]

    LMFAO.. but nice post! wish i was there [​IMG]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You're my hero.
    Such a stud with the reports. &lt;3
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Biske you're crazy. I swear t ogod. You're crazy. LoL
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ohh it was another night.....

    Biscuit.... You need to stop writing your posts like you are writing a short story [​IMG]
  7. Ummm Biske...

    The thread looking for new reporters is about five links down [​IMG]

    Took me two coffees to get through it but it sounds like it was a good time.


  8. Fantaapple

    Fantaapple Guest

    Someone needs to log off.... for a long time.
  9. Biske

    Biske Guest


    Someone needs to log off.... for a long time.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    I agree.

    Fanta, we will all miss you.
    U will enjoy the cake i bring to your going away party.
    Cofee cake.
    Kind of sweet with frosting.

    U will be missed..
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Mmm.. Coffee Cake.

    O h my Jesus.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Roflmao. Interesting... Interesting...
  12. Good story, Biske.

    Interesting read, and I'm glad you wrote it.
  13. Fallentear would be proud...you took over his story telling.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good read have you thought of applying for a shard reporter job, you seem to have a definite flair for the job
  15. Biske

    Biske Guest

    Yes I asked and they told me they don't accept reds.
    I intend to take it to court.