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Saturdays global event: ICE AND FIRE

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Seasseragh, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Seasseragh

    Seasseragh Guest

    This thread is meant to collect what the "leading roles" said and did during that event. So if you have anything to add, feel free to do so.
    *after arriving in the Crystal Chamber*

    Casca: Here before you
    Casca: This is the source of evil!

    Casca: Your evil has plagued us for long enough!
    Casca: Evil begone!

    Casca: *Peers at the Crystal*
    Casca: begone!

    *Crystal explodes into shards*

    Casca: *Stares at the empty spot*
    Casca: I feel we must not stay here too long
    Casca: Everybody meet me outside!

    *back at the Abbey, a girl (Fayaxion), standing around silently*

    Casca: *Raises his fist*
    Casca: Victory!
    Casca: VICTORY!

    Casca: We pushed back the enemy
    Casca: Attacked them right at their heart!
    Casca: I, King Casca, have destroyed the Crystal

    Casca: The rip that facilitated the evil uprising has been mended
    Casca: The corruption that invaded our cities has finally been called a halt!
    Casca: Today is a most glorious day
    Casca: For despite our differences we prevailed
    Casca: The Citizens of Britannia may sleep soundly once again
    Casca: For the evil has been vanquished from the Kingdom!
    Casca: *Raises his fist*

    *at this point the Crimson Dragon, Sylak appears*

    Casca: A Crimson Dragon!
    Casca: Call the Guards!

    Syrak: You! How did you get here! When did you get here!
    Fayaxion: It is vital to your mortal lives to vacate this area immediately!

    Syrak: How dare you ignore me!
    Fayaxion: This is no reason to which I should answer your questions my young red cousin

    Syrak: Sosaria belongs to the Crimson Flight! Its time for your weak race to perish!
    Fayaxion: Young Crimson, its past time for you to leave

    Fayaxion: Humans! This is you last warning: Leave Quickly!

    *Fay takes on the shape of a silvery metallic dragon* (?)
    *and chases off Syrak* (?)