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Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Nails Warstein, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Nails Warstein

    Nails Warstein Rares Festival Silent Auctioneer
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Patron Ultima Broker

    May 28, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I would greatly appreciate your support if you would kindly bid on the rares you can use and enjoy. From the bottom of my heart and with all my soul, you all have my most earnest gratitude.


    Atlantic Silent Auction Information, Times and Rules:
    On Saturdays I am hosting an in game silent auction on the Atlantic shard at the all new Atlantic Silent Auction house that ends at 7:00PM EST (19:00 Hours). I am auctioning off 30 items/packages (LOTS) per week. There will be no Buy Outs and No Reserved Prices. I can be reached in game when available on the "Silent Auction" chat channel. Bidders can only contact me here on Stratics, ICQ – 150528775 and http://www.facebook.com/nailswarstein

    This month’s auction ends Saturday March 7th, 2015 at 7:00 PM ET / 1AM CET / 12AM GMT / 6PM CT / 5PM MT / 4PM PT / 8AM Tokyo / 9AM Sydney

    Please check your time zone for daylight / summer saving time changes. I selected this end date and time so it did not interfere with EM hosted Events, traditional work schedules, and traditional sleeping hours. If you are unable to attend, please ask a friend to be your proxy bidder. Also please use this website http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/to determine when the auctions end in your time zone.

    Floor 1
    Lot 1 - Season 4 Balhae Event - The BEST Dog Trainer (Balhae) - 600m @slippjeem outbids @Thor VII @BluNtMaN[ATL] @Chuchi @Kolka @yardman @Meadhbh
    Lot 2 - Season 11 Baja Event - Mutated Form Of Sirius The Dog Star - 250m @slippjeem outbids @outcry @pinkpandora
    Lot 3 - Season 11 Great Lakes Event - Rescued Trikhun Kitten From The Ruins Of Killorn Keep - 125m @outcry outbids @Dixie chessy/legends @slippjeem @Sly @Meadhbh
    Lot 4 - Season 8 Napa Valley Event - Oracle Of Water - 100m Stelly outbids @pinkpandora @Scribbles
    Lot 5 - Season 8 Napa Valley Event - Oracle Of Water - 100m Stelly outbids @pinkpandora@Scribbles
    Lot 6 - Season 10 Legends Event - Francesco Statuette - 80m @Mcmug Sonoma

    Floor 2
    Lot 7 - Season 8 Lake Superior Event - Brialla's Journey Calloused My Feet Shoes - 55m @Xelious Norwood outbids @BluNtMaN[ATL]
    Lot 8 - Season 2 Baja Event - Partisan of Chaos (Sash) - 20m @slippjeem outbids @twelch81
    Lot 9 - Season 12 Catskills Event - I Found Peter And All I Got Was This Lame Shirt - 25m @Meadhbh outbids @Hostess
    Lot 10 - Season 3 Arirang Event - The Robe Of Britannia "Ari" - 65m @slippjeem outbids @They Call Me Al @Meadhbh
    Lot 11 - Season 13 Great Lakes Event - Britannian Royal Spy - Scout - 25m @Hostess outbids @Meadhbh
    Lot 12 - Stranger Global Event Arc - A Magical Lockbox - 30m @slippjeem outbids Kinkade

    Floor 3
    Lot 13 - Season 8 Legends Event - Grizzled Bones Of The Feral Guardian - 6m @slippjeem outbids Purgatory
    Lot 14 - Season 8 Sonoma Event - Pyramid Of Death Survivor - 250m @slippjeem outbids @Sly @4gregu
    Lot 15 - Season 3 Global Event - Crude Corroded Manacles - 32m @S_S outbids @Magdalaine @slippjeem
    Lot 16 - Season 12 Origin Event - EM Faine Morgans Enchanted Cook Pot [Caution STRONGLY Advised!!!] - 40m @slippjeem outbids @Xelious Norwood @Meadhbh
    Lot 17 - Season 12 Great Lakes Event - A Year's Supply Of Granny's Gooseberry Jam - 75m @slippjeem outbids @Meadhbh @Mcmug Sonoma @tehfloof
    Lot 18 - Season 12 Europa Event - A Sapling Yew Tree - 25m Ynarra outbids @Meadhbh

    Floor 4
    Lot 19 - Season 11 Sonoma Event - Dust Pile Of The Insane DKettling Greystone - 21m @slippjeem outbids @Meadhbh
    Lot 20 - Season 12 Sakura Event - A Piece Of Bacchus's Vat - 50m Stelly outbids @Meadhbh
    Lot 21 - Season 11 Great Lakes Event - Voodoo Doll - 90m @Xelious Norwood outbids @Mcmug Sonoma
    Lot 22 - Season 13 Legends Event - Golden Chalice With Dr. Wigglesworths Final Sacrifice - 55m @slippjeem outbids @Kolka @Magdalaine @Meadhbh @TanAge
    Lot 23 - Season 10 Yamato Event - A Haunted Oven Recovered From Ant Cave - 250m @slippjeem outbids @Mcmug Sonoma @outcry
    Lot 24 - Season 12 Pacific Event - Ophidian Dung - 35m @Meadhbh

    Floor 5
    Lot 25 - Season 13 Great Lakes Event - A Golden Palm Cut By The Crew Of The Craven Heart - 130m Red Blue outbids @Kolka @Sly @Meadhbh @Scribbles
    Lot 26 - Season 11 Great Lakes Event - Newly Skupped Talorid - 21m @slippjeem outbids @They Call Me Al @Meadhbh Purgatory
    Lot 27 - Season 11 Chesapeake Event - Mortimer's Rotting Flesh - 75m @slippjeem outbids @Meadhbh @Hostess
    Lot 28 - Season 11 Baja Event - Broken Energy Coil - 28m @Mcmug Sonoma outbids @Meadhbh @TanAge
    Lot 29 - Season 12 Great Lakes Event - Lady Tessa's Scrying Brazier - 75m @slippjeem outbids @Xelious Norwood @Mcmug Sonoma @Hostess
    Lot 30 - Season 12 Europa Event - A Statue Carved With The Legend "I Was Killed By A Squirrel!" - 80m @Mcmug Sonoma outbids @Scribbles @Meadhbh

    Auction Information and Rules For All Bidders:

    All bidding will be done via Bulletin Board, all bidders & proxy bidders must include their prominent name (not unknown alias) provide contact information: ICQ number, Stratics Name and their bid. Bids must be in at least 1 million minimum increments or higher. If you are unable to attend the auction on Saturdays, please appoint someone you trust as your proxy bidder, and notify me.

    The 10 minute rule will go into effect at 6:50 PM EST. This means player can choose to continue bidding past 7:00 PM EST only on items that received bids during the last 10 minute period. Bidding will continue on these items that received bids until no bid has been cast on them for a full 10 minutes. During the 10 minute period, anyone can bid, and extend the bidding timer.

    Please note any bids not adhering to the auction rules will be subject to deletion at the Auctioneer’s discretion. Please follow the auction rules and do not harass the other bidders, or I may ban you.

    For those players who bid correctly with every single bid on a lot, and watch my show The Virtual Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for the secret code, I will reward the winners with a 5% discount off the total sale of all items, does not apply to reserves or buyouts when applicable. Stay tuned for more opportunities for more savings.

    Receiving Your Winnings:

    I will broker the sale of all the items presented in the silent auction houses. My Orienteering Teams will have Bulk Order Deeds for you to buy. In order to receive your winnings you must contact me in game, ICQ 150528775, on stratics or facebook.com/nailswarstein

    Gold will be acceptable on Atlantic, Chesapeake, Catskills, Europa, Great Lakes, Lake Austin, Lake Superior & Pacific shards. Players will have 48 hours to pay for their item, or be publicly placed on notice as a non-paying bidder. Thank you very much for participating. Enjoy the silent auction, and I wish you the best of luck bidding.

    Remember to please watch my show the Virtual Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous in Ultima Online on Monday's at 7:00 PM EST for a chance to save gold. To learn more about the show check out my original post about it here.