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Scam Warning. Please Read

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Magdalaine, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Hello all
    I have a scam warning for you . This past week someone came up to me claiming to be a friend of mine . Only i knew pretty much right away it was not a friend of mine. He was after info from me and wantting to send me some file. Then today i had someone icq me asking about this same person claiming to work for YGV auction house. Saying that they were takeing items for the auction YGV was to have tonight . Only they did not work for YGV and there was to be no auction tonight. Let me make it clear. YGV and FATE will not take items at all unless we are at our auction houses behind our counters. So you know for sure we are who we say we are. If someone comes up to you asking about these items becareful. They most likely do not work for eather auction house. As for my house I do not go out asking for items to auction off.
    I do have the names and icq number for this person there are two names and two icq numbers i have found. If you wish to know those please icq me and i will be happy to tell you them . My icq is 242139394. As for *ED* Auction house i am not sure how they take there items but i am sure it is in a secure way. As alwas becareful when dealing with someone you do not know . If it dose not feel right then it most likely is not right.
    Thank you Mags
  2. Mystic

    Mystic Guest

    Thanks for the heads up on the scam alert. So sad that people can not even play a game without stooping to such low morals and have no ethics to begin with. :gun: Down with the SCammers!!!!
  3. Shamus Turlough

    Shamus Turlough Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 19, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This goes for BEC auction as well. If it is not one of two people (Tia, or myself (John Deere)) standing behind the counter in the auction house, please do not give away your stuff.

    We had an incident about 5 years ago that almost stopped us from ever doing auction again due to an occurence like this.

    P.S. I know you havent seen a BEC auction in a while, we are about to start back up! Look for the posts here. :)