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Scamming? - GONE?! Most of it!

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello, since the servers are down, I might just tell you that I realised that Scams has been... ALMOST removed!

    1. The most dangerous scam is during house trading/selling etc.
    Solution - You can't "actually" scam anyone by using the safe House Trade Deed with objects (just be careful though).

    2. Another dangerous scam is during CITY TRANSITION (a.k.a 400mill and Mystic from AV to BF etc.)
    Solution - All cities are merged, and what's the point to actually move your stuff from EAL to TC3? To be honest I rarely ever play there.

    3 Another dangerous possible scam, is to transfer House, Stuff and Cash from One sim to another.
    Solution - Create a new FREE account, they might not be able to get to houses likeMoney or Skill, but that's it, I rarely belive that a sim deletes sim anyway.

    That's all possible scams, of course, thieft of account is really hard to avoid so keep those passwords hard to break [​IMG]
  2. CarlosN

    CarlosN Guest

    You forgot one of the most dangerous scams, one that many people have been a victim of...

    The Tree/Simmy Scam
    -This is when someone offers to trade their mystic tree or simmy for other rare items, this is because mystic trees and simmy's cannot be traded, they can only be priced!

    The scammers know how to convince you to give up the items first before they price it! Scammers that are doing this scam are not new at it so they will most likely get you! They are pros at it, thats how they play the game.

    Get someone who is trusted ingame or here on stratics to do a 3rd party trade with.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    also i find if someone comes shouting "does anyone want to swap a robodog for a tip jar ?" i normally shout back " are you a scammer ? " they either poof or take offence ....either way the guests in my house are safe now big simly smile [​IMG]
  4. CarlosN

    CarlosN Guest

    Yeah lol that works...also if the trade sounds to good to be true then it probably is [​IMG]
  5. slims

    slims Guest

    we as a community gots to stick together and prevent known scammers from striking again or letting them get away. I personally know at least 3 people in the game that are big time scammers having been scammed by them in the past.
  6. CarlosN

    CarlosN Guest

    Thing is the big time scammers don't just have one account...If scamming is how they have their "fun" or is their way to make money they would have more then one account

    With being able to create 8 sims now, that makes things harder for us not to get scammed and makes it easier for them. They can atleast get 8 people
    (1 per sim) that's considering they only have one account.
  7. I agree they have done a lot to help resolve scamming issues.
    The only thing I see left, is the number of players who do not realize these things exist. Many people do not know about the house deed for instance.