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Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by [email protected], Jan 17, 2008.

  1. duel me for as much gold you want, on your mage. im callin ya out.

    ( i already know hes not gonna do it, but this is still lol )

    also i bet he will wanna fight my mage on his dexxer in a duel. lol!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    if scorn doesnt want to ill put up 500k for him against your 500k.

    and if he does fight your mage as a dexxer in a duel and you die i REALLY dont want to hear you crying about it before paying me the 500k because you're the one who made this post where you "call him out" so no crying about the setup you offered him afterwards.
  3. First of all goodc. Im not fighting a dexxer ina pit, but it doesnt matter he didnt even bother posting or anything. I figure he knows where his level of skill is by now.

    TOPS<-----------------Scorn-->BOTTOM something like this?
  4. LMAO, now this is a funny post. This is what siege should be. All in fun with a little trash talk.
  5. I'll duel you...if you can go 1 week without teleporting.

  6. why? teleport if me adapting to your dismounts.. wasnt it you guys that said adapt? btw.. can you cry about something anymore pathetic.. teleport gets me away from you while doing no damage at all. wow?

    if you beat me.. i wont tele btw.. cause i dont see that happening.
  7. Relax. I'm just having some fun with you.
  8. so you will duel for millions of gold?
  9. I could probably scrape together 10k or so. But if I lost, then I'd be broke.

  10. i"ll duel for anything.. or no gold at all since your broke.. id just like to beat ya.. cause you talk like ya can beat me.. *shrug* i"ll buy sam helms btw evil and feys
  11. In a duel, I think you would win a lot more than I would.

    Scorn used to be a ninja swords mage before Wilki decided that I couldn't use specials or do a deathstrike. Now, he is a necro mage.

    I think the account has 250 skills points but its not upgraded for ML so I don't get the mana bonus or the JOAT stuff.

    Usually in duels, I run out of mana pretty quickly since the temp only has 100 med and like 40 focus.

    It is more of a field fighting character and the account also holds my vendors. I'd have to alter the skills a bit to make him better suited for duels, and since I almost never duel, it isn't worth it to me.

    If we were going to decide who had more "skill", we'd have to use identical characters with identical equipment. Otherwise, we are sort of seeing who has the best set up for dueling and I can assure you, that isn't Scorn.

    Do you by chance have any fey legs that humans can use? I have some that are for an elf and I can't use those. I'd trade them for some human ones and throw in a helm.

    I'm also always looking for 1/1's, 1/2's, and 1/3's with DCI. If you have anything like that I'll trade you for equivalent jewels and get you some nice evil dyed runic armor as a bonus.
  12. im human so i run human feys, i also run dci casting.. the only thing i want is evil stuff you cant use.. and if you want me to throw on necro and ss i can..
  13. 1/1 0/2 1/2 0/3 is what i use.. with the exception of 1/3 if im out of 1/2
  14. I have some really nice 0/3's I could trade. I know you use the 1/1's and 1/2's too, but I'd trade you for some of those and make sure you came out ahead.

    Edit: I have 1/3's too. Not with DCI, but I have 1/3's if you like those.