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Scout of the Month. November 4, December 4, 2010.

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Nexus, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Nexus

    Nexus Site Support
    Administrator Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Oct 1, 2006
    Likes Received:
    In order to drum up some life in here I've had a novel Idea. I mod the PvP Thief forum as well as this one, so I'm issuing a Challenge!

    Here's the deal. You get 1 month, to grab screenshots of you tracking and revealing as many thieves as possible in Fel, or Identifying Thieves Guild Members in Felucca. Basically Scout around areas Thieves are likely to be skulking about, and see attempt to foil their plans by calling them out. I need proof though, use that Forensic Eval, and grab it on a screenie showing them as members of the Thieves Guild and your declaration of their Dishonesty.
  2. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Re: Scout of the Month. October 4, November 4, 2010.

    I'll help get some excitement going as well. The booster is coming out really soon, so i'll be on more often. Find me on Atlantic, in fel, and i'll reward you with a pair of inquis. First to post a legit pic here gets it.


    You have to be a detective/scout, you must legitly track me down, and you must post a pic here of you using forensic eval on me while calling me out.

    You must find me "on the field". This means not at my house, not at a bank or moongate, and it must be in fel.
    If i am on my ship, you must immobilize it, board it, and bust me.

    If you board my ship, i'll most likely attempt to escape. Just try to get a successful picture.

    Upon busting me, you will have to first post the pic here so i can see proof of your forensic eval successfully proving i'm in the thieves' guild. FYI, don't call me out until you successfully use forensic eval on me.

    If you post a pic of you busting me, and your journal is open to prove the use of forensic eval, but it's near the middle or top of your journal, then odds are you are attempting to cheat. The forensic eval/bust should be back to back, possibly even without a journal needing to be shown.

    You must be within 3 tiles of me in the picture.

    Upon a legit pic being posted, i will meet you in-game and hand you your reward.

    This mini-event ends with this Scout of the Month.

    Good luck.