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Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Varhagn, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Varhagn

    Varhagn Guest

    I was just wondering. It seems there isn't much love for scouts/stealthers. Is there something ive missed in game about that? cause seems most guilds have atleast one. I don't know was just wondering. I know in 1 vs 1 fights basically useless overall because of the use of 200 points from hide and stealth. makes hard to fight anyone who has any idea of what thier doing, but thier dismounts can make a long fight very short in mass fights. yeah just bored at work thought maybe i could get some feed back maybe even for those of you who have killed me alot :). maybe some advice on ways to stay alive better as a scout archer
  2. Vandetta

    Vandetta Guest

    I have two chars with stealth and hiding. Add ninjitsu and a wep skill and its deadly. Also if you make it a gargoyle then it’s even more badass.
  3. Varhagn

    Varhagn Guest

    im 120 stealth 100 hiding 120 ninja 110heal 110anat 100tact 120archery
    using various items to get those stats ofcourse and yes i can kill people. but my curiosity is that alot of people seem to not like scouts i personaly love playing the class its nice to stealth around im not to sure about peoples passive reveal on me though thats kind of annoying at 120 someone can just walk past me and find me doesnt happen to often but still i would think wouldnt happen at all unless actively looking for me. and because of the hiding and stealth in a pvp fight unless someone is with you its hard to win even using pots and such.
  4. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    As a long time scout, the not so delicate way it was explained to me was this:
    "Scouts are good for finding the fight and initiating the fight, but afterward they are the least help."

    This was in terms of champs/harrowers or other large battles.

    The weaknesses I found as a scout included:
    • Usually on foot - you can't stealth on a mount. Ninja forms does take care of this BUT take a bunch of mana to use. This becomes an issue if you have to run to catch up, unform, attempt a dismount, then reform because you missed.
    • Low defense - You eat up 180-220 points to get hiding and stealth. Often resist magic is sacrificed to do this. Mana drain prevents smoke bombs. Para spam sucks. Getting stuck in fields suck.
    • Low firepower - Again, the lost 180-220 eats another skill. Very often this is anatomy. Most scouts won't kill anyone 1v1.
    • Not able to rez - As mentioned, points get sacrificed to get hiding/stealth. Healing is another skill that gets sacrificed.

    My scout was able to adjust a bit. His template was VERY tight. I did things like jewelry to add enough anatomy to do rezzes. I'd leave the anat/heal jewelry in my pack. If needed, I'd pull from a fight, put on my jewelry and rez.

    I was "forced" to adjust my play style for the greater good of the group. I would still scout out fights on my stealther. But very often, I'd switch over to my mage once the fight started going. Fields and area spells were very often helpful.
  5. Varhagn

    Varhagn Guest

    i know what you mean about the skills used for stealth and hiding damaging dmg done. i dont have resist spells. but i have the healling and anat so it does hurt when i get hit alot more. but as for dmg i have the anat and healing so i can rez. and i do fairly decent dmg. i think what hurts me is if its a mage that finds me 3-4 well placed spells kill me pretty fast. even with 70's from gear. i did ok last night in a pvp circumstance 2 vs 2 but helps the guy i was working worth is a good template possibly good have done 1 vs 2 himself but with the dismounts and then a follow through with moving shot. i also carry a regular pvp bow for armour ignore. it is difficult to switch it out fast enough to be any good though. but once dismount hits i try to switch to bow and use armour ignore while casting into animal form. with umbuing i have the dci and hci to hit fairly often. but my question again though is why do people seem not to like scouts. it is a fun class to play but again unless in group very vulnerable because of skills needed in hide/stealth. and im discovered last night that smoke bomb is hard to get off sometimes if poisoned animal form hard to get off quick enough although that could just be my lack of experience in the class.
  6. they dont like stealthers that kill them, they have to be aware at all times.
    lol, this is why I like to play a stealther hehe.

    build a lmc suit and raise mana untill you can chain off 5 AI's then dp shuriken and one more AI
  7. KalVasTENKI

    KalVasTENKI Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 23, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Stealther = SuXXorS :sad4:
  8. its too late for me to ever figure out how to play a magicuser :sad2:
    even if i was good at one, i think id still really enjoy my stealthers
  9. SetItOff

    SetItOff Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 8, 2009
    Likes Received:
    if your going to play a stealther have ninjitsu/resist/smoke bombs, throw DP Shurikens/darts- have a para bow, you will **** people off i am sure of it.