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Scribe Contest!!! (updated)

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Guest, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Skara Brae Community House is looking to add to it's player-contributed library (located on the second floor), and the most fun way to do that is by holding a contest!

    There will be two categories in this contest: "Non-Fiction" and "Fiction". The best author from each of these categories will receive 2 Million in gold. You may enter both categories, and submit as many items as you like. All entries, winning or not, will become eligible for entry into the library.

    The non-fiction section includes all books dealing in the "real" aspects of Sosaria. Examples of non-fiction works would be: questing guides, training guides, Sosarian or Lake Superior history, hunting tips, or anything else along these lines. Entries will be judged on accuracy, entertainment, and the general skill of the author.

    The fiction section includes interesting tales related to UO that aren't strictly informational. They may be in any form: poetry, epic poetry, short story, etc. Examples in this category would be a story of an adventurer going on a quest, or a poem about the finer side of plant growing. Entries will be judged on creativity, entertainment, and the general skill of the author.

    Entries will be accepted up to Monday March 17th at 12noon Eastern Time. To submit an entry you can do one of two things. Either ICQ me (95092163) and I will meet up with you to take it, or place your entry in the "free box" on the second floor of the Community House. If you use this second option please make sure you let me know you've done so (either on here or via icq) so that I can retrieve it as quickly as possible, and so that I know who the submitter is.

    The winning entries will be displayed in this thread as well as in the library.

    Good Luck!

    UPDATE: There have been very few submissions thus far. That means that for those who do submit your chances of winning are very high! So get those entries in before the time runs out!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you all for your submissions. While there were a good number of fiction entries there wasn't a single non-fiction one, perhaps I'll hold this event again in the future in order to obtain some more of those.

    After a careful judging and review process the winning book has been selected. The winner of the 2 million gold for the Fiction Section is "Life Among the Dead" by Mastrius. It can currently be read in the library of the Skara Brae Community House and I'll also post it here after receiving his approval.

    Thank you again to all those who entered. I'll be placing some of the entries in the library as well as the winning submission.