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Scrolls and Such on the Legends Server

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by PyroFalkon, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. PyroFalkon

    PyroFalkon Guest

    Long-time player, but first-time looter/vendor stocker. I first played back in the Renaissance days and just started getting back into the game... "Chivalry" and "Necromancy" are new to me, for Heaven's sake, so forgive me if my price check seems, uh, obvious. ;)

    I picked up a bunch of different 105 and 110 scrolls in the bottom of Despise at the champion spawn, as well as a shield called "Lord Blackthorn's Exemplar." The Exemplar tells me it's got an artifact rating of 11, but UO Guide tells me that the item is fairly invaluable due to its low difficulty. Not sure how much it's worth, then.

    Further, about the scrolls... I've heard that scrolls' values varies depending on what it is, that a 110 Musicianship won't be worth as much as a 110 Swordsmanship, for example. So I present to you my list of looting for a price check...

    105 Animal Lore
    105 Discordance
    105 Mace Fighting
    105 Provocation
    105 Veterinary

    110 Anatomy
    110 Animal Lore
    110 Bushido
    110 Discordance
    110 Eval Intelligence
    110 Musicianship
    110 Necromancy
    110 Peacemaking
    110 Resist
    110 Tactics
    110 Wrestling

    ...Any help will be appreciated, all!